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The most comprehensive and detailed property and owner information you've ever seen in one place.

Street level views of the property.
Expandable aerial view of property location with a dozen heatmaps.
Easy tabbed navigation between Overview, Details, Contacts, Value, and Neighborhood.
Print reports and share with clients or co-workers.
Add a Property to a list and see what lists it already belongs to.
Set a status to organize your workflow. Customize your status labels to reflect your workflow.
Add your own images, notes, and files to every property.

Lookup a Property, Owner, or Location

Fastest, easiest way to get what you need to know.

It doesn’t get any faster – or easier – than this. Enter a name or address and unlock a wealth of knowledge.

You can quickly properties and owners in CA, AZ, NV, OR, and WA to access detailed property information. It’s organized so the information and tools you need are immediately available.

Use Explore My Location to quickly see the properties around your current location and get all the details on those properties and their owners.

Property Profiles: All the property information you need in one location.

The context that turns data into actionable knowledge for faster, smarter decisions.

Make your research and analysis easier and more rewarding.

Our Property Information is consolidated from multiple public and private data sources, cleansed, and formatted for you to search, compare, and analyze.

No other service makes as much property and owner information available within a single user experience. All the property and owner details you need are presented in a simple, smart layout for desktop and mobile app access.

Transaction History / Title Research

Every property has a story to tell, and if you like stories, you’ll love our Transaction Histories.

With easy access to our robust transaction history, you can review the property’s chain of title, and gain insight into the history of the property and its owners.

You’ll find property transfers (grant deeds, warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, trustee’s deed), loans, loan assignments, and foreclosures all in an easy to follow format.

Dig deeper using the provided link to the county recorder to verify our history and search for other recorded documents like IRS liens or judgments. Then easily add those to the transaction history, or edit the transactions we’ve included.

We also give you a link to the county assessor (where available) to lookup past-due property taxes.

Always have the property info

you need.

Mobile apps for   and 

Foreclosure Data

We are the foremost foreclosure-data specialists.

The world’s best foreclosure search. Period.

Powerful search with 200+ criteria, timely data, exclusive auction updates and exactly the details you need to take action.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Notices of Default, want to see exactly which properties the banks still own in a particular area, or are researching past foreclosure activity, this is your tool to get the job done.


Improve your targeting with basic facts on local listings.

PropertyRadar offers limited facts on local listings to help you better targeted local marketing. We also provide convenient links to popular free websites where you can check for more detailed listing information.

Targeting using Listings helps Realtors and investors exclude properties currently listed from their marketing, saving money, and time, while not upsetting the owner or active listing agent.

For moving and storage companies, house cleaners, painters, and those businesses that help homeowners preparing to move, you have all the details to market to those in need of your services. Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails… it’s in the app, at your fingertips.

Interested in buying a currently listed property? We recommend working with a Realtor who has access to the local multiple-listings services or using a free online search company.

Document Images & Parcel Maps

Instantly add crucial property docs and parcel maps.

Until now you had no option but to spend hours at the county recorder’s office pulling documents, or waiting for a title rep to do it for you.

PropertyRadar changes that equation.

You can instantly order document images and parcel maps online. They’re automatically saved with the property, and at the ready when you and your team need them. 

Voila – hours are added to your week, and your desk and email are clutter-free!

Value & Equity

Insight that reveals property values and owner financial standing.

Few resources reveal personal financial wherewithal more than homeownership. PropertyRadar provides instant access to a home’s value and the owner’s equity. This information indicates an owner’s potential purchasing power, interest in selling their home, or donating to charities.

Estimated Values, Equity, and Loan Positions
Using computer models, we estimate property values, specify open loans, the position those loans are in (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and owner equity in the property.

Estimated Rents and Cap Rates
Using fair market rent data from HUD, we show estimated rent, and the potential return on investment, or cap rate, for each property.


Find the best comps fast for more accurate property values.

The best comps are automatically selected for you using the same sophisticated algorithms found in automated valuation models (AVMs). This is a great tool for generating a rough estimate. But unlike AVM’s, we let you leverage local market knowledge by selecting the best comparables for far more accurate results. Plus, with both map and chart views, even novices can easily eliminate outliers that aren’t accurate comps.

Look beyond traditional sales comparables (used by assessors), and do comparisons against listings (the current competition), and even active foreclosures (possible surprise listings).

Investment Analysis

Quickly determine the price you need to make your deal.

We’ve baked the experience of 1,000s of real-estate investors into a robust feature, one that lets you quickly and easily perform rental and flip-investment analysis.

Automagically see flip and rental analysis through a variety of lenses on every property, based on the assumptions you set: return on investment (ROI), cap rate, or cash-on-cash returns based on current market value, or any value you enter. See the price you’d have to pay to meet your target profit, ROI or cash-on-cash return.

Dig in from there and adjust assumptions and refine your analysis to better fit the particular property and deal terms. Whether you buy all cash or with leverage, direct from the owner, or through agents, we have the settings you need to gain confidence in getting the deal done.

Know Thy Neighborhood

The complete picture of an entire neighborhood in a single scan.

Get the full story of a neighborhood in our patented heat maps. Bring up demographics like age, education, number of kids, and income.

Understand housing types and the overall financial health and risk within a given neighborhood.

Gain a birds-eye view of the neighbors and the environmental conditions that make up the neighborhood you’re researching.