PropertyRadar Alternatives

PropertyRadar Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to PropertyRadar can be confusing and overwhelming. Search results and review sites often have PropertyRadar incorrectly listed alongside CRM, marketing, advertising, and industry-specific platforms that may offer a small piece of what we do but are not genuine competitors.

We've created this summary page not to talk about everything that's wrong with our competitors and everything that's right with PropertyRadar.

Truth be told, PropertyRadar isn't for everyone. If you're just getting started as a real estate investor, real estate agent, mortgage broker, or home & property service pro, PropertyRadar likely isn't the best fit for you.

We want to make your life a bit easier by providing you a truly objective comparison of PropertyRadar competitors and alternatives so that you can decide if we're the right solution for you or not.

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The most important thing to understand about PropertyRadar is that we take great pride in separating ourselves from the competition by being experts at transforming public property records and owner data into new lead and deal opportunities:

  •   Easy to use
  •   Event-driven
  •   Up-to-date
  •   Integrated
  •   Actionable
  •   Affordable

If you've ever tried to purchase a list of prospects, you know it's often expensive and includes limited options to curate and stack criteria to build your perfect list. In addition, the minute you receive the static list, it's outdated – and typically comes with a limited timeframe in which you get to use it before you must pay again.

PropertyRadar gives small businesses affordable access to data and intelligence that was once only enjoyed by Wall Street. With depth and breadth of criteria including property, people, mortgage, and transaction data, PropertyRadar provides an industry-leading 250+ criteria.

Yes, for seasoned professionals, having that many criteria can be very powerful. But for the inexperienced, it can be overwhelming at first. Regardless of where you sit on the experience spectrum, we give small businesses the ability to create their perfect list.

While we are best known for serving real estate professionals (real estate investors, Realtors, mortgage professionals, and commercial investors), we help any small business in need of a consistent source of quality leads, like pool, roof, garage door, lawn, HVAC, and solar companies.

Public Records Data – How We Do It

Did you know most public records are free? If you're willing to roll up your sleeves and dive into your county recorder's and treasurer's website, chances are you can find the one-off piece of data you need. But that's not scalable.

Public records are messy, vary from county to county, and take a great deal of refining and enhancement to be useful.

PropertyRadar focuses on data which provides:

1) Value to the customer

2) Quality

3) Timeliness

We gather data ourselves, and we purchase data from data partners. In most cases, we use multiple sources and back-test those sources against each other. When data is missed or late, our research team works to backfill the missing data by hand. We collect a wide variety of data, including County Assessor, County Recorder, County GIS, listing, demographic, phone, email, social, census, and more.

The data is then cleansed and enhanced through rules engines, pattern matching, natural language processing, machine learning, normalization, and other techniques we've honed over a decade. Our research team manually back-tests, corrects, and uses their insights to create new cleansing and enhancement methods for the data. With 3,142 counties covered, that's a lot of data clean-up!

Thanks to our advanced search, filters, insights, and heatmaps, discovering opportunities in our data has never been easier. Users can visualize data around properties and people in new ways. Understanding deeper insights allows users to save money by further honing lists and messaging to be more effective.

While your competition is wasting their money marketing to generic, oversized, and outdated lists, you'll be saving money and boosting ROI by using hyperlocal, highly targeted, high-response marketing lists -  sending the right message to the right leads at the right time.  

PropertyRadar's automations and integrations help professionals scale, taking it one step beyond the competition. Our stream-based architecture, scalable event matching, and criteria-based targeting give us a powerful engine that processes millions of events against our customer's unique criteria to keep their lists and segment up to date, notify them of changes, and automate their marketing efforts.

You can get notifications inside the mobile app or email to take immediate action on events that matter most to your business – whether that's a property sale, a life event or a competitor purchase.

Furthermore, PropertyRadar integrates with over 3,000 marketing and productivity tools allowing businesses to bring their favorite CRM, marketing, and productivity tools they already use. Our goal is to keep your favorite tools filled with excellent leads.

Finally, PropertyRadar knows our users are not data scientists, software developers, or even marketers, so they rely on us to make them shine without the steep learning curve typical of other solutions. We leverage modern user experience design and software architecture to deliver some of the industry's most powerful solutions in a simple package that anyone can use.

As you explore the competition, take time to try PropertyRadar's free trial. If you get stuck, reach out to our always helpful customer support team.

Let's take a look, shall we?

PropertyRadar vs. Reonomy


Reonomy allows users to "access the people, properties, and companies" behind commercial real estate ownership. Reonomy's core audience is commercial real estate investors, and it's best known for piercing the corporate veil allowing users to gain insights on ownership of LLCs.

PropertyRadar has residential and commercial data with far more search criteria at a superior price. Sometimes the best commercial opportunities are on properties not zoned commercial today but will be soon. When finding the owner of an LLC is required, we've created a way to discover the information for free.

Unlike Reonomy, PropertyRadar doesn't stop at the data. We make it actionable with automations and integrations. You can automatically push your perfect leads into your favorite CRM, productivity, or marketing tools.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar is more feature-rich, includes more criteria, and integrates with your favorite tools, all at a lower price point.  

PropertyRadar vs. ProspectNow


ProspectNow targets mainly agents and mortgage professionals. It features commercial and residential properties, phone numbers of owners. It promotes its machine learning models, which predict which properties are most likely to sell or refinance in the next 12 months.

Simple search functions and predictive models make life easy, but chances are you'll be marketing to the same people as your competition. PropertyRadar has over 250 search criteria around property, people, mortgage, and transaction data, so small businesses curate unique lists specific to their niche. We feature phone numbers and emails of owners offering more ways to connect. Built-in automation and integration options help small businesses scale.  

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has more criteria, more advanced features, integrates with your favorite tools, and offers phone and emails, all at a lower price point.

 PropertyRadar vs. PropStream


PropStream is best known for its generous affiliate program heavily promoted by real estate investor gurus. PropStream is a good tool for beginners that need access to general property detail, search, and comparables functionality. Additional advanced functionality like skip-tracing and list monitoring are available but require additional monthly costs as add-on features.

PropertyRadar is built for professionals with advanced features included. Built-in skip-tracing functionality allows users in the field to immediately connect by phone or email from the app at no additional charge. Dynamic list monitoring of up to 10,000 records is included. PropertyRadar also integrates with over 3,000 marketing and automation tools via Zapier.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has more search criteria, more advanced features, integrations with best-of-breed marketing and productivity tools, and is more affordable.

PropertyRadar vs. ListSource


ListSource is the closest competitor to PropertyRadar when it comes to data and search criteria. Unlike many of the alternatives covered, ListSource is one of the few that offers demographic data. If a user needs a one-and-done list, ListSource is a great resource.

However, for small businesses that consistently need leads, ListSource gets expensive quickly. The more criteria you include in your search, the more expensive each exported record becomes. One standard list can cost as much as a year-long subscription to PropertyRadar.

PropertyRadar goes beyond static lists and allows users to refine, rethink, and reexport lists as needed. We also make your lists easily exportable to Facebook and Google for custom audience digital advertising.

Conclusion: PropetyRadar includes advanced insights tools, over a billion pre-appended emails and phone numbers, 3,000+ integrations with other tools, and at a much more affordable price point.

PropertyRadar vs. RealQuest


RealQuest is a CoreLogic company that markets itself as the "one-stop destination for property ownership and mortgage information." The tool is marketed to mortgage professionals but also used by Realtors and home service pros. It offers essential property and mortgage search functionality and is known for its automated valuation model and property reports.

You'd need both CoreLogic's RealQuest and RealList to match the functionality included in PropertyRadar. RealQuest lacks demographic data and advanced functionality like integrations and automations. For a comparable price, PropertyRadar offers more robust features.

Conclusion: PropetyRadar has more advanced features and criteria at a lower price.

PropertyRadar vs. CRS Data


CRS Data's core audience is Realtors. Depending on your local MLS affiliate, CRS Data may already come free as part of your MLS membership. CRS Data's Financial Suite targets the mortgage professional while LocalLook targets real estate investors.

While CRS Data has searchable property details, it is best known for adding property tax information and area demographic trends to accompany agents' property information reports to potential buyers and sellers. CRS Data is more of a market analysis and research tool, not a marketing tool for professionals looking to connect with new customers. It does not have owner contact information and lacks integrations or automations.

Conclusion: PropetyRadar has more search criteria, advanced insights, contact information for owners, built-in automations for dynamic lists, and more options to integrate with your favorite marketing and productivity tools.

PropertyRadar vs. Remine


Remine is positioned as a complete MLS solution used by agents and mortgage professionals. It incorporates MLS data, public records, and consumer information in an interactive view, including maps. They have expanded into document management and e-signing tools, becoming a transaction management platform.

Opportunity Pro is Remine's advanced search and prospecting tool, which combines mortgage data and public records data to assist agents and mortgage professionals in finding leads. It does include basic search criteria, heat maps, and built-in postcard templates for easy direct mail. However, Remine has limited search criteria, no demographic data, and does not offer emails and phone numbers of owners.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has more search criteria, contact information for owners, built-in automations, and integrates with 3,000+ marketing and productivity tools.

PropertyRadar vs. REIPro


REIPro is a marketing and CRM tool targeting real estate investors. Best known for its CRM functionality, REIPro has a built-in workflow navigator which allows investors to execute and track marketing within the software. It also has popular marketing lists and built-in designs for postcards and mailers. Phone and email skiptracing is possible, but it isn't viewable for free.

For someone just getting started, REIPro is an excellent tool for the price. However, REIPro has limited search criteria that guarantee you're marketing to the same lists as the competition. If you use built-in marketing templates, while convenient, you could be sending the same designs as well. It's not unusual to hear from investors using PropertyRadar for lead generation, who later import them into REIPro to manage and track with its CRM functionality.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has more search criteria at a more affordable price. Our system is used as a property CRM where investors can upload photos, notes, and property details directly into the system. We also integrate with over 3,000 best-of-breed marketing and CRM systems tools.

PropertyRadar vs. PropertyShark


PropertyShark started as a must-have tool in New York as it featured hard-to-find details on LLC owners in New York City commercial buildings. California-based Yardi Systems purchased the site in 2010 and expanded it nationally. Users can subscribe nationally or by state, and the platform now contains commercial and residential information. Advanced features include heat maps, comparable sales information, and property photos.

Preforeclosure and foreclosure in PropertyShark are limited to upgraded plans. It does not have demographic data and has little ability to integrate and automate with other tools. Ownership contact information is limited to phone numbers, only in New York City.

Conclusion: If you're a commercial investor in New York City, PropertyShark is going to be the tool for you. Otherwise, PropertyRadar has more search criteria, including foreclosure data, national coverage of residential and commercial properties, emails and phone numbers of owners, advanced insights functionality, integrations, built-in automations, and all at a lower price.

PropertyRadar vs. CoStar


CoStar is a juggernaut in commercial real estate. It has purchased over 30 companies in the data, analytics, management, and acquisitions information spaces. More recently, it has expanded into multifamily and residential offerings by purchasing and

CoStar features data on commercial owners, commercial floorplans, and leasing tenant information. It goes beyond data to offer management tools for owners. If you're investing and managing commercial real estate, CoStar is the gold standard, and it comes with a matching price. For owner and property information, PropertyRadar is the gold standard.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar features residential, multifamily, commercial, and many other kinds of property types. PropertyRadar has more search criteria, over a billion pre-appended emails and phone numbers for owners, built-in automations, integrations with small business marketing and productivity software, and at a much lower price point.   

PropertyRadar vs. Realist


Realist is a Corelogic tool that integrates with MLS solutions to give real estate agents access to public records data. Property, tax, permit, community, foreclosure, and limited ownership data is searchable, giving agents the ability to perform market analysis, create reports, and conduct limited list research for marketing campaigns.  

Agents may find they have free access to Realist within their MLS tools. While Realist does a great job with property-centric searches, it lacks demographic data and owners' emails and phone numbers. It is also not set up for integrations or automations. As mentioned previously, you'd need Corelogic's RealQuest and Realist to come close to the offerings included in PropertyRadar.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has far more search criteria, includes demographic information, includes owners' email and phone numbers, built-in automations, and integrations with 3,000+ marketing and productivity software.  

PropertyRadar vs. Agent247 SiteXPro


Black Knight Financial Services owns Agent247 and SiteXPro. Black Knight appears to be investing more heavily in SiteXPro and moving users away from the pay-per-record approach (Data Dollars) of Agent247 and into a subscription model with broader real estate industry appeal.

SiteXPro markets itself as a property data and analytics tool with lead generation functionality. The tool advertises over 200 search criteria and includes demographics, liens, mortgage, distress, and property data.

Overall, SiteXPro is more expensive on a subscription basis, and add-on functionality like skip tracing owner phone numbers comes at additional costs. Owner email addresses are not currently available. It also lacks map views, heat maps, insight trends, integrations, and automations.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has more search criteria, advanced insight tools, owner email and phone numbers, integrations, and automations, all at a lower overall price.  

PropertyRadar vs. DataTree


DataTree is owned by First American and marketed towards agents. It has 60 search criteria allowing agents to create numerous reports for clients. Data on chain of title, HOA liens, foreclosures, property characteristics, school, and PACE loans are available.

DataTree does have an export feature for direct mail marketing, but there are no emails or phone numbers for owners. The site also does not offer owner demographic information.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has 250 search criteria, advanced insight tools, owner email and phone numbers, integrations with 3,000+ small business SaaS tools, and built-in automations, all at a lower overall price. 

PropertyRadar vs. ATTOM Data


ATTOM Data markets itself as the "one-stop-shop for premium property data." They are best known for customizing solutions for companies looking for unique data sets, including hazard, climate change risk, school, and neighborhood data on top of the standard property, owner, mortgage, and transaction data.

ATTOM Data does not currently offer demographic data or phone and emails for owners as part of its service. It's more focused on customizing data solutions and provides more niche solutions through other companies it owns like RealtyTrac (foreclosures), ATTOM List (list building), and GeoData Plus.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar is built for small business marketing and lead generation activity at a reasonable monthly cost. We include demographic data, email, and phone numbers for owners, insights tools, and in-app automations.

PropertyRadar vs. RealtyTrac


RealtyTrac is a product of ATTOM Data targeting businesses interested in foreclosures. Although search criteria are limited, the user interface makes searching for foreclosures easy. But, since the Great Recession, very few industry professionals have needed a foreclosures-only solution.

PropertyRadar started as ForeclosureRadar, so we know our way around foreclosure data. Trustee sale and sheriff sale information come included in the app for small businesses targeting preforeclosure or owners in specific stages of foreclosure. Unique to PropertyRadar is foreclosure outcomes data and whether a property was ultimately held, resold, or rescinded.

For hardcore courthouse step investors, PropertyRadar still runs, which tracks trustee sale schedules and sales details in CA, WA, OR, NV, and AZ.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar includes foreclosure information on top of property, owner, mortgage, and transaction data. We have over a billion owner email and phone numbers, insights tools, driving for dollars, and in-app automations, all at an affordable price.

PropertyRadar vs. ATTOM List


ATTOM Data launched ATTOM List in 2018 as a list-building tool for customers that didn't require customized solutions and only need a marketing list based on a few criteria.

ATTOM List is built for direct mail. It lacks demographics data, emails and phone numbers of owners, advanced insights, and no automations and integrations exist. This may be a good solution for one-off lists needed for a specific purpose but not for professionals needing an ongoing lead generation solution.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar goes beyond marketing list creation to include advanced insights, list monitoring, build-in automations, and integrations with best-in-breed marketing and productivity software. We have emails and phone numbers for owners and make it easy to create custom audiences on Facebook and Google.

PropertyRadar vs. GeoData Plus


ATTOM Data announced the acquisition of GeoData Plus in 2021. GeoData Plus is an application for "in-depth property research, valuation, and prospecting." Unlike Attom List, GeoData Plus features pictures, maps, zoning, sales comps, liens, and some integration capability with appraisal software. It's marketed as a valuation and research tool more than a marketing tool.

The site currently does not offer emails and phone numbers of owners. Pricing starts at $150 for one state and is discounted for each additional state. Additional discounts apply for annual subscriptions.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar pricing includes over 250 search criteria and national coverage. Small businesses can stack property, foreclosure, mortgage, transaction, and owner data, and connect with owners with pre-appended emails and phone numbers. We also offer advanced insights, heat maps, reports, integration with over 3,000 marketing and productivity tools, a mobile app, and built-in automations.

PropertyRadar vs. RPR


RPR, or Realtors Property Resource®, is a national property database exclusively for REALTORS®. It offers data, tools, and reports on residential and commercial properties for on- and off-market properties.  

RPR is an excellent tool for comparables and creating reports. But it's not built as a marketing tool. There is no demographic data or contact information beyond mailing addresses for owners.

Conclusion: PropetyRadar is built for lead generation and to help small businesses find and market to new prospects. Beyond the 250 search criteria, we offer advanced insights tools, owners' emails and phone numbers, 3,000+ integrations with other tools, built-in automation, and at an affordable price.

PropertyRadar vs. Rebogateway


Rebogateway is a marketing and farming tool for brokers and agents. The site has largely been untouched since 2018, with few updates on upcoming features promoted on the site. The site includes probate, divorce, and tax default data.

Rebogateway is for residential opportunities only. The system lacks phone and email addresses for owners, advanced search and filter functions are limited, and there are no integrations and automations.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar is more feature-rich, includes more criteria, integrates with your favorite marketing and productivity tools, and provides a mobile application, all at an affordable monthly price point. 

PropertyRadar vs. Mashvisor


Mashvisor is a tool for real estate landlords that expedites neighborhood and property research by pulling in data for long-term and short-term rentals. Real estate investors and landlords can compare property rents, see insights on a property's viability as a short- or long-term rental, perform neighborhood analysis, and share reports and insights with their team.

Mashadvisor is not a lead generation and marketing tool. It's a research and analytics software. If you're in the business of vacation rentals and short-term rentals, also known as STRs, software like Mashvisor or AirDNA is likely a must-have to ensure you're comparing the correct comps since most online real estate platforms will not have vacation rental data. Core features include rental strategy comparison, investment analysis, property comparison, neighborhood research, and an area where brokers and agents can list properties. A top-level subscription also gets you access to foreclosure data and CRM functionality.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar is a lead generation and marketing tool built for small businesses that need a consistent source of quality leads and that require an industry-leading 250 criteria to create hyperlocal and hyper-targeted marketing lists. PropertyRadar includes an automated valuations model, comparable sales, and neighborhood data.

PropertyRadar vs. Deal Machine


DealMachine is software for real estate investors. It offers two core products, including its Driving for Dollars and List Building subscriptions. Both subscriptions are separate with no discount should you need both. There are also add-ons, including multi-step marketing sequencing, street pics, mail tracking, comparable sales, skip tracing, and built-in direct mail and tracking capabilities.

PropertyRadar offers driving for dollars functionality and list building within one subscription. Having access to the list-building criteria allows investors and wholesalers to research neighborhoods and opportunities before, during, or after driving. While driving, investors can use the mobile app to quickly research owner and transaction details on the fly. Pre-appended email addresses and phone numbers allow investors to immediately view emails or phone numbers without paying additional skip tracing fees to connect while in front of the property in our Complete plan. PropertyRadar driving for dollars includes maps, heat maps, property CRM functionality to make notes and take pictures, opportunity rating, and route optimization. Comparable sales included.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar includes driving for dollars and list building within its subscription. An industry-leading 250 criteria allow investors to create highly targeted opportunities with optimized driving routes before driving. Integration with 3,000 marketing and productivity apps enables investors to bring their favorite tools, and PropertyRadar can keep them filled with hyper-targeted opportunities at a much lower overall price point.

PropertyRadar vs. BatchDriven

batch-drivenBatchDriven is a lead generation tool marketed mainly to real estate investors. Features include driving for dollars with route optimization, team management with up to three users included in the Performance plan, built-in skip tracing, Zapier integrations, and in-app direct mail and texting functionality. Property images and real-time driving routes are add-on features.

BatchDriven focuses on pre-defined quick lists where PropertyRadar gives users over 250 criteria to stack lists according to their niche to uncover numerous off-market opportunities. BatchDriven does not feature demographic data. Avoiding oversized and overused generic lists allows users to create messaging that better resonates with their hyper-targeted audiences for better ROI.

Conclusion: PropertyRadar has over 250 criteria to create hyperlocal and hyper-targeted lists. Driving for dollars functionality is built into the app with advanced features like route mapping, heat maps, and property CRM functionality. While we don’t have built-in direct mail and text messaging currently, we integrate with over 3,000 marketing and productivity tools via Zapier. Our subscription price is less per month and bulk skip tracing has a lower cost per record.

Lead Generation for Small Business

We love data, and lots of it. Data can be messy and hard to make sense of – it can be overwhelming. We make it better by making it user-friendly and actionable. PropertyRadar is the only lead generation tool that pairs the full spectrum of search criteria with advanced insights tools that help you communicate with your ideal customer while saving time and money. Convert data to action with built-in automations and integrations with over 3,000 marketing and productivity tools to help your small business scale. And we bring it all to you at an affordable price.

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