From online to in-person, get connected across multiple channels.

Send mail in minutes with many options
Reach more customers and spend less
Ring up sales with 40+ million numbers
Reach out personally with email InVites
100+ million social links to connect online
Fast routes, drive for dollars, door knock

Integrated Direct Mail

Send mail directly to your targeted market

Direct mail is a proven and popular way to reach your best potential customers. PropertyRadar makes it faster, and easier with an integrated print partner. Here’s how:

  • Make as many lists as you want, or need. Every list is just a few clicks away from landing in a mailbox.
  • No messy downloads, no uploading, or hours spent matching fields, removing duplicates, or managing exclusions.
  • A faster way to test you messaging. Start with a List and then segment it into test lists. Review results, and then send winning creative to the rest of your List.
  • The time you save on managing your direct mail campaigns can be invested in online ads, telemarketing, or in-person market research.

Mail Merge and Mailing Labels

Improve your marketing with personalized messaging using mail merge.

Choose from different Microsoft Word Templates to download your Mailing List.

Or easily export your lists to create mailing labels for current residents, owners or properties.


Depending on your subscription package, you can export from 500 to 10,000 records per month at no additional cost.

From a list view, you can easily download a .CSV file (Excel format) from your saved lists or searches that allow you to:

  • Print reports
  • Create labels
  • Send mailers
  • Upload into your own CRM or SFA software, or
  • Analyze the data using Excel, R, Tableau, or other data analysis software

Online Ads

Target customers on Facebook and Google using Online Ads.

You can create ads in your Facebook or Google account and target any matches to your Customer List.

Reaching your customers online with targeted ads via Facebook and Google’s online advertising networks is a powerful way to reach your customers.

No single marketing channel can, or will, reach every customer. That’s why multi-channel marketing is considered the best strategy to ensure that every customer gets your message and brand impression.

Phone Numbers

Go ahead, make the call.

The telephone is still one of the most reliable means of connecting with a new customer. Which is why PropertyRadar includes landline and mobile lines with your PRO subscription.

Plus, when you make the call, you’ll have key insight such as age, income, interests, and homeownership details right in front of you.

Suddenly, a cold call becomes a friendlier, more familiar – and more productive – warm call.

Cold Calling Guide

Connect by Email with InVite

Connect with your best potential customers by email.

InVite is a permission-based way to connect with homeowners using email. InVite is included with PRO subscription plan

Just like phone and social, we don’t have an email address for every contact. When we do have an email address for a contact, you will see a link to InVite, in the Property & Owner Profile, under the Contacts tab, in the contact information fields

Social Media

Get to know your next prospect through their social media footprint.

You’d have to pay an array of different services to try and match the depth of insight you get with a single PR subscription. And the others would still fall short.

The breadth of information that instantly appears on your PC, smartphone or tablet now even includes your customer’s social media channels.

Researching and connecting with your prospects through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer you an insider’s advantage, one that allows you to communicate with your next new customer with even greater confidence and familiarity.

Connect in Person

Say hello to your new prospect with door knocking.

For many small businesses, personally delivering a door hanger or other marketing materials to a prospective customer’s door is undeniably effective.

PropertyRadar not only provides you detailed homeowner and address information but also color-coded maps and the most efficient driving routes for reaching those residences.

Your frontline foot teams are transformed into lean, mean, new-business machines.

Driving for Dollars

The road to discovering opportunity.