New Pipedrive Integration Is a Favorite with Real Estate & Home Services Professionals

New Pipedrive Integration Is a Favorite with Re

The New PropertyRadar-Pipedrive Integration Keeps Your Pipeline Full & Up-to-date with High-Quality Leads and Prospects

Pipedrive is a popular CRM, recently ranking in the top three CRMs in the world, according to the U.S. News & World Report "Best CRM Software in 2020".

Why is Pipedrive so popular with real estate agents, investors, and home services businesses?

Pipedrive CRM Integration Specialist - Ethan WoodTo find out, I talked to one of Pipedrive's most experienced implementation and integration experts, Ethan Wood of Ethan Wood Consulting. Ethan has helped hundreds of small businesses jumpstart or enhance their CRM-driven sales and marketing using Pipedrive.

"Pipedrive is simple to use and affordable. That's the main reason Pipedrive is loved by small businesses, especially real estate and home services," says Ethan. "But that's not all. Simple and affordable attracts them, but what really keeps them motivated is not always obvious to a first-time CRM buyer, or even a seasoned professional curious to start automating their sales and marketing.

"Ethan identified four reasons that separate Pipedrive from the 100s of CRMs to choose from:

  1. Simple to use
  2. Affordable
  3. No contact data limits
  4. Easy to integrate and automate

"What really gets real estate and home services pros fired up is the unlimited contacts and ability to integrate prospecting data sources, like PropertyRadar, to keep their CRM always full and up-to-date with qualified home and property owner leads and prospects."

Simple to use and affordable


While you'd expect every CRM to be simple to use, that is not always the case. In fact, the number one complaint of CRMs by users is complexity and affordability according to SelectHub.

What some professionals find simple can be confusing for others. CRMs designed to support a Fortune 500 may have too many features, many which are unnecessary for a small real estate or home services business.

"I advise everyone to take advantage of a free trial and test drive a CRM before committing. It's a decision that is hard to walk back," says Ethan. "Talk to any successful business in your industry and they'll tell you that their CRM, and how it is used, is what drives truly their business growth. There's a reason businesses spend $50 billion on CRMs annually."

Working with CRM implementation experts like Ethan Wood is a smart option. They can listen to your challenges and match the CRM solution that is the right fit based on experience and previous customer implementations.

"I've never met a successful real estate or home services professional that has a lot of time on their hands," remarked Ethan. "They're smart. It's better to write a check and get something done, and done right. That to them is saving time and money."

No contact data limits

While not obvious to many small businesses upfront, many Pipedrive CRM customers are happy to discover the no contact data limit "down the road."

"Many real estate investors, some agents, and most home services businesses are what I call high-volume lead processors," explains Ethan. "They have to market to lists of thousands, even tens of thousands, and across channels like direct mail, phone, and email to drive the volume of leads they need into their sales funnel. Consistently and persistently. This is the opposite of how most enterprise CRMs are designed. So as a small business grows, or wants to keep track of all their prospects over several years, all of a sudden they find their once-affordable CRM getting prohibitively expensive day by day."

CRMs that charge for contact storage can add up quickly. HubSpot, another popular CRM, starts at $40.00 per month for up to 1,000 contacts. Adding 20,000 contacts raises the price to $576.00 per month.

Pipedrive pricing starts at $12.50 per month for their Essential plan. Their Professional plan, which Ethan recommends because of their phone caller and the number of workflow automations available, is only $59.00 per month, $49.90 if billed annually.

Pipedrive Integration With PropertyRadar - Pick Your Pipedrive Pricing Plan

"If an automation saves you ten hours a month that adds up," notes Ethan. "An extra $30.00 a month to save 120 hours in a year, 3 weeks of your time, that's almost priceless. Time is the one thing professionals are short on. Automations are investments in saving time and money so they can focus more on growing their business, not working inside it."

Easy to integrate and automate

The problem that frustrates every CRM user is getting enough quality lead data into the CRM so all the automation features have something to work with.

"You can't automate without data. It's like you have a new race car with no gas in it," observes Ethan. "A CRM that doesn't have a consistent flow of prospects and leads goes quickly from being a money-maker to a costly service you don't use."

And that's how I met Ethan. PropertyRadar is a popular source of public records-based data that keeps all his real estate and home services customer's CRMs full of leads - automatically.

"The Pipedrive integration that knocks people's socks off now is PropertyRadar," says Ethan. "The demand for integration and automation around lead data is growing fast. Over the past three years, I've implemented Pipedrive integrations to enhance real estate and home services CRMs and for dozens and dozens of businesses and with amazing results."

Pipedrive makes it easy to create custom fields, which is critical for real estate and home services businesses. While real-estate-specific CRMs often have property-centric fields, they can be created in minutes within Pipedrive.

Fields like Year Built, SqFt, Beds, Baths, Lot Size, Est Value, Equity Percentage, Purchase Date, Purchase Amount, Open Loans are essential for most property-centric businesses.

And keeping the CRM up-to-date with changes is vital. Fields like Listing Status, List Price, Sale Price, Equity, New Loans, and even changes in ownership and deeds.

Ethan was kind to write up some more details on Pipedrive and how to get the most out of it:

Pipedrive CRM Overview

by Ethan Wood, Ethan Wood Consulting

Import and manage your leads and deals

People love how easy Pipedrive is to set up and get started. And perhaps one of the critical benefits Pipedrive has over other CRMs is its ability to import leads easily. For example, you can import leads from Facebook Ads without writing your own code and then move them to the funnel step of your choice.

Pipedrive's Visual Dashboard makes managing leads intuitive and straightforward; you can see lead progress in the sales cycle. It lets you divide your customers and leads into different categories and track the development of deals. So something that is usually complicated is made quite simple thanks to Pipedrive.

Track your communications all in one place

Forget outdated spreadsheets, Pipedrive makes tracking all your communications with leads and clients easy. Track your emails, calls, contact history, and more right in the same place. Plus, you can do it all through their mobile app, which makes it even more convenient. And the reporting makes it simple to manage your sales team, too, if you have one.

Automate and grow your business

Pipedrive can automate almost every step of your sales process. As many Pipedrive customers have learned, the ability to auto-import contact data is a huge time-saver. And according to Austin from SealGuard, "Pipedrive keeps my company organized and on task. We do with five people what it would normally take 50 people to accomplish!"

Customize your insights and reports

Pipedrive lets you create custom CRM fields for reports where you can filter, group, and see your results where you can then identify winning patterns and bottlenecks. Their interactive dashboards let you turn metrics into visual displays so you and your team can interpret findings at a glance. And you can set team and individual goals, then track progress with real-time metrics on customizable dashboards.

It's easy to see why so many professionals love using Pipedrive. The platform is very user-friendly. It comes packed with incredibly useful features. And we haven't even touched on all the Pipedrive integrations you can add to put your prospecting, lead nurturing, and customer interactions on cruise control.

Of course, Pipedrive doesn't magically add leads for you – we haven't found a CRM that does that quite yet. But thanks to the new Pipedrive integration with PropertyRadar, it's as close as you can get to keeping your Pipedrive CRM always full of leads.

PropertyRadar Overview

PropertyRadar is a property data and owner information platform for real estate and home service professionals of all types. When professionals need to find quality leads and create multiple, segmented lists (without paying for each record), they use PropertyRadar.

Every potential future deal, client, or customer is inside of PropertyRadar. Using their Discover list building tool to create multiple targeted lists and sync to Pipedrive is the most If there were ever a database where all your prospects lived, it would be PropertyRadar.

Hyperlocal marketing made easy

With millions of properties and numerous details of the property owners and the properties they own, trying to make sense of it all can be a little overwhelming at first. But PropertyRadar will help you discover and understand your prospects like never before. PropertyRadar has the tools you need to create highly segmented lists, the ability to market directly to your lists, and even automate your direct mail campaigns.

Hyperlocal marketing has never been this easy, affordable, and certainly not this effective.

Discovering your perfect prospect

One of the first places new customers explore is Quick Lists. These lists are made up of predefined criteria that only require you to add your local market of interest - add water and grow!

Below are a few examples of Quick Lists available to 4 industry professionals: Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents (Realtors), Home Services Businesses, and Mortgage Professionals.

Pipedrive Integration with PropertyRadar Quick Lists to find leads fast

Once you get the hang of using Quick Lists you can level up your PropertyRadar list-building skills by building and segmenting your lists from scratch using any of the 200+ criteria.

With over 200 criteria at your fingertips, discovering and segmenting your perfect prospects into lists that you define is powerful. Creating marketing messaging that resonates with each list is a crucial ingredient to success.

Integrate Pipedrive with PropertyRadar and build multiple auto-updating segmented marketing list

Understanding your prospects

It's common for real estate investors and agents to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on massive lists containing thousands of people who might be a good lead.

Imagine, instead of a list of 10,000 names, you could break that list up further with additional criteria so that you had ten lists with 1,000 prospects on each list.

With each list more clearly defined by criteria, you'll have a better idea of what those prospects' pains, needs, and desires are likely to be. Understanding your prospects better means you can create messaging that resonates with them and shows them you understand them.

When prospects feel like you're talking to them directly, they are more likely to turn into leads. And since PropertyRadar lets you create as many segmented lists as you need, your chances of understanding and connecting with your prospects go up exponentially – and so do the chances of your profits.

PropertyRadar Insights

Connecting with your prospects

Once you've got your lists segmented and you've got your marketing messaging dialed in, now you need to connect with your prospects.

There are 6 ways to connect with your prospects when it comes to hyperlocal marketing:

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Online Ads
  3. Phone
  4. Email
  5. Social Media
  6. In-person

The key is making sure you use the property data and owner information you have about your prospects to your advantage. Whether you're a local business sending out postcards, a real estate agent or home service professional conducting a cold calling campaign, or another property-centric company sending out Facebook ads to connect with local wealthy Baby Boomers, the data is critical to boosting your bottom line.

Automating your marketing

When you're busy running your business, you can't afford to stop your marketing efforts. Thanks to PropertyRadar, you can keep your marketing in the 'always-on' position, so when you're busy doing other things, you never miss an opportunity that hits your CRM.

For example, you can set up alerts to get notified when someone gets added to one of your lists. You can set up a marketing automation so that when a new lead hits your CRM, a postcard gets sent out.

Pipedrive Integration with PropertyRadar using Zapier

Example Use Cases – Real Estate Investor

Let's see what this would look like for a real estate investor whose niche is pursuing motivated sellers with death of a joint tenant as the public record trigger.

From within PropertyRadar, set up and save your 'Death of Joint Tenant' dynamic list from the Quick Lists for the geography to focus on.

Within the dynamic list, you can set the automation to trigger so that any time a property (aka, prospect) that matches your criteria hits your list, you'll get notified about the new lead via email or push notification on your phone.

Even better, PropertyRadar can make marketing practically effortless by automatically sending your new prospects a postcard for you. All you have to do is set up the automation. It's set-it-and-forget-it marketing.

Think about the advantage you have over your competitors by immediately marketing your services to a new prospect the second they hit your list - and you didn't have to do a thing.

Example Use Case – Solar Contractor

A solar contractor sets up a dynamic list of homeowners to persistently target:

  • New homeowner (purchased in last 30 days)
  • Single-family residence
  • 50%+ equity
  • 3,000+ sqft
  • 3+ bedrooms

The list is a dynamic list. Every time there's a new match to that criteria, the integration sends that new prospect to the Pipedrive CRM and then on to a drip campaign automatically.

That prospect can also be assigned to a sales rep using a lead assignment rule or another integration like RouterJet.

The sales team is happy that they have qualified leads to pursue and know that their efforts to reach the owner are driven by multiple channels, from direct mail to online ads.

The possibilities are endless.

Designing strategy and workflow

Integrate PropertyRadar with Pipedrive CRM using Zapier

Setting up your Pipedrive integration with PropertyRadar using Zapier is easy if you're already familiar with Zapier and mapping fields. It can take some time to fine-tune it.

The first thing I recommend you do and is something I have all my clients do, which is to create an automation workflow diagram to understand the working relationships between Pipedrive and Zapier, and between Zapier and PropertyRadar. It should look something like this:

Pipedrive CRM Integrations Automation Workflow Example

A diagram flowchart you can reference like the one above can really help you simplify a complicated setup process.

It's certainly much less daunting than looking at the raw Zapier automation. In the Zap below we have a few typical, yet more difficult automations a CRM/Automation Developer might create.

Different Apps such as Text Messaging and Email platforms can require different formatting of the data. Zapier can easily format the raw data sent from PropertyRadar but it does take an advanced level knowledge of Zapier.

So if you've never used Zapier or set up a Pipedrive integration, I recommend setting some time aside when you're least likely to get interrupted. It is essential to have a clear understanding of what you want your PropertyRadar and Pipedrive triggers to be so that you can set up your integrations correctly.

If, after a few hours of trying to set up your integrations, you decide your time would be better spent in other areas of your business, you can always contact us to do it for you. We'll have PropertyRadar feeding your CRM with new leads in no time.

Not to mention, integrating Pipedrive and PropertyRadar with other systems and apps can make a world of difference to your productivity and your bottom line. For example, you can integrate PropertyRadar and Pipedrive with:

  • Document signing services (Contracts and Bids)
  • Text Messaging Platforms
  • Telephone Integrations
  • Bulk Email Software
  • Direct Mail Services (like PrintGenie!)
  • Many others!

Fine-tune your Pipedrive integration with PropertyRadar

Once you've got Pipedrive and PropertyRadar in sync, it's important to check your automations are working properly. Running a monthly maintenance check is sufficient to make sure all zaps are working properly to keep your Pipedrive CRM filled with new opportunities and your marketing automations are running smoothly.

It takes time and effort to ensure your Pipedrive integrations with PropertyRadar and all your other apps and services are running correctly. The last thing you want is to miss new opportunities because you simply didn't run a monthly maintenance check.

Making The Most Of Your Pipedrive Integrations

It's not hard to see why the Pipedrive CRM has become a go-to platform for investors, agents, contractors, and other professionals. And with the new Pipedrive integration with PropertyRadar, it makes even more sense.

Pipedrive CRM - Keeps you organized and in touch with leads and customers.

Pipedrive boosts efficiency and productivity.

New PropertyRadar and Pipedrive integration = Your favorite CRM staying persistently full of quality leads, your marketing made easy, and doing more with less.

Discover the power of PropertyRadar by starting your free trial today.

Start discovering new opportunities using public records data today.

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