Discover new deals with commercial real estate data

Comprehensive commercial property and owner data doesn't have to be expensive, or hard-to-access.

Since 2007, we’ve been the go-to platform for data driven commercial real estate professionals to research properties and market to owners.

All the geographic, life event, distressed, motivated and other lists in one place with the ability to mix and match and generate more new listings than the competition.

Contact data for owners including phone, email and social. At your desk, or while standing out front.

Data driven commercial real estate has arrived

Networking is getting hard(er) these days. Commercial real estate pros invest in data driven strategies to persistently, and automatically, generate new business.
  • They don’t wait for prospects to find them
  • They don’t let their competitors beat them to the prospect
  • And they don’t have to constantly network or rely on others for leads

Find an off-market commercial property
for your buyer

Don’t let tight supply in a hot market stop you from finding a property for an important buyer.

Identify potential properties fast
Use 200+ criteria to target owners of commercial properties not listed that match your buyer’s interests.
Quickly find out if they are willing to sell
Contact data for owners including phone, email and social. Or use mail merge to send them a letter.
Generate listings even if there isn’t a match
Even if your buyer passes, you’ve now connected with an owner who is ready and willing to sell.

The property owner name and contact info you need

Connect by phone, email, social media, by mail, or even in person.

Lookup and connect in seconds
Get a hot lead? See an interesting property? Easily find and contact the owner, with the info you need for smart conversations.
Web and mobile-app for
connecting anytime, anywhere
Access owner contact info at work, on the go, or while you’re standing out front.
Lookup and connect in seconds
Get a hot lead? See an interesting property? Easily find and contact the owner, with all the details you need.
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Cold calling made more effective

Make an impression before you call to enjoy more efficient phone prospecting.

The right offer, at the right time, in the right place
Change is opportunity and timing is everything. Automate adding hot new prospects to your call list based on new matches to 200+ criteria, or changes to your existing lists.
Power up a power dialer
with persistent data
Connect your power dialer to PropertyRadar and keep it automatically filled up with the best prospects to dial and all the details you need to talk about.
Pre-call impressions
increase results
People do business with brands they know. Make an impression before you call with online ads, email, voicemail, and direct mail.
campaigns drive results
Cut through the noise. Craft persistent campaigns that drive brand-impressions across online ads, email, voicemail, and direct mail.
Spend more time closing deals, not licking stamps
Free up your time by setting up campaign automations to send direct mail, voicemail, and email to prospects on-demand and automatically.
Make, mix, and match popular marketing lists
Start with popular lists and combine them in unique ways or apply your expertise with 200+ criteria to target your best prospects.
The data you need,
when and where you need it
Integrate our data with 2,000+ CRMs, direct mail providers, email apps, power dialers, and more.
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Time is your most valuable
asset, invest it wisely
Automations (robots) takes you from “there’s never enough time” to an always-on scalable business that doesn’t let time or sleep get in the way of growth.
Automation is your
smartest investment
Investing in automating your business achieves persistent ROI while reducing the risk of things not getting done.

Professional features made for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Comprehensive Property &
Owner Data

Unlimited Lookups of Owners
and Properties

Mix, Match, and Make 100’s
of Popular Lists

Transaction History & Title Research

Powerful Investment Analysis

Power your Field Team with
Mobile App Solutions

Visualize a Market Like a Data Scientist

Connect by Phone, Email and

Market to Lists with Direct
Marketing Campaigns

Smart Automation & Integrations

Expert Partners to Help You
Get it Done

The most popular lists Commercial Real Estate Professionals make, mix & match

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