Discover opportunity in property and owner data to grow your business

Find and connect with property owners by phone, email, mail, in-person, and online.

Research residential and commercial properties using enhanced public records data.


Built for Data Driven Real Estate Professionals


Real Estate Investors

Save time and money with data driven features that align with your needs.

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Residential Realtor® Teams

Generate new business persistently and automatically.

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Mortgage Professionals

Discover borrowers who need exactly what you offer.

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Commercial Real Estate

Comprehensive commercial property and owner data doesn't have to be expensive, or hard-to-access.

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Home & Property Services

Discover and connect with every potential customer in your market.

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Other Professionals

If the owner of a home or property is your best customer, they’re all inside PropertyRadar.

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Connect With Property Owners In Four Simple Steps

01. Discover properties & owners

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    Lookup owners and properties

    As many as you want. With all the details you need.

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    The industry’s best list builder

    Mix, match, and make 100s of popular lists.

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    Explore opportunities

    Drive for Dollars using map-based visualization.


02. Understand the opportunity

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    Know the property & owner

    The most comprehensive data available so you have all the information you need in one place.

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    Gain insight into your lists

    Find out what the owners on your list have in common so you can connect with them with your marketing.

  • green_focus

    Powerful research & analysis tools

    Transaction history, comparables, and investment analysis help you make smarter decisions.

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03. Connect and close

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    Connect one to one

    By phone, email, mail, in-person, or online.
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    Market to a list

    Direct mail, online ads, email, and voice campaigns.
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    No skiptracing required

    Industry-leading phone and email data come preattached.

04. Automate and integrate

PropertyRadar Integrations
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    Never miss an opportunity

    New deals delivered straight to you.

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    Leverage the tools you already use

    Send opportunities found in PropertyRadar directly to your CRM, marketing automation platform, printer, dialer, and other tools and services. View Integrations

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    Works while you sleep

    Automations keep new opportunities flowing.

PropertyRadar Integrations

"It's about being first to connect."

Find leads, build rapport, and get marketing behind a relationship – that’s why my team is on PropertyRadar all day, every day. PropertyRadar saves us money while we build business and scale-up.

"Makes me smarter, faster."

Simply put, I get more done faster with PropertyRadar. I couldn't imagine doing what I do without it. It's on my phone's home screen right next to my MLS and CRM. It's the app that does what my CRM and MLS can't.

"PropertyRadar completely changed how we reach our clients."

Instead of wasting time pounding the pavement with no results, we can easily identify who can benefit from our services locally and make the connection before our competitors have a chance.

"PropertyRadar is one of the most undervalued tools I've used recently."

"Your data is the lifeblood of my brokerage. Where PR goes....we go!"

"@PropertyRadar Hey - super service - thanks for the help!"

"PropertyRadar has made my life much easier as a business owner."

I used to just search the MLS for individual information and now I can toggle what I want and print the exact information I need to present to a potential client. In a way, they have helped me look more professional.

"Within 30 days of signing up I found my very first deal!"

Every day in my business I utilize PropertyRadar, from pulling zoning information to understanding who the owners of a property are to running comps. PropertyRadar is an absolute MUST in my business and I highly recommend anyone who is in real estate to get this app!

"Property Radar helped me help people who needed help."

Using PropertyRadar I was able to help several people with reverse mortgages, regular mortgages and we did a few fix up and flips also helped some people receive surplus funds after sales. It is a great service at a low cost.

"A happy investor."

Property Radar's platform continually identifies off-market leads for me; ultimately saving me time and money and making money for me on the deals I find....many thanks!

"I couldn't imagine having to do all that by hand."

Oh wow, PropertyRadar works pretty good in my area. I'm sure not a lot of your competition is using it.

"Their data is pretty accurate and up to the minute!"

I have used for several years primarily for tracking pre-foreclosures and abandoned properties. I'm very happy.

"I recommend joining them for any size company."

This is probably the best platform a business can use to locate demographics, stay connected, and get up-to-date information on the market. The data they provide is more accurate than Propstream (Which I've used in the past.)  

"Seriously the best website I've found to help as a new realtor."

 I'm talking leads, property info, home values, and contact info. I was using a variety of public landing pages before, and now I can export even more than I thought in one place. Real estate professionals want to join. And anyone else trying to make money in this world :)

"It's up to date and reliable."

This software company has loads of updated public records all under one roof. My team can quickly target a market, research the leads, load them into our CRM, and get selling. I've found they are accurate and trustworthy, especially comparing them to MLS.

Start discovering new opportunities using public records data today.