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By phone, email, mail, in-person or online.
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Data driven and growing their business.

"It's about being first to connect"

"Find leads, build rapport, and get marketing behind a relationship – that’s why my team is on PropertyRadar all day, every day. PropertyRadar saves us money while we build business and scale-up."

Marco Chaidez
Investor, MAC Redevelopment Group

"PropertyRadar completely changed how we reach our clients"

"Instead of wasting time pounding the pavement with no results, we can easily identify who can benefit from our services locally and make the connection before our competitors have a chance."

Charles Slusher
Owner, Mountain Lion Home Management & Concierge

"Makes me smarter, faster"

"Simply put, I get more done faster with PropertyRadar. I  couldn't imagine doing what I do without it. It's on my phone's home screen right next to my MLS and CRM. It's the app that does what my CRM and MLS can't."

Jessica LaPlante
Luxury Agent at Carr-Long Team
CA BRE# 02036600

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