Your Guide to Growing Your Home & Property Service Business

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Realtors, real estate investors, and mortgage brokers aren’t the only ones in the business of supporting homeowners.

From roofing specialists to HVAC installers, from movers to property management firms – dozens of organization types keep their doors open by providing fundamental services to buyers and sellers.

brrrr-investing-renoHowever, in a time of unpredictability within the housing market, how do these professionals secure new leads? 

As interest rates remain high and natural pauses occur within the buying and selling property process, it’s more important than ever that these small businesses are able to generate their own leads and work with targeted, outbound strategies to build a healthy roster of prospective and current clients.

But where do they start?

The world of home and property service businesses looks a lot different today than it did 10, 20, and 30 years ago – when a Yellow Pages ad or a shiny business card may have been all that was needed to get a voicemail of eager customers.

Now, it’s all about the era of proactivity. Being the first to find the newest homeowner on the block. The first to reach out. The first to close the deal. The first to provide such shining service that not only do you snag repeat business – but you get referrals as well.

So, if you’re wondering how to grow your home and property service business – look no further.

We’ll break down the strategies we use most to effectively market to those who need your services most. 

In this complete guide, we'll cover:

Finding Opportunities & Leads For Home & Property Services

If you expect to wait patiently by your phone, email inbox, or storefront door for quality leads to come to you…we’ve got bad news.

Playing the waiting game in today’s economy is dangerous advice.

cold-calling right (1)The top players didn’t get to their positions by waiting for customers to find them.

They optimized their chances and ability to be found.

And we promise you can, too.

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of time. They often don’t have two weeks, two months, or two years to wait for their roster of expectant customers to fill their schedules.

In this article, we’ll dive into different ways to find leads specific to your field. Property Management? Awesome. HVAC? We got it. Roofing? Covered.

But let’s first cover general strategies any home and property service business can (and should) employ as initial steps to get a leg up in this market.


Create Your Online Presence

The world’s gone digital, and you have to leap on that pixelated bandwagon if you’re going to find any new customers this side of 1995.

But nowadays, the World Wide Web is big, and having a strong online presence means a lot more than just a well-functioning website.

list-filters (3)Let’s break down everything you should have:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Your website better be more than just pretty. It has to pack a punch with relevant, hyperlocal keyphrases and terminology across each webpage (and all related blog posts). You can go the extra mile by tackling tasks such as UX and load time improvements. 
  • Accurate Citations: Your business info should be in multiple places. Not only should you have your own company website, but you should also have pages on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms relevant to your niche and your target audience. Don’t forget the power of Yelp and Google.
  • Online Reviews: The power of recommendations and testimonials goes a long way. The more reviews your business has, the higher your chances are of showing up favorably in results. Even if you’re just starting out, ask satisfied customers to leave their experience to help you continue to grow.

hyperlocal-marketing-why (2)Read on for more information on How To Market To Homeowners Proactively.

Make Yourself Known In Your Community

Sometimes, you need more than just a digital presence – you need a physical one. And what better way to market yourself to your community than to get out there and play an active role in it?

wholesale (1) (1)If you have a storefront, ensure it’s properly cared for, and you have signage that draws interest. Not only does that mean clear and consistent messaging, but it often means valuable offers to walk-ins.

Host free workshops for new local homeowners and those hoping to move into your community. Create free online workshops and target topics relevant to your audience. “Tips For First Time Homeowners,” “Just Moved? The Services Your Home Needs Now,” and “Moving Must Haves” could be a few subjects of consideration.

connect-one-to-one (2)Welcome publicity by contacting local publications and news outlets to offer yourself and your business up for interviews and local spotlights. Be an active contributor if reporters come knocking, wanting quotes, or contributing angles to existing pieces. Share any published work you’re featured in eagerly, as this boost to credibility will win you points in future customers.

Wondering how else to stand out with your expertise? 

Read on for How To Become A Local Real Estate Market Expert.

Use Public Records Data To Understand Your Target Customers

If you have a home and property service business, you are most likely attracting homeowners as your primary target.

But that’s a big, big audience – right? What kinds of homeowners? What types of properties? Where exactly are you looking?

Blanket targeting homeowners in your community could turn up thousands upon thousands of results, many that are not a fit for your specific niche and business. So, how do you get more specific?

Public records data.

And we don’t mean waltzing down to city hall to browse through hundreds of thousands of individual property files (who’s got the time – right?!)

You can use innovative platforms, such as PropertyRadar, that put the power of public records data in your pocket.

data-smart-pro (3)Since 2007, PropertyRadar has accelerated the growth of thousands of businesses by making available the same customer and market information that big businesses use daily in an affordable, small-business-friendly platform. Access this fundamental information via desktop or mobile applications, and use it to shrink your target pool to the homeowners who need you most.

Why? So you can find the right prospects and effectively target them in the right way

PropertyRadar also offers QuickLists to help jumpstart your search. These lists are templated building blocks that help you begin your journey to narrowing down potential customers.

Here are just a few from the wide range we have – that may be most useful to you: 

  • New homeowners list
  • Poolside living list
  • Wealthy locals list
  • Pre-movers list
  • Potential downsizers
  • Flippers
  • Large lots

Want to know a few more we recommend? Check out our favorites at 17 Homeowner Lists to Market Your Business To.

 Once you better understand the segments of prospects you’re looking to reach and support with your services, the more specific you can get with your marketing and approaches. 

Looking for next steps? Keep reading for how you can customize your marketing based on your home and property service niche.

How To Find Property Management Leads

According to Mordor Intelligence, the US Property Management Market is currently estimated at a whopping $81.52 billion, with an expectation to stretch to $98.88 billion in 2029. 

This monumental growth may be due to the ever-changing housing market, which has recently seen drastic shifts post-pandemic. Mortgage rates are up, and home ownership is trending down. High prices mean homeownership may be a distant dream for many.

The punchline? Renting may be staying in.

And whether you’re targeting homeowners, renters, or both – you need to do so effectively. Wondering how? That’s where we come in.


You most likely have already tackled the following essential tasks to scale your customer base:

  • Building a strong referral network of real estate agents
  • Optimizing your website
  • Trying everything you can to get your company to rank higher in Google

While the above are great first steps, you need to hyperfocus on strategies tailored to property management.

Let’s start with the right leads for your business. What do those look like?

  • A home that is not owner-occupied
  • A home that is within reasonable territory to manage maintenance and showings
  • An owner could be in county, out of county, or even out of state

Now that you know who to target, read on for step-by-step guidance on Finding and Connecting With Property Management Leads.

How To Find Solar Sales Leads

Let’s face the facts. In recent years, homeowners have been subjected to some truly poor marketing techniques from the solar community.

From blind cold calls to indiscriminately knocking on doors, these low-effort and poorly-planned prospecting and marketing efforts have paved the way for a foundation of annoyance – not to mention really, really bad response rates.

So, how do we break the cycle? And how can we ensure solar businesses can find success? 

Easy. Public records data.

Yes, we’ve already sung the praises of invaluable property and property owner data, but this time, we’re applying it to your business and helping you find success.

Solar installers that make it big use data to target their leads more effectively, ensuring that before their outreach occurs, there’s a high probability that the homeowner behind that phone call, email, or door knock may just say yes to a sale.

find-person-or-property (3)Not sure how to use data to turn powerful information into slam dunk leads?

  • 3rd Party Websites: Platforms such as EnergySageSolarReviews, and CleanEnergy Experts deliver quotes to homeowners seeking information on solar professionals in their area. While passive, they can send you leads that could be valuable (if you’re located in an unsaturated market and can act quickly). However, keep in mind that these leads aren’t exclusive, and you’re batting against your competition. Get ready to pay up and pay fast.
  • Inbound Marketing: Paid Google ads and a consistently updated website can save you money while enabling a long game. That’s right, it’s not a quick sell, and it could be years before you cross that finish line and see your efforts pay off. Make sure you have an easy way for potential customers to reach out to you and get ready to wait. Naturally, this shouldn’t be your only approach if you’re looking to expand now.
  • Solar Lead Lists: If you’re going to purchase targeted lead lists, we suggest investing in high quality and exclusivity. We get it – the dollar signs are higher this route, but quantity doesn’t equal quality. Cheaper solar leads come with the fact that other installers share the same information, and unless you’re ready to act faster than the speed of light, your competition has likely beaten you to the outreach. A good source to tap into, but we think you can do even better.

Our recommendation? Property data software. Here, you can create your very own lead lists (and many of them!) and create hyperlocal, exceptionally targeted segments to ensure you’re finding the potential customers that need you most.

Filter by income, equity level, roof type – you name it. Plus, your information is updated in real time, which is vastly different than the immediately outdated lead lists you’re buying. Even better? These platforms enable skip-tracing, which allows you to not only find and research your leads and their properties in detail but also go the next step to pave the way for outreach.

hyperlocal-marketing-automation (5)Your one-stop shop for solar success? Absolutely.

Read on for our step-by-step in Generating Solar Leads That Become Solar Sales.

How To Find Roofing Leads

Roofing is a big job. Even one feels like a big win – and it should! But even with one job on the calendar today and another on the calendar tomorrow, what about the day after that? And after that?

Just like any other home and property service business, you need to be proactive in generating future leads so your business can stay afloat.

brrrr-investment-repeatWe trust that you already know the power of referrals and inbound marketing. We’re here to go above and beyond that.

  • Directory Websites: While passive, this should be a tactic you have playing in the background at all times. Large websites like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and RoofingContractor are where customers go to get quotes and learn about the roofers in their area. Want a presence here? Get ready to pay. You could be looking at $20/month, you could be looking at $1,000s/month. However, if you’re in a non-saturated market and boast many high-quality, highly satisfied customer reviews, this could be a great investment.
  • Roofing Lead Lists: This is a popular approach, and it’s not a mystery why. These targeted lead lists have the homeowner information you need to pick up the phone and start a conversation. They fit the profile of individuals in need of your services, so this should be an easy win, right? Well, not always. The quality in these lists may not be there, and this list may also be in the hands of your competitors. Not to mention, when was it last updated? If you’re considering this route, read 7 Critical Questions To Ask Before You Do to ensure your list is working for you, not against you.

But if you’re looking for accurate, up-to-date information, you know where our head’s at. Read on for 5 Ways To Get Roofing Leads and Turn Them Into Roofing Sales.

How To Find HVAC Leads

According to Nextdoor, the HVAC industry is estimated to reach over $367 billion by 2030. What does that say to us? Lots of opportunities and lots of room to scale.

But…what does it also mean? Competition. And lots of it.

hyperlocal-insights (4)So, how can you effectively cut through the noise, up your visibility, and snag a piece of the pie?

You know our initial recommendations. Referralsa great website, and pay-per-click advertising. But remember, these passive strategies will also be used by your competitors. So you’ll need to do more.

  • Find Niche Networks: We all know the power of free advertising across social media platforms. It goes without saying you need to have a strong online presence there to connect with hyperlocal consumers. But if you’re looking to get more specific, find professional networks in your area, whether online or in-person. Where do local business owners meet? What about new homeowners? LinkedIn is a great place to start, but many neighborhoods may host gatherings that are even more relevant to you and those you’re trying to serve. Make connections, gain visibility, and put your business’ name in their minds for future reference.
  • Sponsor Events: From Little League to community events and more, get your name out there (all while showing your support for your neighborhood and the people within it). Even better? Stay on top of events for local homeowners and secure key advertisement, speaking duties, or marketing time by directly focusing your message on those who may need your business sooner versus later. 
  • HVAC Lead Lists: Just like with any home and property service business, there are lead lists available for HVAC businesses. Think new homeowners and older properties in need of repairs. However, keep in mind that with any purchased lists of leads, these are potentially outdated and non-exclusive.
  • Homeowner Websites: From Yelp to HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, there are plenty of big sites out there that service quotes and recommendations to homeowners. We’re not going to sugarcoat it – having a top presence here will cost you. However, the total does depend on the size and saturation of your market. Just like we outlined above for roofing, you could be looking at $20/month; you could be looking at $1,000s/month.

But if you’re looking for faster results in less time (with the assurance the data you’re looking at is accurate and up-to-date), we recommend public records data and the power of lead generation platforms that can help you research, pinpoint prospects, and create multi-channel strategies to tackle the sell.

Interested? Skip ahead to learn more about how PropertyRadar can help you secure your next leads.

How To Find Moving & Storage Leads

To say the moving and storage space has changed in the last few is putting it lightly.

According to Harvard University’s Joint Center For Housing Studies, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a high number of both permanent and temporary property moves; however, shortly after, it saw a decline that likened itself to pre-pandemic norms.

hyperlocal-marketing-step-by-step (3)With these unpredictable ups and downs, it’s more important than ever for moving and storage businesses to have a consistent, steady, and stable stream of fresh leads coming in.

A few proactive approaches may seem obvious. Make sure you have a great websitehave a strong presence across social media platforms, and run Google ads. Here are a couple more of our favorites:

  • Realtor Referral Programs: It’s a bit of a chicken and an egg situation. Prospective homeowners need movers to box up their former residences, while also needing a realtor to lock down their new place. Which comes first? Does it really matter? Not when you have an effective realtor referral program and a healthy network of agents in the area. Agree to recommend clients to them and have them do the same.
  • Relocation Marketing: Certain organizations offer relocation to new hires, as well as fund the bottom line to make the move happen. Contact such companies in your community and make sure they have your information on file. Human resources may be looking for an easy moving recommendation to provide their newest employees, while it’s an effortless and passive way for you to get additional business.
  • 3rd Party Apps and Services: Whether Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, or LoadUp, there are 3rd party vendors available for moving services that you can definitely get in on. To be featured, certain websites require a fee, while others may ask for a certain percentage of your cut. Nonetheless, most give you the freedom to accept the jobs you want, decline those you don’t, and raise the visibility of your business in the process.

While all of the above are great long-game strategies, you may be wondering how to get leads right now. The good news? We’ve got you covered.

Jump down to learn more about how PropertyRadar and public records data can help you snap your next moving and storage leads.

Using PropertyRadar and Public Records Data For Home & Property Service Leads

If you’ve read our exhaustive list across multiple different home and property service businesses, you know the solution we promote to generate your next quality leads is loud and clear: public records data.

Why? It’s the most accurate, the most up-to-date, and allows you to get the most targeted with your lead generation and marketing outreach. That means you have a higher chance of success and can limit the effort and time it takes to build up a healthy roster.

hyperlocal-marketing-what-is (5)The problem? Public records data is buried in city halls and county clerk offices and is amazingly hard to shuffle through. Searching property-by-property? Not efficient.

That’s why lead generation platforms like PropertyRadar are such an unlock for small hyperlocal businesses. 

PropertyRadar is a dynamic, revolutionary resource that puts the world of public records data into a wildly accessible interface so you can seamlessly learn more about your community and the properties within it. And with over 150 million properties, 250 million, and over 1 billion potential client phones and emails – your next lead list is just a few clicks away.

And PropertyRadar isn’t just for research. 

Create Your Own Lead Lists Without The Competition

Putting the lead generation power in your hands? Yep, that’s kind of what we do.

Business owners can create customized hyperlocal lists of prospective leads based on the platform’s recommendations and research that not only update automatically when new information and leads that match become available but also provide invaluable insights to better understand the demographics so you can further personalize your marketing and outreach efforts.


Assign Statuses To Keep Your Outreach Efforts Organized

With each of your lead lists, you can also assign statuses.

These statuses can remind you of what action needs to be taken (i.e., Needs Email Follow-Up, Schedule Meeting) to help you further organize your multi-channel outreach. Edit them whenever you’d like and customize them based on the specific list you have.

Suddenly, you’ve created your own project management software, and with PropertyRadar’s Workflow view, you have your own personal Kanban board.

Want to know our favorite statuses? Read on for our top 10 Statuses for Qualifying Home And Property Service Leads.


Get Truly Hyperlocal

There’s big power in community. Knowing your surrounding area and the properties within it so well that you’re the expert in new and rising opportunities. We’ve got you covered there.

Dive deep into any property you research with PropertyRadar, reviewing everything from extensive home and transaction history to comparables on nearby properties, comps in the area, and more.


You can leverage heat maps and customize your own search radiuses to uncover new pockets of leads your competition may have missed. Gone are the days of lead lists that give every business the same properties in the same zip code.

We’re doing things better so your home and property service business can succeed.


End-to-End Marketing Takes Your Campaigns To The Next Level

With PropertyRadar, you can build the lists of leads you want as well as take the next steps to contact them with ease. From email, phone, and direct mail – you have the power of multi-channel outreach at your fingertips.

distress-market (3)Want to know how else PropertyRadar can scale your home and property service business? Read on for 10 Reasons PropertyRadar Needs To Be Your Next Lead Gen Tool.

And while you're at it...

Get started now with a free PropertyRadar trial, and grow your home & property service business today. 

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