Integrate PropertyRadar with 4,000+ apps and services

Integrate to automatically export property data and owner contact information into the apps that drive your business.

Connect and integrate

Connect PropertyRadar to your favorite sales, marketing, and productivity apps and get more done automatically.


Keep your CRM full of leads and always up-to-date and eliminate manual tasks and errors.

Mobile app

Use PropertyRadar’s mobile apps to trigger integrated marketing print, voice, and email marketing campaigns from the field.

Six reasons why integrations are powerfully easy

Integrate to automatically export property data and owner contact information into the apps and services that drive your business.

Make Exports &
Imports Magic

Stop wasting your time (and money) managing manual exports and time-consuming imports.


Purchase & Append on the Fly

Purchase and append phone numbers and email addresses automatically.


Automate Real Life Events

Use 250+ criteria to turn real life events into immediate and actionable sales and marketing. Set it and forget it!


Connect Across Channels

Connect by phone, email, SMS, social, and direct mail. Automate your direct response marketing and lead generation.


Fill Up Your CRM with Leads

An empty CRM isn't very useful. Keep your CRM always full with every potential customer, client, deal, and opportunity.


Keep Your CRM Always Up-to-Date

Update your CRM with current and as-it-happens property data and owner contact information, automatically.

The most popular apps to integrate with PropertyRadar

The apps & services real estate professionals and property-focused businesses are connecting to PropertyRadar most frequently.

Sales & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)




Simple lead management software for real estate agents and brokers. Follow Up Boss takes all your leads and puts them in one simple system automatically. Helps you to respond fast and convert more leads into closings.




Easily send lists of property owners' info into your real estate CRM to connect with your new leads right away!




The real estate CRM that works the way you do. Manage people, listings, transactions, and activities with powerful workflows.

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Clicksend and PropertyRadar integration

Send SMS messages with ClickSend for new property updates in PropertyRadar

Salesforce and PropertyRadar integration

Create or update Salesforce records with new PropertyRadar property updates

Pipedrive and PropertyRadar integration

Create or update contacts and deals in Pipedrive for new property updates in PropertyRadar

Follow Up Boss and PropertyRadar integration

Create inquiries or website events in Follow Up Boss for new property updates in PropertyRadar

Hubspot and PropertyRadar integration

Create HubSpot contacts for new property updates in PropertyRadar

Mojo Dialer and PropertyRadar integration

Create contacts in Mojo Dialer calling lists from new property updates in PropertyRadar

PRINTgenie and PropertyRadar integration

Send single templates in PRINTgenie for new property updates in PropertyRadar

Google Sheets and PropertyRadar integration

Add new property updates from PropertyRadar to Google Sheets rows

Facebook Conversions and PropertyRadar integration

Share updates from PropertyRadar as funnel events to Facebook Conversions

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