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Find and connect with new customers and deals in minutes.


PropertyRadar is the marketing app for smart local businesses who want to grow faster while spending less.

Start growing your business today for as little as $39.00 in CA, AZ, NV, OR, & WA.

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Find new customers. Fast.

Powerful, yet easy, targeting to find your future customers, today.

  • Stop wasting money marketing to the wrong people. Use 200+ targeting criteria to find your best potential customers and deals.
  • Make as many lists as you want, or need. Unlimited, transparent, access – we hide nothing from you!
  • Everything kept up-to-date for you, with daily alerts and updates. Never miss a deal or opportunity.

“Being able to track unlimited owners and properties and keep them organized with lists is great. Getting alerts to my phone when there’s a change is a game-changer.”
Oliver H. | Real Estate Agent

Know more to grow more.

Knowing your market is smart. Knowing every future customer by name - changes the game.

  • List Insights makes you smarter, faster. Know what’s happening in a market or neighborhood for informed strategy.
  • Comprehensive intelligence about every property, owner, and transaction gives you the ability to connect with purpose and meaning.
  • Use Make a List and List Insights to research and look smart with dozens of charts, graphs, and facts for insightful knowledge in seconds.

“The detail in the Property and Owner Profiles is amazing. When we first speak to a new customer, we’re not wasting their time asking things we now know in advance. They’re impressed. We’re more efficient.”
Amy J. | Home Services – Landscaping

Connect with your future customers across channels.

Direct Mail

Online Ads



Social Media


Send mail in minutes with many options
Reach more customers with less spend
Ring up sales with 40+ million numbers
Reach out personally with email InVites
100+ million social links to connect online
Fast routes, drive for dollars, door knock

Make as many lists as you need. Or want.

Use 200+ criteria data to craft perfectly targeted lists.

Main menu navigation.
Quick Search is always one click away.
Make a List – 200+ criteria helps make your lists targeted while saving you money.
Click on a List Card to explore the all the records and data in your list. See everything – 100% transparent, we hide nothing from you!
Dynamic lists are based on criteria you select to the number of records change as properties, owners, or events change. Your list is always up-to-date.
Static lists contains properties and owners that you select and add to a list. The records in static lists never change unless you add or remove.
Access Insights, Marketing, Alerts, and Settings from each list card.

Always up-to-date

Lists that never go stale, everything automatically updated. Set alerts for new matches and status changes.

No more per-record fees

Get more and spend less. Never buy a list again. Enjoy an all-access pass to every future customer.

100% Transparent

See everything. 1,000+ data points about every owner and property in our coverage area.

Start getting connected

Lists in seconds, marketing in minutes. Deliver direct mail, online ads, and email. Call by phone or connect in-person.

See where the opportunity is.

Visualize your market opportunities in a whole new way.


You're busy, so let's make this fast...

You want to grow your business.
You want to spend less money doing it.
You want to start doing it today.

Serving CA, AZ, NV, OR, & WA

Local Marketing Resources for Smart Business

Enjoy 100s of helpful videos and articles to help you grow.

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Finding new donors is my #1 priority. With PropertyRadar, I can identify new high net worth individuals that fit our donor profile when they buy a home in our area. It's so easy to find and connect!

Roy T.Founder & Director, Nonprofit

I use PropertyRadar daily…the amount of data available is stunning. Technology has completely changed this business. For the price, it’s a no-brainer.

Aaron N.Real Estate Investor

My best customer is a working female professional over the age of 30 who lives close to my salon. PropertyRadar makes it easy to find and connect with them.

Kristin S.Owner, Hair Salon

Instagram is great. But so are postcards! Not everyone is on Instagram. Dropping a card on new married homeowners featuring my best and latest designs is easy. Gets them thinking about an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift!

Doug EOwner, Custom Jewelry

I use PropertyRadar to identify owners of luxury vacation homes in our area that have young children. I connect with them using direct mail or on social media.

Greg WDirector of Marketing, Private School

Targeted local marketing made easy.

Find, Know, and Connect with your future customers and deals today.


Find your market and see where your customers are with easy, intuitive data visualizations. Then find your future customers using 200+ targeting criteria. Make as many lists as you want, or need, we’ll keep them always up-to-date.

  • Visually explore data at region, cities, and street levels
  • Turn on GPS to Explore in motion
  • Geo-targeting + demographic data
  • Make as many lists as you need


Know every potential customer by name. Enjoy a real advantage of data-driven insights with unlimited, transparent access to the most comprehensive, multi-sourced intelligence platform designed for smart local businesses.

  • Comprehensive and detailed Property & Owner Profiles
  • Context to uncover opportunity
  • Event and transaction insights
  • Comparative and automated insights


Connect with your best potential customers across multiple channels for one-to-one sales or targeted campaigns. Whether it’s by direct mail, online ads, email, social, or knocking on their door, we help you find your target and hit the mark.

  • Send a Postcards and Letters to the right Owner address
  • Call: 40+ Million Phone Numbers
  • Online: 100+ Million Social Profiles
  • Campaign across channels

Real Estate Investors
Trustee Sale Investors

Professional Services

American Business is Small Business.

Small businesses are 99% of all employer firms.

Small businesses employ nearly half of the USA’s workforce.

Small businesses create more than 60% of net new private jobs.

Source: Small Business Administration

Our Mission:

Build strong communities by connecting local consumers with the small local businesses that are the backbone of America.

Our aim: Provide unlimited, transparent access to the most comprehensive local prospecting data, knowledge, and marketing capabilities ever created for small business.

50,000+ local businesses have found their customers and deals using PropertyRadar.