Part 9 - Wrapping It Up

Part 9 - Wrapping It Up

Last of a nine-part series.

I appreciate your giving me a bit of your time to read my views on the current economic crisis and how I think we should fix it. While my views are my own, I should say that I’ve had some wonderful influences, not least of which has been my friend Eric Janszen, founder of His near-perfect foresight on much of what we have seen unfold has helped me not only understand the bigger picture surrounding this crisis, but also stay a step ahead financially. Without his guidance, I would not have had the wherewithal to self-fund I’ve also been fortunate to talk to many leading economists, fund managers, and other insiders, thanks to our having truly great and sought-after data on the foreclosure market.

Despite the pain this crisis has afflicted on a great many people and my gloomy overall assessment on where we are in this crisis and what it will take to recover, I remain very bullish on the U.S. and hard-hit California in particular. Despite its flaws, I love where I live. As a businessperson, investor and citizen, I see the forest of opportunity beyond the trees.

As home prices continue to descend back to affordable and sustainable levels with a dash of spring in the air, its hard to dwell on the negatives too long without doing what we Americans do best – dust off the doom and gloom, look at the bright side and get back in the saddle.

Hopefully, we’ll soon find the leadership to put this failure behind us and ultimately realize what a beautiful gift we’ve been given, a chance to see that the course we were on wasn't sustainable. It’s time to begin living within our means, individually, in business, and at all levels of government. It’s time to re-evaluate our priorities and realize that a better life cannot be financed – it just has to be lived.

Thanks again for your time and support.

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