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Make as many lists as you need. Or want.

Use 200+ criteria data to craft perfectly targeted lists.

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Make a List – 200+ criteria helps make your lists targeted while saving you money.
Click on a List Card to explore the all the records and data in your list. See everything – 100% transparent, we hide nothing from you!
Dynamic lists are based on criteria you select to the number of records change as properties, owners, or events change. Your list is always up-to-date.
Static lists contains properties and owners that you select and add to a list. The records in static lists never change unless you add or remove.
Access Insights, Marketing, Alerts, and Settings from each list card.

Always up-to-date

Lists that never go stale, everything automatically updated. Set alerts for new matches and status changes.

No more per-record fees

Get more and spend less. Never buy a list again. Enjoy an all-access pass to every future customer.

100% Transparent

See everything. 1,000+ data points about every owner and property in our coverage area.

Start getting connected

Lists in seconds, marketing in minutes. Deliver direct mail, online ads, and email. Call by phone or connect in-person.

Dynamic Lists are always up-to-date.

Stop wasting money on static lists that go stale.

Dynamic lists make it easy to find and connect with your best potential customers by remaining persistently updated based on the criteria you set for that list.

Craft any kind of list you can think of using 200+ targeting criteria that ensures you’re only reaching your best potential customers and not wasting money or effort on your worst.

Each list gives you persistent updates and one-click marketing convenience with Insights, Marketing, Alerts, Copy-and-Modify, and Share. 100% transparent and easily managed.


Want an immediate email when a new prospect matches your criteria?

How about a daily summary of new listings, sales or foreclosures in your market?

Ever wished for a mobile notifications of trustee sale updates including opening bids?

Automated alerts do that and so much more. Using our 200+ search criteria you can create the exact alert you want and get notified by email or mobile notification.

Mobile Notifications

All the power of PropertyRadar – with you all the time, and in your pocket.

Use PropertyRadar anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, or Android mobile phone.