Housing Market Rebounds - How to Find New Equity In Your Farm

Housing Market Rebounds - How to Find New Equity In Your Farm

NBC Nightly News recently did a piece on how the upswing in home values in 2013 (San Francisco did nicely at 25%) pulled 4.2 million nationwide homeowners out from being underwater and into a hot marketplace; quickening the pace for sales and increasing a sense of urgency before lending changes take effect and interest rates starts to rise.

NBC Nightly News Dec. 31, 2013 -  Housing Market Rebounds, Helping Buyers and Sellers

Realtors using PropertyRadar can find "new equity" homeowners in their farm, or anywhere in California. These are potential new listing prospects who made it to the other side of the housing crisis and are finally out from being underwater. These folks are families bursting at the seams and people who have been patiently waiting for years  to move out, upward and elsewhere.Here's how to find "new equity' homeowners in your farm, in minutes!

  • Using Property Search in PropertyRadar, you can search any city, zip, or area that you would like.
  • Using the Value & Equity Tab, enter a range of 5-15% for Equity %. Keep in mind closing costs will be needed.
  • If you would like, narrow down your results further, try 2 bedroom, 1 baths if you're looking for younger homeowners.
  • Exclude properties already listed by other agents.
  • You could also enter a transfer date range such as January 1, 2007-January 1, 2008 if you're looking for people with new equity AND who are hitting the "7 year itch", when they traditionally move.
  • If you want to target certain property values, enter AVM range, or leave this search criteria open, let it roll and see what you get. You can always update your search by adding more criteria to narrow your results.

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