PropertyRadar vs. DealMachine

Your search for a DealMachine alternative is finally over.

PropertyRadar is the only software that gives you everything you need to discover opportunity in property and owner data to grow your business. How? By combining all aspects of your hyperlocal lead generation - from discovering, understanding, and connecting with your leads - in one powerful platform. 

Why choose PropertyRadar over a competitor like DealMachine?


Get the most targeting criteria

You can find motivated sellers with DealMachine, but be prepared to work with limited targeting criteria. When you build lists in PropertyRadar, you get access to 250 search criteria and 100+ quick lists to get exclusive leads in your market. DealMachine only provides users with 50 search criteria and only 11 quick lists, so you'll be working the same lists as everyone else.


Straight-forward, inclusive pricing

DealMachine's pricing structure requires add-ons for List Monitoring and List Building. PropertyRadar's pricing includes everything you need to scale your business. With PropertyRadar, you get List Building, List Monitoring, Comping, Skip Tracing, Unlimited Properties + Lists, and Driving for Dollars - all for $99/month.



Multi-sourced public and demographic data in one place

Many platforms, including DealMachine, offer "some" access to public record data, but PropertyRadar gives you the most access to public record and owner demographic data, including age, ethnicity, income, and the presence of children - all in one place. With PropertyRadar, you get the full picture of your audience

Comparing PropertyRadar vs. DealMachine



Total targeting criteria (property and owner data) 250+ 50
Quick Lists with pre-built criteria 100+ 11
Free Trial yes yes
Drive for dollars app yes yes
Integrations with popular sales and marketing tools yes yes
Owner Contact Information


250 phones included free each month. $.08/record after.

Owners’ social media profiles for sending direct messages yes


Investment analysis calculator yes yes
Skip tracing included yes Owner Contact Information
List builder


Save unlimited properties and lists

Additional charge

Capped limit on leads per month

Property comparables yes Additional charge
Street pictures yes yes
G2 Rating 4point7stars-1 Unreviewed on G2

Customers ❤️ PropertyRadar

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Bryan Lincoln
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Why companies are making the switch from DealMachine to PropertyRadar

d4d-virtual-1Carve out your own opportunities

If you’re only reaching out to vacancies and foreclosures, you’re doing the same thing your competitors are doing. Rely on our 250+ targeting criteria to find unique opportunities.

target-customer-smSegment and test different targeting criteria

With PropertyRadar, you can create an unlimited number of lists with different criteria sets so you can strategize targeting and outreach tests and then determine what works the best.

insights-spot-smGet deep insights into both lists and leads

For each lead, you’ll get the maximum amount of property and owner data available. And for each list, you’ll get trends and insights to help you tailor your messaging.

money-smStop paying extra for the info you need

DealMachine charges you extra for property comparables and street photos. PropertyRadar doesn’t. Plus, our comps are the absolute best in the business.

PropertyRadar vs. DealMachine:
What's right for my company?

When picking an app for real estate investment analysis and driving for dollars, what matters most is the results it can bring your business. Consider these.

Beat the Competition

Which app is more likely to help you beat the competition? You guessed it: the one with the most targeting criteria so you can go above and beyond standard definitions of distress to find empty nesters, vacation homeowners, high equity owners willing to downsize, and more.

Boost ROI

Every type of outreach costs money, whether it’s postcards or your team’s time spent in the field. By having the industry’s best comps built-in and the most amount of targeting criteria possible, you can spend time and money on the right leads and close the best deals.

Set yourself up for future success

Look for a tool that you can grow intoone that doesn’t just satisfy your bare minimum requirements but offers more advanced features that you can use for even more competitive advantages. PropertyRadar’s list automations and marketing integrations offer never-ending room for improvement.

See why the Pros trust PropertyRadar over anything else.