PropertyRadar’s First AI Feature Is Here To Create Your Next Lead List

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PropertyRadar is the world’s most powerful property and property owner information platform.

There, we said it.

In a world of skyrocketing referral fees, outdated data, and the same dime-a-dozen lead lists that every single property professional is using to try and track down their next customer – PropertyRadar is a glimmering beacon of something new.

With over 150 million properties, 250 million people, and over 1 billion owner phones and emails – PropertyRadar is a plethora of data, complete with the most advanced filtering and criteria system of its kind.

hyperlocal-marketing-comprehensive-home-and-property-owner-data (1)-1The punchline? If you want to harness the power of public records and tap into hyperlocal lead generation to power your next lead list – PropertyRadar is your best bet.

And now we’ve just introduced a brand new feature that makes our platform – and your ability to effectively scale and grow your business – even easier. 

Say Hello To Radar AI, Our AI-Powered List-Building Assistant

Meet Radar AI.

invest-in-robotsHe’s super cute, speaks multiple languages, and is here to streamline the process of building your next hyperlocal prospective lead list.

Leveraging OpenAI technology, Radar AI easily transforms descriptions of ideal prospects into lists of revenue-generating opportunities.

Sound too good to be true? Think again.

With an extremely robust database of information, PropertyRadar provides its users with countless search possibilities, customizable parameters, and complex combinations of targeting filters in order to get necessary, personalized results for the hyperlocal homeowners and properties in their areas that need them most.

We literally provide a googol’s worth of combinations.

find-person-or-property-1This best-in-class offering has made PropertyRadar an invaluable resource to thousands of real estate and property professionals, small businesses, and community-driven investors. 

But we never did meet a bar we didn’t want to raise, so we’re launching Radar AI to not only expedite the process of creating lead lists (giving everyone some valuable time back to reach out to said leads) but to make our revolutionary platform fundamentally easier to use.

Cool. How Does Radar AI Work?

Radar AI is currently live in Beta and publicly accessible across PropertyRadar’s desktop and mobile applications.

To begin using, click on Radar AI’s icon within the Search tab.


A chat window will appear, prompting you to describe the ideal prospects you’re looking for. 


Now, whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned expert, you don’t need to have all the answers to what a perfect lead may look like to you.

We get it! The market is ever-changing, and the fluctuations in the real estate industry impact each and every community across the U.S. differently.

Therefore, we give you permission to be as specific (or unspecific) as you’d like. Let Radar AI do the heavy lifting for you. 


Once you submit your initial request, watch as Radar AI generates a completely customized search criteria that you can apply in order to create a list of prospective property leads.

In other words? Radar AI will return a set of filtering and personalized criteria to make your results happen. All you have to do? Click Search. 

If you need to refine further, be our guest. You can easily send your new AI Assistant over some feedback, as well as make changes to any ongoing search. 


Don’t worry about the tough love. Radar AI’s fully adaptable and great with constructive feedback.

In fact, he’s continuously learning and improving through customer interactions, continuously refining his abilities and giving better and better results each and every time.


I’ve Got My Leads. What’s Next?

Radar AI is just the first stop on your hyperlocal lead generation journey.

Once you have your list of relevant properties and homeowners, you can title and save your list straight to your PropertyRadar account.

Effortless storing? Immediately better than buying regurgitated lead lists that are quickly outdated.

Better yet? Switch on PropertyRadar’s groundbreaking monitor feature so your list automatically updates when new properties, developments, or information that match your personalized criteria becomes available. 


You’ll receive a handy alert, and your list will automatically grow – with no effort, double clicks, or micromanaging from you.

This means your information will be consistently accurate, and you’ll get new leads sent straight to your account without a second thought.

In an industry that demands you be the first – the first to reach out, the first to sign on the dotted line, the first to get the lead – PropertyRadar’s monitor feature should be on your must-have property tools. 

Did we mention that each and every one of your lists also comes equipped with detailed insights to allow you to better understand the demographics of the homeowners you’re attempting to reach? 

Understand how these homeowners are similar (and different!) to better personalize your marketing and tailor your outreaches to their unique circumstances. 

Simply put, use PropertyRadar to be better.

Do I Have To Outsource My Outreach?

Absolutely not.

PropertyRadar is an end-to-end marketing resource. We’re not just research. We’re the whole package. 

hyperlocal-marketing-tools-1With PropertyRadar, you can easily find varied contact information for your homeowners – from email addresses to phone numbers to social media handles – you name it. You can take this data and utilize your preferred outbound methods to contact your prospects using the personalized methods you deem best.

Options? Oh, we’re here for it.

PropertyRadar is ideal for generating multi-channel campaigns.

And if digital outreach isn’t your jam, opt for direct mail, an endlessly reliable and highly engaging approach that sends your valuable impressions right to your prospect’s mailbox. 

Old fashioned? Hardly.

80-90% of direct mail is routinely opened (thank you very much), with 42% of recipients actively engaging with their direct mail.

With PropertyRadar’s own digital marketplace, you can now design and send your very own direct mail straight to the properties on your saved lists. 

direct-mail-mktg-integrationsAnd no, you don’t need to be a Canva or Photoshop pro to make it happen.

We have easy-to-customize templates and provide the printing and postage on our end, so your entire experience is quick and painless.

Making Hyperlocal Lead Generation The Industry Standard

Data can be daunting. We’re not just here to make it more accessible – we’re here to make it work for you. 

hyperlocal-marketing-what-is (2)-1“Lead generation is the biggest lever to small business success,” explains Mark Hockridge, CEO of PropertyRadar. “We want to do everything in our power to simplify the process and empower our users to achieve their goals faster.” 

“Our users are here to find leads and win new opportunities. Radar AI helps them do this.”

And what better opportunities to add to your potential lead pipeline than those that are hyperlocal and most relevant to your business?

Radar AI makes keying into this audience a breeze, effectively utilizing your search criteria to identify properties and homeowners that match. 

Because the market is unpredictable.

Because we want to help your business and win in spaces typically dominated by big business.

Because we want to help you play a different game, get leads a different way, and beat them in gaining new opportunities (and new customers) along the way.

neighborly (2)-1We support you in becoming the expert in your community – targeting customers that need you most and leveraging outbound methods to cross that finish line.

We know you’ll craft messaging that’s relevant and neighborly…and Radar AI is simply the first stop in making it all happen.

That handy robot will aid you in effortlessly connecting with each and every one of your potential next clients. We aim to take the guesswork and research time out of lead generation, and Radar AI is here to help us do it.

“We see Radar AI as a valuable partner for our customers,” adds Hockridge. “It has the power to allow each user to get hyper-specific about the kinds of prospects they need while not adding research time that takes them away from customer connections.”    

We’re sick of burying the headlines around here.

PropertyRadar is changing the game

We have already given you the most ways to find the exact audience you need and have helped you reach the most people in the most ways.

Now we’re streamlining it all with AI? 

Your job just got a whole lot easier.

phone-marketing-scale (1)But don’t just take our word for it.

Get started now with a free PropertyRadar trial, and put Radar AI to work in helping you secure your next hyperlocal leads. 

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