PropertyRadar vs. Propstream

Your search for a Propstream alternative is finally over.

PropertyRadar is the only software that gives you everything you need to discover opportunity in property and owner data to grow your business. How? By combining all aspects of your hyperlocal lead generation - from discovering, understanding, and connecting with your leads - in one powerful platform. 

Why choose PropertyRadar over a competitor like  PropStream?


A system that gives you more data and insights

Many platforms, including Propstream, offer "some" access to public record data, but PropertyRadar gives you the most access to public record and owner demographic data, including age, ethnicity, income, and the presence of children - all in one place. With PropertyRadar, you get the full picture of your audience


More features, minus the pricetag

With PropertyRadar, you get better quality, multi-sourced skip tracing (250 skip traces included per month), list monitoring, and the industry's most powerful comping tool - all included. PropStream charges extra for these features, which can hinder your lead generation and growth.



Generate better leads with exclusive lists

Working the same leads as everyone else isn't going to grow your business. While PropStream offers 75 search criteria and a small number of predefined lists, PropertyRadar gives you the flexibility to target 120+ quick lists and 250+ targeting criteria to find the perfect leads in your market.

Comparing PropertyRadar vs. PropStream



Price $99/month $99/month
Free Trial yes yes
Owners' phone numbers


250 phones included free each month. $.08/record after.


No free phone numbers included. $0.12 for skip tracing.

Property filtering criteria yes yes
Owner filtering criteria yes
Dozens of demographic criteria

yesBankruptcy and Lien Data

High data quality yes X
Integrations with popular sales and marketing tools yes X
Total filtering criteria 250 67
Quick Lists with pre-built criteria


Driving for Dollars and Doorknocking yes


Built-in skip tracing yes


List Monitoring 10k included Additional charge
Lists are automatically updated with new leads yes Additional charge
G2 Rating 4point7stars-1 No public review average available

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Why companies are making the switch from PropStream to PropertyRadar

money-smGet more for your money

PropStream charges more for their core offering, and also tacks on additional fees for things that PropertyRadar includes, such as automated list updates and skip tracing. These fees really add up.

neighborhood-information-1Accurate property and owner data

PropertyRadar has the highest quality and most accurate data. We’re the experts in data acquisition, cleansing, and enhancement. A few hours of cold-calling or door-knocking and you’ll see the difference.

target-customer-smFind ideal customers your competitors aren’t targeting

Because PropertyRadar offers more filtering criteria and built-in skip tracing, you can discover more leads. Narrow down your targeting and test unique criteria to come up with your own secret sauce.

insights-spot-smDiscover insights for more personalized messaging

For each list, you’ll discover additional trends and insights that will give you the upper edge when it comes to developing marketing messages that resonate and convert.

PropertyRadar vs. PropStream:
What's right for my company?

Ultimately, what matters is a platform's impact on your company. The choice comes down to which option is more likely to give you results.

Easy to learn 

Pick software that is easy to learn, so you’re not wasting your time or your team’s. PropertyRadar’s main platform and mobile app offer visual map views of your market, lead lists, property and owner details, and market insights—all laid out intuitively.

Supports better marketing

Which platform will make your marketing better than your competitors? More targeted, more accurate, more informed, and more affordable? Because PropertyRadar has 250+ unique filtering criteria and built-in skip tracing, you can reach out to more of your perfect-fit leads. 

Delivers ROI

ROI is a combination of what you spend and the revenue you create. PropertyRadar offers more advanced features and accurate data at a lower price, so you’ll be able to get real ROI from your marketing. We believe in quality over quantity and have created the feature set to help you spend less money on the wrong leads. No more wasteful mass outreach.

See why the Pros trust PropertyRadar over anything else.