Your best new customers have never been this easy to find.

All of your future customers and deals are in Propertyradar. Start finding them today.

All the lists you need. Or want.

Buying or renting lists are a thing of the past. We make all the data 100% transparent and keep them always up-to-date.

See every detail of every prospect. Our data is unlimited and transparent. Unlike most list providers, which only offer name and mailing address, PropertyRadar provides you all the information that is available. Nothing is hidden from you.

Every list is kept up-to-date for you, with daily updates from hundreds of sources. You’ll never have to pay to refresh your list or try and get by with a list that is out of date.

Always be in-the-know. Our event engine notifies you of new deals, potential customers, and automates marketing tasks.

See your market in a whole new way.

Easy and intuitive visualizations for immediate insights about your market and customers.

Seeing is believing.

Find your market and visualize where your customers are with simple, intuitive data visualizations that give you actionable insights.

  • Where can I find more customers?
  • Where do my customers live?
  • What do customers have in common?
  • Where is the most activity in my market?
Find new opportunities today, with Discover

Your future deals and customers always

in hand.

Mobile apps for and 

We make targeted local marketing easy.

Get more results while spending less.

We take the guesswork out of finding new customers with easy, yet powerful targeting. Pinpoint your best prospects using 200+ criteria. Visually target with map-based search tools.

Uncover new and untouched prospects. Leverage targeting criteria, from home equity to charitable giving, for instance, that are not commonly available in other marketing platforms.

Organize and segment prospects into lists we keep up-to-date for you. Targeting delivers quantifiable and actionable knowledge about how many prospects exist and how best to connect with them.

Find new opportunities today, with Discover

We turn data into knowledge you can see.

Before PropertyRadar


Trying to extract meaningful data from spreadsheets is overwhelming. Worse, you’ll never “see” the local pockets of opportunity that can spur growth.
Find new opportunities today, with Discover

With PropertyRadar


Seeing is believing. Find your market and visualize where your customers live with simple, intuitive data maps that give you actionable insights.

An empty CRM is an empty promise.

PropertyRadar comes loaded with 25+ million prospects for you to target.

There’s 1,000s of CRM and marketing platforms to choose from. The problem? They’re all empty and rely on YOU to fill them up with prospects to connect with. The platform may be great, but if you have no leads to work with, who cares!?

PropertyRadar solves this by giving you 100% transparent and unlimited access to view every prospect (and all the knowledge we have about them) in our database.

Leverage over 200+ targeting criteria against 25+ million prospects with a full-featured marketing platform that contains all of your potential customers.

Never buy a list or pay per-record fees again.

An all-you-can-eat data-as-a-service is the way to grow your business.

Buying lists is expensive. And they get old fast. With PropertyRadar, make as many lists as you want. Or need.

We make buying lists a thing of the past. Our multi-sourced and enhanced data is a persistent river of new and updated information.

We automatically update all your lists to keep them current, so you’re always certain your working with fresh and actionable knowledge about your customers and prospects.

You're busy, so let's make this fast...

You want to grow your business.
You want to spend less money doing it.
You want to start doing it today.

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