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Enhanced public records data to research residential and commercial properties.

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Contact data for owners including phone, email and social. At your desk, or while standing out front.

All the lists that drive deals in one place. Mix, match, and make lists to find opportunities competitors miss.

Real estate investing isn't easy, and no one gets rich quick

But don’t work harder or longer than you have to. PropertyRadar saves experienced investors time and money with data driven features that align with their needs.

Find off-market deals at scale (and automate it)

Residential & commercial. Distressed & motivated. Flips & holds. Uncover hidden opportunities with our data.

Comprehensive & enhanced public records
All the enhanced property data & owner information to discover and connect with owners inside one platform.
Targeting criteria that works like magic
Mix, match, or make any off-market list you can think of, and some you haven’t. Combine our 200+ criteria with your expertise to target prospects with precision.
We play well with others
Easily integrate and build automations with the apps and services that drive your off-market prospecting individually and across teams.
Watch Video
Multi-channel campaigns
drive results
Cut through the noise. Craft persistent campaigns that drive brand-impressions across online ads, email, voicemail, and direct mail.
Spend more time closing
deals, not licking stamps
Free up your time by setting up campaign automations to send direct mail, voicemail, and email to prospects on-demand and automatically.
Make, mix, and match
popular marketing lists
Start with popular lists and combine them in unique ways or apply your expertise with 200+ criteria to target your best prospects.

Cold calling made more effective

Make an impression before you call to enjoy more efficient phone prospecting.

Power up a power dialer
with persistent data
Connect your power dialer to PropertyRadar and keep it automatically filled up with the best prospects to dial and all the details you need to talk about.
The right offer, at the
right time, in the right place
Change is opportunity and timing is everything. Automate as-it-happens new matches or status changes to prospects and be the first to call.  
Pre-call impressions
increase results
People do business with brands they know. Make an impression before you call with online ads, email, voicemail, and direct mail.

Knock on doors intelligently

Find the flippers to
uncover their strategy
Understand a competitor’s market focus to research recent transactions, reverse engineer deals, and use Insights to uncover their focus.
Know why the “buy and holds” are buying and holding
Take a deep dive into competitive market location, risk, and ROI. Reverse engineer their cash flows to understand CAP rate expectations.
Competitive market
research is fun. And easy.
Analyze your market and competitor transactions to see where the action is and visualize it on a map.
The data you need, when
and where you need it
Integrate our data with 2,000+ CRMs, direct mail providers, email apps, power dialers, and more.
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Time is your most valuable
asset, invest it wisely
Automations (robots) takes you from “there’s never enough time” to an always-on scalable business that doesn’t let time or sleep get in the way of growth.
Automation is your
smartest investment
Investing in automating your business achieves persistent ROI while reducing the risk of things not getting done.

Professional features
made for the Pro Investor

Comprehensive Property & Owner Data

Nationwide Search

Mix, Match, and Make 100’s of Popular Lists

Value, Equity & Comparables

Transaction History & Title Research

Powerful Investment Analysis

Power your Field Team with Mobile App Solutions

Visualize a Market Like a Data Scientist

Connect by Phone, Email and Online

Market to Lists with Direct Marketing Campaigns

Expert Partners to Help You Get it Done

Smart Automation & Integrations

The most popular lists Real Estate Investors make, mix & match

Preview any list (and all the details) with a free 3-day trial.

Enjoy Pro Guides & Insights.

Strategy, Tactics, and Motivation for Data Driven Professionals.
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