New Homeowners, New Opportunities

New Homeowners, New Opportunities

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Tips for targeting and connecting with an eager-to-hire market

According to market research company Statista, there were 6.9 million home sales in the U.S. in 2021. That number is expected to climb to 7 million by 2023. If you extrapolate that number with the Houzz finding that 21% of recent homebuyers invest in a paint upgrade,* you’re looking at 1,610,000 potential jobs. In other words, there’s plenty of work to be had with new homeowners. You just need to find a way to reach them.

Homing in on new homeowners

The two most direct paths to new homeowners are through a realtor and mining data...

On the data mining front, Sean O’Toole, founder, and CEO of PropertyRadar, says the good news is that thanks to public records, there’s a lot of readily available data on new homeowners.

“With one visit to your local County Assessor’s office, you can find out the name of any homeowner, a home’s value, and its size. All good info if you’re looking to target new homeowners.”

The bad news, he adds, is that if you’re looking for information on recent transactions, you must go to the County Recorder. “That’s where deeds and sales are tracked,” he explains. “Again, good info, but if you want the full picture you’ve got to hit up both offices and marry the information. It can be tedious and time-consuming.”

Another option is to purchase new homeowner lists from a list broker. “Typically, you pay per record for this information, but you only get mailing info, not email addresses,” says O’Toole.

Yet another option is to partner with real estate software companies who do the heavy lifting of creating a comprehensive new homeowner profile with address, email, and phone information. O’Toole says that complete profile is the key to hyperlocal marketing.

Why hyperlocal deserves the hype

Hyperlocal marketing is a method of marketing that focuses on a targeted audience within a local area. “The goal is to make every dollar work harder by zeroing in on the small number of people who might want your services and reaching them through multiple channels,” says O’Toole.

Given the sheer volume of ads people are exposed to every day, O’Toole encourages home service providers to embrace as many channels as possible. “When used in combination, each channel supports the other, makes an impression, and builds familiarity and trust in the homeowner’s mind. That’s especially true when your messaging provides helpful information rather than a sales pitch. It could be tips for choosing a color or why you should pressure wash your exterior. When done right, any cold calling you do won’t actually be that cold and may very well be welcome.”

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