Getting Started with PropertyRadar Webinar

    Getting Started with PropertyRadar Webinar

    Get started with targeted, local business marketing using PropertyRadar. Attend one of our live online training webinars hosted by me, Kim Bennett, Director of Customer Happiness.

    I host three live webinar training sessions per week:

    During each webinar, I cover everything you need to know to get started using PropertyRadar, including:

    • Navigating all of PropertyRadar’s features, navigation, and settings
    • Using Explore for market intelligence and insights
    • How to make targeted lists of prospects
    • Leverage our direct marketing tools to connect with the prospects you identify in your targeted local market
    • How to send postcards and letters
    • How to export list prospects into your CRM
    • Use Alerts, Notifications, and Insights to never miss a deal and automate your work and always stay up-to-date on your market
    • Understand when and where to use all of the Searches: Quick, Property, Foreclosure, Transfer.

    Anyone is welcome to attend.  Simply sign up for a Free 3 Day Trial by clicking the button below.

    An invitation to register for the webinar will be sent to you once you've completed your 3-Day Free Trial registration.

    At PropertyRadar, our mission is to make targeted, local business marketing easy. And affordable.