PropertyRadar vs. Listsource

Your search for a Listsource alternative is finally over. 

PropertyRadar is the only software that gives you everything you need to discover opportunity in property and owner data to grow your business. How? By combining all aspects of your hyperlocal lead generation - from discovering, understanding, and connecting with your leads - in one powerful platform. Get more leads at a lower price and connect your list data with the sales and marketing tools you love


Property and demographic criteria

Discover the best leads using 250+ filtering criteria, including equity amount, owner income level, owner age, property features, and more


See your lists before purchasing records

With PropertyRadar, you can view your lists before exporting—this way you can see what you’ll get before you ever have to buy it



Get phone numbers & email addresses

Append phone numbers and email addresses to your records quickly and easily. Or, create lists that only have records with contact info

Comparing PropertyRadar vs. ListSource



Price Plans start at $49/month Priced per record based on filter criteria and desired fields
Quick Lists with pre-built criteria 75 16
High data quality yes yes

Property filtering criteria

yes yes
Owner filtering criteria yes


Demographic criteria not available in all states

Preview your entire list before exporting yes


Free Trial yes


Owners' phone numbers and email addresses yes


Integrations with popular sales and marketing tools yes


Lists are automatically updated with new leads



G2 Rating 4point7stars-1 No public review average available

Customers ❤️ PropertyRadar

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Bryan Lincoln
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Why companies are making the switch from ListSource to PropertyRadar

d4d-virtual-1Better value for your money

It’s simple. Companies are switching to PropertyRadar to get more bang for their buck: more leads and more features at a better cost.

marketing-methods-smMore ways to contact leads

Connect with leads using door-knocking, cold calling, email, direct social media messages, and social media advertising.

up-to-dateAlways up to date

With PropertyRadar, your lists are automatically updated to remove and add leads according to your criteria—so you can be first to an opportunity.

select-area-smVisual lead maps

Do you know your market like the back of your hand? Draw out the perfect map shape and choose from 250+ criteria to layer on top.


Mobile app and lead notes

With PropertyRadar, you get an easy-to-use mobile app so all of the best leads are right in your pocket. Drive for dollars, door knock, and take notes.


Smart marketing integrations

PropertyRadar integrates with sales and marketing tools you actually use, like Pipedrive, LionDesk, SalesRabbit, Mojo, PostcardMania and more

PropertyRadar vs. ListSource:
What's right for my company?

When using any list provider, what really matters is the results. Consider these when making your choice.

Designed for professionals

You need a tool that is designed for professionals, not amateurs. With advanced features like built-in skip tracing, marketing integrations, automatically updated lists, property comps, and more, it’s clear that PropertyRadar is a better fit for real estate and home services professionals looking for the best leads.

Narrower targeting for tailored outreach

A ListSource list can cost as much as an annual subscription to PropertyRadar. And that’s for just one list. But the best marketers don’t use one big list. They create several lists, each with different targeting criteria so that they can tailor their messaging. With PropertyRadar, you can affordably create and test new lists throughout the year.

Increased ROI

To improve your marketing ROI, you need to decrease your spending or increase your results. With PropertyRadar, you can do both. Enjoy simple, transparent pricing alongside better leads and contact information so you can reach out to more of the right people in your local market.

See why the Pros trust PropertyRadar over anything else.