The Realtor® Outbound Playbook Summary

outbound marketing for residential realtors

If you want to grow your roster of prospective buyers and sellers, outbound marketing is the only way to do it

Inbound marketing caters to big businesses, who can constantly afford to overspend on digital real estate and top search result ad space. 

So if you're tired of being outbid and outrun, PropertyRadar is here to change the game and put the control back in your hands


We've launched a comprehensive playbook for success, filled with everything you need to create multi-channel outbound campaigns – from detailed instructions to bundled campaign resources – all in support of aiding you in building targeted segments of leads, personalizing your messaging, and establishing a sustainable lead generation machine within your hyperlocal market. 

But today, we're just getting started. We recommend beginning with the article below prior to jumping into our fuller playbook. You'll get a high-level overview and summary in order to introduce you to our methods, we'll provide samples of our outbound resources, and we'll give you the understanding needed before transitioning into something deeper. 

Outbound marketing is predictable and profitable...with the right leads and the right approach

And we're here to show you how.

  • In this quick summary guide, we’ll cover the fundamentals of our outbound strategy: 
  • Farming – Building your brand and staying visible.
    • Segments Personalize your messaging. 
    • Sphere – Stay top-of-mind with past clients and social groups. 
    • Buyer Needs – Advertise your roster of buyers and build credibility. 
    • Circle – Target neighbors of currently or previously listed properties.
  • Hunting – Actively looking for motivated sellers. 
    • Life Events – Hunt for business by leveraging circumstances that call for urgency.
  •  Getting Results – With PropertyRadar.


Farming is all about cultivating your business over time. It's the long game that builds your brand and ensures you stay visible. 

Strategic Geofarm 

Define your core market based on your strategy and location. 


Time to execute: 20 minutes

Step 1: Set geographic boundaries 

  • Set up a parameter within your PropertyRadar account: Discover > Search
  • Define your geographic market area: Discover > Search > Location
    • You can use City(s), County(s), ZIP Code(s), Subdivision(s), and more within the given options, or choose to Draw a Polygon around your target area.

Step 2: Add strategic preferences

Step 3: Save as "My Market" 

  • This should be your largest list and will act as the base for all future segmenting. 

Step 4: Turn on monitoring (set up alerts, status updates, be the first to know)

  • This ensures your list is automatically updated when new properties and information become available.

    Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 8.07.36 PM

Step 5: Campaigns

Outreach Expectations: Minimum 2x/yr, preferably quarterly, or if budget allows, monthly (especially in highly competitive markets).


Personalize your messaging by segmenting your core market.

iStock-1388913352 (1)

Time to execute: 10 minutes per segment

Step 1: Create your initial segments & launch campaigns

  • Add preferred criteria to the geofarm you created above: My Data > In Any List > My Market. 
    • This way, you will effectively create a segment off of your geofarm starting point, allowing you to more effectively personalize your messaging to select segments of your core market later. 
    • We’ve provided sample criteria and direct mail templates for select segments below. Remove the attached location and add your own geographic market base.

Step 2: Save each list as name "Segment – segment name”


Stay top-of-mind with past clients and social groups.

iStock-1591572504 (1)

Time to execute: 20 minutes 

Step 1: Create a list with all your past customers 

  • Add your sphere one at a time to a static list using Lookup, import them, or integrate your CRM to your account via Zapier: My Lists > Import New List.


  • Create differing spheres per audience group: Past Clients, Friends (if potential clients), Social Groups, Non-Realtor® Professional or Philanthropic Groups

Step 2: Save list as name “Sphere – group name"

Step 3: Turn on monitoring (set up alerts, status updates, be the first to know)

Step 4: Campaigns

Outreach Expectations: 1x/quarter.

Buyer Needs Farming

Advertise that you have buyers and build credibility within the community.


Time to execute: 10 minutes

Step 1: Create lists that match the particular needs of your buyers

  • Layer on filters to match your buyer's preferences, building one new list of properties for each buyer: Search > Property > Beds, Baths, Square Feet, Pool, and more to find ideal homes.

Step 2: Save each list as name “Needs – Client Name – mmddyy”

Step 3: Campaigns

Outreach Expectations: Ad-hoc / as needed.


Target neighbors of currently or previously listed properties to win proactive referrals.

iStock-698430730 (1)

Time to execute: 7 minutes

Step 1: Use the Neighbors tool to take action

  • Step 1: Lookup (type in exact address) > Neighborhood

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 12.51.02 PM

  • Step 2: Lookup > Neighborhood > Options
    • Looking to refine further? Select any of the Options below, ranging from only viewing Same Street properties to Same Subdivision properties and more. Or, you can expand the total number of properties you're seeing with Numbers of Neighbors. 
Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 12.51.39 PM
  • Step 3: Select Action – You can choose to Add to List, or jump ahead to an alternate direct action, such as Direct Mail or Email Marketing.

Step 2: Save list as name “Circle – listing address – mmddyy”

Step 3: Campaigns 

Outreach Expectations: Ad-hoc / as needed.


Hunting is all about actively looking for motivated sellers. It focuses on leveraging life events to find those needing your support FAST.

Life Events

Industry-leading multi-sourced and back-tested data in PropertyRadar helps you reach customers driven by urgency

With over 250 search criteria available, PropertyRadar is the most powerful property and property owner platform on the market, with the most extensive search and filter capabilities in the industry. Their systems offer unprecedented opportunity to refine and customize your lists in order to reach the right individuals impacted by the right circumstances at the right time.

Pair this invaluable ability to personalize with the incomparable demographic insights and extensive information PropertyRadar provides for each and every lead list you create, and you’ve just unlocked the capability to find individuals with the need to move now before anyone else.

  • Foreclosures, Preforeclosures, Foreclosure Buyers, Zombie Foreclosures
  • Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale, Bank Owned, Past Due Property Taxes
  • Financial Hardship (Bankruptcy, Low Equity, Underwater Owners, Potential Short Sale Candidates, HAMP Loan Mods)
  • Vacancy (Targeting Property Owners)
  • Tired Landlords and Ready-To-Move Tenants (Absentee Owners, Absentee Owners Out of Country, Absentee Owners Out of State, Longtime Renters / First Time Buyers)
  • Person or Property Liens, including Judgements, HOA Liens, Mechanics Liens, Federal Tax Liens, State Tax Liens
  • Loan Type, Loan Rate, Loan Value, Estimated Number of Open Loans, Estimated Open Loan Balance
  • Most Recent Change of Ownership, Transfer Type, Just Listed
  • Listing Status, Listing Days on Market
  • Divorce
  • Death of Joint Tenant
  • + Hundreds More

You can view the list of all available 250+ criteria here.  

Below, we’ve provided sample criteria and direct mail templates for some of our most commonly used life events.

As a reminder, once each list is created, turn on monitoring in order to set up alerts and status updates. Not sure how? Read our previous guidance here

Notice of Default



Death of Joint Tenant


Getting Results

So how do we put it all together to take action and win new leads? By focusing on the right people, in the right place, with the right message.

Your next step? 

Be a good neighbor. Audit your marketing before it reaches prospective customers. Compare your communication against our comprehensive Good Neighbor Marketing checklist

iStock-1453172641 (1)

So...what's next? 

You've reviewed the starting steps of our outbound playbook, so now you're ready to dive into the full thing

And with PropertyRadar by your side, we're confident you'll be able to leverage our full guidance and strategies to win more leads, close more sales, and help your buyers find the homes of their dreams. 

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