Understand it all.

Know every potential customer by name. And much, much more.

  • Get the real advantage of data-driven insights about your prospects and knowledge about your hyperlocal market.
  • Data with the right context gives you incredible insights to better understand your customers, prospects and market.
  • Enjoy unlimited, transparent access to the most comprehensive, multi-sourced hyperlocal property and owner prospecting data app ever made available to small businesses.

Knowledge is power.

Grow your business by understanding more about your customers, prospects and market.

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Lookup an Owner, Property or Location

Our most popular feature. It’s like Google for the property and owner knowledge you need in the moment.

It doesn’t get any faster or easier than this. Enter a name or address and unlock a wealth of knowledge.

Quickly search for properties and owners in CA, AZ, NV, OR and WA to access all available information. The app is organized so the information and tools you need are conveniently available.

Use the Explore My Location feature to quickly see the properties around your current location and get all of the details on those properties and their owners.

Understand what you need to know.

When you need to know it.

Owner Details

The more you know, the faster you grow.

You’ve lamented that if you could just get a better understanding of a prospect, you could connect with them on a more convincing level. Lament no more.

Owner details listed under the Contacts tab will help you make real connections faster. Get a detailed picture of your next best customer by checking out their social media profiles and demographic data including their profession, income and interests. Leverage that information to discover common ground and make the connection by calling them, knocking on their door or sending a friend request on social media.

From the Contacts tab, you can easily access and update contact information, so you and your team have the latest details readily available at the office or out in the field, any time you need.

These are the kind of details and insights that big businesses have been leveraging for years. Now they’re yours to help your business grow.

knowledge panel

Know more to grow more.

Understanding your market is smart. Knowing every future customer by name changes the game.

  • Insights with every List that make you smarter, faster. Understand your local market in minutes.
  • Comprehensive intelligence about every property, owner, and transaction.
  • Powerful data visualizations to help you see your market and deliver insights that spreadsheets can’t.

“The detail in the Property and Owner Profiles is amazing. When we first speak to a new prospect they’re impressed and we’re more efficient.”
Amy J. | Home Services – Landscaping

Teams and Workflows

All together now!

Team communication can be a headache and keeping everyone on the same page can be a real challenge. PropertyRadar makes it easy for your organization to stay informed by sharing lists, alerts, photos, notes, files, analyses and more.

We also give you the tools to manage your team’s prospecting progress. The Status Field feature lets everyone on your team track where each prospect or property is at in the marketing process using tags like investment information, property condition, household income, market area and anything else you can imagine.

Use the Status Field feature to track each prospect or property’s progress in your sales funnel or workflow. Customize your status fields to match your sales and marketing process.

Use your smartphone to complete assignments like taking photos, visiting owners and completing estimates. Your team will see those updates immediately wherever they are.

Every step of the way, PropertyRadar helps its users work smarter, faster and with less effort.

Contact Management

Keep it current, keep it handy

Contact information can and will change. We make it easy to update your contacts in the hyperlocal marketing app, whether you need to add a new number or delete an old website.

PropertyRadar lets you update any contact information fields, including adding new contacts and entities associated with a prospect or property.

From the Owner Details tab, you can easily furnish names that are relevant to your research and marketing efforts, so you and your team can access them at the office, out in the field and anywhere when needed.