Our Mission:

Build strong communities by connecting local consumers with the small local businesses that are the backbone of America.

“Big Businesses are taking over and destroying America. Whether stealing your customers outright, or selling them back to you as leads, they are succeeding because they have all the data, money, and experts they need. That’s why I started PropertyRadar - to give the small businesses that are the backbone of our communities access to the same data and expertise so they can compete, succeed and achieve independence.”

Sean O'Toole
Founder & CEO


See your market and find new customers.


Get connected across channels.


Know every customer by name, and more.


Set it, forget it and get more done.

Who are we?

We're good at this.

Over 10 years of wrangling messy public data and other disparate data sources into meaningful information with simple, transparent access.

We’ve been helping small, local businesses step a click closer to their customer and stay one-step ahead of the market and since 2007.

We’ve helped tens of thousands succeed, and many retire. Over the years, our customers have used our data and marketing features to drive their business to success.

We’re not going anywhere.

No exit strategy here. Like you, we’re founder and employee owned and operated.

We’ve got your back.

Unlike Big Business, we’re not coming after your customer. Instead, we are giving you back direct access to your customer.

Our aim is to tilt targeted local marketing in your favor. Because small local businesses are the backbone of America.

We value community.

We choose to work in places we love to live, which have vibrant communities.

We care deeply about making sure those communities thrive and see no better way to do it than by helping local small businesses.

Hundreds of our customers have been able to retire or meet their financial and lifestyle goals by using PropertyRadar.


That is our motivation.

What makes us different?

We connect small businesses with their best potential customers by making targeted local marketing easy, effective, and affordable.

We’re intent on ensuring small businesses have access to all the prospecting data, knowledge and marketing capabilities they need to find, know, and connect with every best potential customer in their market.


Craft the kinds of customer lists important to you using our 200+ targeting criteria that leverage our small-business-specific, public-records-based, prospect database.

Low-risk (small bets)

Stop making big commitments before you see results. We allow you to easily make small bets to test target audiences, marketing messages, and marketing channels and find what works with no big commitments. Start today for as little $39.


Stop paying more for less. Unlike most list providers and online targeted ad providers, we give you the details behind every record. Now you'll know exactly who you're paying and who's seeing your marketing.

Multi-touch (cross-channel)

Most marketing vendors are a one trick pony and only reach customers through one channel. We uniquely allow you to reach exactly the customers you want to target across phone, direct mail, door knocking, and social media.


See how your marketing is performing with timely data analytics. Identify and visualize your market and compare the performance of marketing campaigns.


Forget your marketing and never miss a deal. Leverage marketing automation to engage with your customers and be more persistent, timely, and relevant.


Always up to date. Unlike traditional list services whose data becomes stale the second you download it, we keep your list, and every property and person in it, up to date automatically.


Instead of paying per lead, we offer access to an unlimited number of prospects and use of all of our tools to grow your business for a small flat monthly fee.


Since 2007, we’ve helped 1000s of small local businesses drive billions in sales and hundreds of millions in profits by providing them great data and the tools to use it.

Who do we serve?

Small businesses who want to grow and serve their local community.

Real Estate Investors

Investor Use Case

Finding deals and getting connected to property owners used to be time-consuming, complex, and expensive. With PropertyRadar, I now close more and better deals, faster.

I love that I automate the process of finding potential investment opportunities, gain comprehensive knowledge about the properties and owners, and then get connected by phone, direct mail, in-person, or online.

Bottom line: PropertyRadar gives me a vast amount of knowledge to grow my business with 200+ different targeting criteria to be more informed, organized and efficient.

Real Estate Agents

Residential Agent Use Case

I succeed because I’m fast. I’m expected to know everything about my market and everyone in it as it happens and still have enough time to grow my business by cultivating and generating good leads to keep me as a top-producer.

PropertyRadar makes me fast, so my customers have confidence in me. I’m faster at finding the information and insights I need. I’m faster at knowing everything about the buyers, sellers, and the properties involved. And because I’m faster and more knowledgeable, my customers trust me more. Which saves time.

When it comes to finding new customers, PropertyRadar’s incredibly rich data and targeting helps me find and get connected to the right property owners with the right message across email, direct mail, by phone, and online. Today, I’m faster than ever before because I’m automating more and more of my lead generation and market insights.

Real Estate Professional

Property Manager Example

My best customers are not looking for me, so I have to go find them. Property owners who are actively looking for new property manager are typically problematic and are not always the best fit.

PropertyRadar helps me find and cultivate relationships with great properties and owners that I am best suited for. They may not need me today, but when they do, they reach out to me first. And then the referrals come soon after.

I specialize in managing very specific types of properties and in a specific market. That is what makes me profitable. PropertyRadar’s 200+ searchable criteria let me hone down every best potential property for me to manage and then helps me get connected to that owner so my first message is as informed and on target as it can be.

Home Services

Spa Dealer Example

I used to spend a lot of time trying to sell Jacuzzi tubs to folks who couldn’t afford it. Our best customers want a $5,000+ tub and spend 2-3 times as much on installation.

With PropertyRadar I can quickly qualify inbound leads with how much equity they have in their home and through other insights about the homeowner’s wealth.

But it’s my targeted marketing that really grows my business.

Whenever a homeowner in our market, takes out a HELOC, or buys a new home with a certain percentage of equity, they automatically get added to our campaign and receive a direct mail while a task is added for one our salespeople to call them.

Finally, in the summer, I hire college students to door-knock up-market properties with lots of equity for in-person sales and to ask if they’ve seen our ads.

It’s simple, effective, and I know where every dollar of marketing and sales is spent and what’s working.

Professional Services

Financial Advisor Example

I was never confident that my marketing was connecting with the right people. Worse, I knew that most of the money I spent on newspaper and radio ads were being used to reach folks who did not need my services.

PropertyRadar lets me target and pre-qualify my prospects with dozens of criteria that I know are the foundation for needing a financial advisor.

I know precisely where a prospect lives, their annual household income, how long they’ve owned their home, what other properties they own: High net worth individuals who own their home in a trust, and have a lot of equity is about as simple as it gets. There are incredible insights about owners that inform and guide me as I craft introductory letters that I know are on target.

Many of my clients, because of age or net worth, are not on Facebook or LinkedIn. I can connect to them by phone, email, or direct mail. And I leverage automated alerts to build a relationship with the prospects with timely data such as congratulating them on a new home purchase or recent refinance.

PropertyRadar is an invaluable daily go-to solution for expanding my book of business.

Retail, Dining & Nightlife

Suburban Family Restaurant

We’re a family restaurant located in the suburbs, but our location is not one where everyone will drive by and see us. Ninety percent of our business comes from a five-mile radius.

With PropertyRadar, I’m able to target the families and residents that live in that five-mile radius with direct mail about discounts and special events. We also offer a one time special to each new homeowner that moves into the area.

We like how we can track the effectiveness of our campaigns and set up an automatic alert to trigger a direct mail to new homeowners for awareness.

We’ve tried radio and print, but PropertyRadar is simply the best bang for our buck.

Health & Medical

Fitness Gym

Our best customers work to the south of us and live in a subdivision just to the north of us. They tend to be homeowners and love us because we’re conveniently located between their work and home. Unfortunately, we’re not visible from the freeway and there’s a competitor in the same area.

With PropertyRadar, we’re able to target specific homeowners in our sweet-spot subdivision both online by social media and offline with direct mail. We task our manager with making 10 cold calls a day as a follow-up.

Anytime someone buys a new home in our sweet spot that is 25 to 50 years old, we automatically get an alert and can send a postcard offer for a free trial membership and a consultation with a trainer.

PropertyRadar is a no-brainer for the money. It’s almost as if we’re gaining a customer for every $100 we save as opposed to the newspaper ads we used to place at $5,000 a pop.

Nonprofit & Community

Local Nonprofit Example

Finding and getting to know new donors is hard and time-consuming. Sometimes the biggest fans of our nonprofit’s mission are the least capable to make a donation. I’ve wasted a lot of time cultivating donors that did not have the financial means to make a substantial donation.

With PropertyRadar, I can quickly and easily target and qualify the best potential donors in my community with dozens of factors consistent with our best current donors. Things like net-worth, equity, age, marital status and whether they have children or not are key for me.

PropertyRadar helps me tailor perfect introductions with these insights and more importantly, connects me with them online, by phone or by mail. Best yet, I can automate much of the process of finding and getting connected with new donors letting me spend more time building relationships with my best prospects.

Our History


In 2007, we launched ForeclosureRadar which changed the way Realtors and Investors operated in the foreclosure marketplace. So much so that we appeared in a 60 Minutes television feature in 2008 and helped 1,000s navigate the housing bubble to great profit.

In 2013, we changed our name to PropertyRadar from ForeclosureRadar and launched a completely new platform targeted at all Real Estate and Home Services Professionals. We expanded beyond foreclosures to cover all properties and owners with new data, features, and tools.

Today, small local businesses of all types use PropertyRadar to find, know, and connect with their best potential customers. This reflects our mission to build strong communities by connecting local consumers with the small local businesses that are the backbone of America.

Sweet opportunities are out there.

PropertyRadar helps
you find them.