Property Data and Owner Information

Every property has a story to tell. If you like stories, you’ll love our Transaction History feature.

Property Data

  • Location
  • Characteristics
  • Value and Equity
  • Ownership
  • Property Taxes
  • Legal Description
  • Mortgage and Loan
  • Foreclosure
  • Parcel Boundary
  • Vacancy
  • Property Tax Delinquencies

Owner Information

  • Owner(s)
  • Mailing address
  • Social media links
  • Demographics
  • Other properties owned
  • Primary residence
  • Neighbors
  • Emails
  • Phone Numbers


  • Demographics
  • Housing Risks
  • Environment
  • Housing Statistics
  • Neighbors

Transaction History
& Title Research

Comprehensive Transaction History Anytime, Anywhere

View a property’s chain of title and gain insight into the history of the property and its owners. Discover property transfers (grant deeds, warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, trustee’s deeds), loans, loan assignments and foreclosures all in one easy-to-follow format.

Dig Deeper with Easy Convenience

Use provided link to the county recorder, so you can verify our history and search for other recorded documents like IRS liens or judgements. Easily add those details to the transaction history or edit the transactions we’ve included.

Connect with County Assessor

Where available, we provide a convenient link to the County Assessor to lookup past-due property taxes.


Understand an entire neighborhood or market in a minute


Get the full story of a neighborhood’s hyperlocal property and owner information in our patented heat maps. Bring up demographics like age, education, number of kids and income.

Understand housing types and the overall financial health and risk within any given neighborhood. Gain a bird’s-eye view of the neighbors and the environmental conditions that make up the neighborhood you’re researching.

Plus, find a property owner by address or by map. Discovering property owner information has never been easier.


Hyperlocal insights that reveal property values and owner financial standing

Understand Owner Financial Standing

Enjoy instant access to a home’s value and owner equity.
Know their potential purchasing power or likelihood in selling. Gauge and qualify their ability to finance improvements from equity.

Estimated Values, Equity and Loan Positions

Using computer models, we estimate property values, specify open loans, the position those loans are in (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and owner equity in the property.

Estimated Rents and Cap Rates

Using fair market rent data from HUD, we show estimated rent and the potential return on investment or cap rate for each property.
Hyperlocal insights from our real estate and property ownership app

CMA made easy... fast comparables for productive valuation


Recent Sales comps. For Sale Listings comps. Foreclosure comps. The best comps are automatically selected for you using sophisticated algorithms found in automated valuation models (AVMs).

Comparables are great tools for generating a rough estimate. We help you leverage your hyperlocal market knowledge by selecting/deselecting the best comparables for more accurate results.

With both map and chart views, even novices can easily estimate outliers that aren’t actual comparables. Look beyond traditional sales comparables used by assessors and do comparisons against the current competition listings and even active foreclosures.


Make fast go/no-go decisions with assumptions and scenarios


For experienced real estate professionals, we’ve baked in the experience and desires of thousands of real estate investors to create a robust Investment Analysis that lets you quickly and easily perform rental and flip-investment analyses.

Automagically see flip and rental analyses on every property through a variety of lenses, based on the assumptions you set: return on investment (ROI), cap rate, cash-on-cash returns based on current market value, or any value you enter. See the price you’d have to pay to meet your target profit, ROI or cash-on-cash return.

Dig in from there, adjust assumptions and refine your analysis and refine your analysis to better fit the particular property and deal terms. Whether you buy all cash or with leverage, direct from the owner or through agents, we have the settings you need to gain confidence in getting the deal done.


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