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Get to Know Lookup

Save time and money vetting opportunities with the most powerful Lookup tool to quickly locate specific properties or property owners.


Get to Know Explore

Quickly uncover insights by visually exploring your market to identify new opportunities and build prospect lists.


Learn More about Lookalike Lists

Grow your business by using insights to identify property and owner characteristics that can be used as criteria to find more customers like those who already love what you offer.


Learn More about Viewing and Managing Your Lists

Customize and organize your list to fit your needs so you can focus on growing your business.


Learn More about Viewing and Managing Properties in a List

Customize your list views to uncover insights on the properties and owners in your lists and take actions quickly.


Get to Know the Property and Owner Profile

An intuitive profile layout to help you quickly understand important details about properties and owners from your desktop or mobile app.


Learn More about Property and Owner Insights

Understand details about the properties and owners on your list to build powerful marketing messages that will resonate with them.


Learn More about Marketing to a List of Prospects

Build meaningful relationships with customers by connecting with them in several ways, including online ads, direct mail, etc.


Learn More about Creating Alerts and Automations

Use automations to stay up-to-date on changes to your lists and never miss a chance to connect with contacts at the right time.


Get to Know Value, Equity, and Comparables

Quickly vet opportunities using our value and equity estimates, or access the industry’s most powerful Comparables tool to easily find the best possible comps and determine your own value or ARV.


Get to Know Transaction History and Title Research

Access a full history of property ownership, notices, liens, etc., and easily research title data to make informed decisions.


Get to Know Investment Analysis

Powerful tool to help you make quick property acquisition decisions.


Get to Know Foreclosure Details

Access a complete picture of all foreclosure notices and actions with PropertyRadar’s nationally-recognized foreclosure services.


Get to Know Driving for Dollars & Door Knocking

Uncover opportunities and make meaningful connections in-person with Driving for Dollars and door knocking.


Get to Know Finding Flippers

Use PropertyRadar’s search capabilities to uncover new sources of business or research the competition.


Learn More about Managing your Subscription, Team, and Purchases

Keep your details and settings up-to-date to ensure that you and your team are getting the most value from your PropertyRadar subscription.

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