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Discover opportunities in property and owner data to grow your business. Research residential and commercial properties using enhanced public records data.

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Meet the Hyperlocal Lead Generation Platform


It's time to rethink
your lead generation

Generating leads is hard. Small businesses often rely on expensive and ineffective traditional and online marketing for lead generation. Newspaper and radio yield poor results, online marketing is dominated by big business, and buying leads is increasingly costly. 

It's time to generate leads differently.

What is Hyperlocal Lead Generation?

These 4 key attributes set Hyperlocal Lead Generation apart from other forms of sales and marketing, and make it perfect for small local businesses... like yours!


Target only the right leads to more effectively use scarce marketing funds.


Reach leads directly by phone, email, mail, online or


Create relevant messages with local insights that big businesses don’t have.


Use your local expertise and neighborhood knowledge to build trust.

Get the most extensive set of tools to find and close new opportunities ever offered.

Click each tab below to explore the tools and features only offered in PropertyRadar.


Find opportunities in property and owner data.

The most comprehensive data and tools ever offered for finding your next best customer.

Explore Features

Lookup Properties and Owners

Fast, nationwide, lookup of properties and owners by company, name, address, phone, email, or APN.


Search Properties & Build Lists

The industry’s best property search and list builder. Find your next best customer by using over 250+ criteria.


Drive for Dollars with Route Tracking

Access a map to see every property by equity, owner occupancy, foreclosure status, and more as you drive. Track your team’s routes with GPS Tracks, then access route history on your mobile or desktop app.


Farming and Canvassing

Easily track your door knocking and field sales progress with GPS Tracks. Record routes on your mobile app to keep track of where you’ve been, then access route history from your mobile or desktop app.


Drive For Dollars Virtually

Explore neighborhoods and properties with street & satellite imagery to Drive For Dollars from the convenience of your desk.


Map-Based List Building

Use satellite imagery, terrain maps, and drawing tools to create lists of properties when there aren’t good criteria. Like waterfront or open space for an ADU.


Import, Match, Append

Import your customer, asset, or specialty lists, and add 100’s of new data points from our deep property and owner data.


Stack Your Lists

Use the industry’s best list stacking to compare, combine, or even exclude lists to target the very best opportunities.

Understand your opportunities and win more business.

Access exclusive property and owner insights you can't get anywhere else so you can better attract, qualify, and close more deals.

Explore Features

Property & Owner Data

Get the most comprehensive property, owner, and neighborhood data to make important decisions faster.


List Insights

See dozens of insights into your lists to better understand and communicate with the people and properties you are marketing to.


Heatmaps & Boundaries

View dozens of heatmaps to highlight vacancy, turnover, equity, occupancy, and much more to quickly visualize and understand the market.


Instant Comparables

Instantly see the best sales comparables, including off-market transactions not available in the MLS. Instant listing comparables too.


Detailed Transaction Histories

Not just prior sale and open loans. See a detailed 20+ year chain of title with ownership, loans, liens, assignments, foreclosures, and more.


Run Investment Analyses

Quickly understand if a deal is worth your time with instant flip and rental analysis based on your preferences.


Owner Phones & Emails

Unlock pre-matched phones and emails without the hassle of skip tracing. Industry-leading right-party contact rate means more connected calls.


Neighborhood Demographics

Get detailed census data on every neighborhood to see how it compares to the county, state, and country.


Assess Housing Risk

View key risk indicators on ownership, affordability, time to sell, and more to quickly make important decisions.


Activity Tracking

See the activity associated with every property. Your activities including calls, photos, notes, and much more. And property activity like listings, sales, loans, and even owner birthdays.

Your message delivered. Everywhere.

PropertyRadar enables you to build a multi-channel sales and marketing machine to reach leads by phone, email, mail, in-person, or online - anytime.

Explore Features

Call Leads Directly

Click to call property owners using included phone numbers from your computer or mobile phone.


Make Calls Faster

Use the available Power Dialer or Multi-Line Power Dialer to make 30% more calls than calling owners one at a time.


Connect with SMS

Skip the phone tag and reach one or blast multiple existing customers with text messages. Send listing or property updates.


Send Ringless Voicemails

Reach one or blast multiple existing customers with voicemails delivered directly to their inbox.


Run Direct Mail Campaigns

Power personalized direct mail to a list of property owners or automatically as new opportunities meet your criteria.


Send Personalized Emails

Use our pre-matched owner emails to power personalized emails to property owners, on-demand or automatically as new opportunities meet your criteria.


Create Online Audiences

Create audiences from your lists for the major online ad platforms directly in PropertyRadar.


Use Social Media

Quickly search for property owners on Facebook and LinkedIn to start building relationships.


Connect In-Person

Make doorknocking and field sales easier with progress tracking, note-taking, and automated follow-up.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Leverage automations and integrations to let PropertyRadar work while you sleep. Trigger automations based on your criteria and connect with 5,000+ software and service products to scale your lead generation.

Explore Features

Mobile Notifications

Be the first to know about new opportunities with mobile notifications the minute they hit our database.


Email Notifications

Get instant or daily summary email notifications delivered to your inbox, to be the first to see new opportunities, or simply stay informed about your market.



Automatically update lists, manage workflows, and sync data to never miss a new opportunity.



Connect with over 5,000 software and service companies. Have new leads sent to your CRM. Trigger postcards or emails. Import leads from your website. All while you sleep.

What real estate pros are saying about PropertyRadar

"It's about being first to connect."

Find leads, build rapport, and get marketing behind a relationship – that’s why my team is on PropertyRadar all day, every day. PropertyRadar saves us money while we build business and scale-up.

"Makes me smarter, faster."

Simply put, I get more done faster with PropertyRadar. I couldn't imagine doing what I do without it. It's on my phone's home screen right next to my MLS and CRM. It's the app that does what my CRM and MLS can't.

"PropertyRadar completely changed how we reach our clients."

Instead of wasting time pounding the pavement with no results, we can easily identify who can benefit from our services locally and make the connection before our competitors have a chance.

"PropertyRadar is one of the most undervalued tools I've used recently."

"Your data is the lifeblood of my brokerage. Where PR goes....we go!"

"@PropertyRadar Hey - super service - thanks for the help!"

"PropertyRadar has made my life much easier as a business owner."

I used to just search the MLS for individual information and now I can toggle what I want and print the exact information I need to present to a potential client. In a way, they have helped me look more professional.

"Within 30 days of signing up I found my very first deal!"

Every day in my business I utilize PropertyRadar, from pulling zoning information to understanding who the owners of a property are to running comps. PropertyRadar is an absolute MUST in my business and I highly recommend anyone who is in real estate to get this app!

"PropertyRadar helped me help people who needed help."

Using PropertyRadar I was able to help several people with reverse mortgages, regular mortgages and we did a few fix up and flips also helped some people receive surplus funds after sales. It is a great service at a low cost.

"A happy investor."

PropertyRadar's platform continually identifies off-market leads for me; ultimately saving me time and money and making money for me on the deals I find....many thanks!

"I couldn't imagine having to do all that by hand."

Oh wow, PropertyRadar works pretty good in my area. I'm sure not a lot of your competition is using it.

"Their data is pretty accurate and up to the minute!"

I have used for several years primarily for tracking pre-foreclosures and abandoned properties. I'm very happy.

"I recommend joining them for any size company."

This is probably the best platform a business can use to locate demographics, stay connected, and get up-to-date information on the market. The data they provide is more accurate than Propstream (Which I've used in the past.)  

"Seriously the best website I've found to help as a new realtor."

 I'm talking leads, property info, home values, and contact info. I was using a variety of public landing pages before, and now I can export even more than I thought in one place. Real estate professionals want to join. And anyone else trying to make money in this world :)

"It's up to date and reliable."

This software company has loads of updated public records all under one roof. My team can quickly target a market, research the leads, load them into our CRM, and get selling. I've found they are accurate and trustworthy, especially comparing them to MLS.

Start discovering new opportunities using public records data today.

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