Addressable Integrates With PropertyRadar

Addressable Integrates With PropertyRadar

What Is Addressable?

Addressable is a popular direct mail automation and personalization platform used by real estate and local home services professionals. Using robots and real ballpoint pens, Addressable creates beautiful, handwritten notes that deeply connect with your prospects. With 3, 6, and 12-month automation options, you can stay top of mind with your prospects.

In fact, Chris Tosswill, CEO & Co-Founder of Addressable, points out, “Our average agent gets more calls in a month from Addressable then a year of traditional mailers - and our top agents get on average 5 times more leads in a month from Addressable then a year of traditional mailers!"

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Addressable makes continuous outreach with your human-to-human personal touch, possible.

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But as with many popular apps and services like this, Addressable doesn’t come preloaded with a list of highly qualified prospects to send your personalized notes to - PropertyRadar changes that.

Integrating Addressable with PropertyRadar lets you create a fully automated, lead-generating machine.

That’s because when you use PropertyRadar’s industry-leading 200+ property and property owner criteria, you can discover and create hundreds of lists built with your ideal customer profile in mind. Then you can have those lists automatically trigger Addressable to send out a personalized note when a new lead automatically updates your list.

If you’re a motivated professional looking to grow your business while saving time and money, then the PropertyRadar-Addressable integration is a smart match.

Let’s look at what PropertyRadar can do for you when integrated with Addressable.

Benefits of Integrating PropertyRadar with Addressable

Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective channels for real estate and home services professionals. But standing out from competitors is the key. You have one chance to get your mailer placed in the “to read later” pile vs. the trash pile.

And while there are a number of factors that play into the success of a direct mail campaign, one of the most important is making sure your mailing lists are hyper-targeted, high-quality prospects – people most likely to want what you offer vs. a broad, market saturation list that targets any and everyone.

PropertyRadar lets you build deeply segmented mailing lists, ensuring you target prospects who would be most interested in your offer or service. Integrated with Addressable and you can begin to see why this is a great match.

Generate Unlimited Highly Targeted Marketing Lists

Forget buying one-time lists with unreliable or outdated data. No more downloading and uploading spreadsheets. With PropertyRadar, you can create unlimited, highly targeted marketing lists and automatically import them into Addressable.

If you're curious about where to start, how about with PropertyRadar’s Quick Lists. These super convenient pre-built marketing lists have specific filtering criteria already built-in for you, just add your location of interest and your list is complete and ready to go.

Quick Lists can be generated for specific industries, allowing you to quickly and effectively create marketing lists.

Examples of Quick Lists for 4 industry professionals.

1) Real Estate Investors, 2) Real Estate Agents(Realtors®), 3) Home Services Businesses, and 4) Mortgage Professionals:

PropertyRadar and Addressable integration maximizes marketing outreach - use Mailing Quick Lists to get started

With 200+ criteria to choose from to build your lists, it can be a little overwhelming to use at first. That’s why QuickLists are great, they’re perfect to quickly generate prospecting lists to feed Addressable and start your marketing outreach sooner than later.

Enjoy Deep Insights on Prospects with Every List

Lists are great but lists with deep insights into what your audience has in common beyond the obvious is even better.

With PropertyRadar, you get deep insights into your targeted audience for every list you create and segment. See the details and get not-so-obvious insights and knowledge about properties and property owners that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Addressable integration with PropertyRadar lets you explore deep insights into all your mailing lists

With this new powerful data, you’ll be equipped to better understand the pains, desires, wants, and needs of your target audiences. Writing powerful marketing messaging in handwritten notes that grabs their attention and resonates with them is easier than it’s ever been.

Keep Addressable Filled with High-Quality Leads - Automatically

Among the many shortcomings you might find when buying or renting mailing lists from list sellers and brokers is the data on those lists start growing old the second you pay for them. Moreover, making those lists actionable takes some manual labor. You don’t have to worry about either with PropertyRadar. 

PropertyRadar’s owner information and property data are continuously updated, which means new leads are continuously matching your list criteria. As those new leads are generated, they automatically update your Dynamic Lists, which then auto-populates Addressable – simply by integrating Addressable with PropertyRadar.

PRO INSIGHT: Automate your marketing by automatically sending a postcard or other mailer to a prospect the second they are added to your list. Simply set the Dynamic List’s marketing automation to trigger when a new lead is added. You can set the automation to simultaneously notify you by email or push notification of new leads. That’s marketing on autopilot – talk about working smarter not harder.

Automatically send handwritten notes to prospects thanks to new PropertyRadar and Addressable integration

The Addressable integration with PropertyRadar is what every professional who relies on lead generation, marketing automation, and deal closing needs. The opportunities and possibilities are endless.

Addressable Integration with PropertyRadar Use Case Scenarios

PropertyRadar makes it exceptionally simple to create an automated direct mail lead generation system with Addressable. It’s an excellent solution for real estate investors, realtors, and local service companies. Using PropertyRadar and Addressable together, you can ensure that you consistently stay in touch with high-value prospects through direct mail, without sacrificing a personalized approach.

PropertyRadar is an excellent solution for prospecting and lead generation for real estate investors, real estate agents, and local home services providers.

Use Case #1: Real Estate Investors

Integrating PropertyRadar and Addressable creates a powerful lead generation system for real estate investors, allowing you to home in on high-value targets and engage with them through personalized, handwritten direct mail messages.

Using PropertyRadar’s advanced list-building features, you can create lists of prospects using more than 200+ criteria. For real estate investors, some of the different criteria that you might use to identify high-value prospects include:

  • Property value or equity
  • Absentee owners
  • Estimated return on investment(for property owners)
  • Status of the mortgage
  • A Recent change in ownership
  • Foreclosure status
  • Death of a joint tenant
  • More

Let’s say you are a professional real estate investor and absentee owners happen to be one of your target audiences, here’s an example of what that would look like for you with the added criteria:

  • Location – Los Angeles, CA
  • Absentee owner – lives indifferent county than property
  • Age – 60y/o+
  • Equity – 40%+
  • 2,000+ sqft
Addressable integration with PropertyRadar for real estate investors

With 6,941 prospects matching the above criteria, you can refine your list by adding additional criteria like lot size, number of beds/baths, includes a swimming pool or not, and more. Once you’ve created your mailing list, you can send your list to Addressable to start your very personalized marketing outreach.

Use Case #2: Real Estate Agents

As a realtor, you know keeping a consistent flow of leads coming into your sales systems for you and your team is critical. But spending dozens of hours every month putting together lists of leads isn’t the best use of your time.

Realtors® can create popular marketing lists by using many variables including: 

  • Geographic Information
  • Just listed/just sold
  • Home value
  • Absentee owners
  • Mortgage status
  • Return on investment (estimated)
  • Square footage
  • Equity

Here’s a look at one of the most popular Quick Lists used by real estate agents and Realtors® — Geographic Farm. Using the predefined criteria, we simply add a location by drawing a perimeter around the market we’re targeting using PropertyRadar’s polygon drawing tool:

Addressable integration with PropertyRadar for real estate agents

By using criteria that are typical of high-value prospects for real estate agents, you can ensure that you consistently connect with them through direct mail using Addressable.

Use Case #3: Windows and Installation

For high ticket local services like window replacement and installation, PropertyRadar can reshape the way that you handle prospecting within your company.

For window companies, what makes a homeowner ready to buy new windows?

Investing in new windows is common for new homeowners just after buying a home or just before selling a home. Often new homeowners will make numerous updates post-purchase, with windows being a common upgrade.

Using PropertyRadar, you can build mailing lists of prospects that have recently purchased a home, and then use Addressable to reach out to them about your window installation services.

The square footage of the home may be another variable that you use to identify high-value prospects. The idea here is that larger homes often have more (and larger) windows. Plus, owner of larger homes typically have more money to invest in their home, which makes them higher value prospects.

In the case of finding people who just listed their home, you can use a Quick List. You’ll navigate to Quick List > HomeServices > Pre-movers as shown below:

Addressable integration with PropertyRadar for home services professional like window installers

Another criteria trigger that a window installer could use is the amount of equity that a homeowner has in their home. If they have more than 50% equity, they may be more likely to make larger investments. The age of the property could be another trigger. The possibilities are numerous.

Whether you’re a window installer, roofer, solar panel installer, garage door installer, or another type of home services professional, all your customers are already in PropertyRadar waiting to be discovered.

How To Integrate Addressable With PropertyRadar Using Zapier

PropertyRadar uses Zapier to connect with Addressable. Zapier integration isn’t difficult, but it does take some foresight and patience to ensure that you set it up effectively.  

We recommend putting together a flowchart like the one below to help you visualize your process and how data will flow between the two platforms once the integration is in place.

Addressable integration with PropertyRadar - map out a marketing automation workflow using Zapier

Mapping out your data flows and processes ahead of time will help you to understand how PropertyRadar, Zapier, and Addressable work together and share data. It also serves as a resource for optimizing your processes moving forward. With more automation in your prospecting processes, you may be able to streamline.

A little upfront strategy gets everything working properly and the payoff is incredible. Five hours to save 100 hours? Yes, please. By automating time-consuming, repetitive, low-skilled tasks, you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy – like watching your bank account grow.

For video tutorials and detailed instructions about how to automate marketing, workflows, and repetitive tasks using Zapier with PropertyRadar — visit this article.


Addressable is a great solution that helps real estate professionals and home services professionals connect with their audience in a more personal, intimate way using handwritten notes. Integrating PropertyRadar gives Addressable something it doesn’t come with – high-quality leads to help grow your business.

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