We make finding your future customers and deals fast and easy.

Targeted local marketing is how small businesses find, know, and connect with their best potential customers.

Used by small local businesses of all types:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Home Services
  • Professional Services
  • Retail, Dining & Nightlife
  • Health & Medical
  • Nonprofits & Community

Find New Customers. Easy Market Research.

Find your market and see where your customers are with easy, intuitive data visualizations. Target your best prospects using over 200 criteria. Organize and automatically segment prospects into lists persistently kept up-to-date.

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Know It All. Detailed Customer and Prospect Research.

Know every potential customer by name. Enjoy the real knowledge advantage of data-driven insights with unlimited, transparent access to the most comprehensive, multi-sourced prospecting data source ever made available to small businesses.

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Connect Across Channels

Connect with your best potential customers across multiple channels for one-to-one sales or targeted campaigns. Whether it’s by phone, mail, online, or knocking on their door, we help make sure you find your target and hit your mark.

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Automated Sales & Marketing

Forget you’re marketing. Simple automation “listen” persistently to specific events, changes in conditions, criteria, or transactions within your market or with specific customers or prospects that are important to growing your business.

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Pro tools and features for property focused businesses.

Built to help property-centric businesses dominate their market:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Home Services

Property Information

Make your work easier. Comprehensive property information consolidated from multiple public and private data sources is cleaned and formatted for you to search, compare, and use. No other service makes as much property and owner information available within a single user experience.

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World’s Best Foreclosure Search

Originally known as ForeclosureRadar®, our foreclosure services are used by nearly 100% of the top foreclosure investors and Realtors within our coverage area. As the only service that actively tracks every foreclosure through the entire process, nothing else compares. Not even close.

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Trustee Sale Investing

Next time you’re at the courthouse steps, we’re confident you’ll see someone using PropertyRadar’s mobile app. Why? Our Trustee Sale Tracking delivers daily active tracking of all trustee sales including: opening bids, postponements, cancellations, and winning bids. See new bank-owned properties within minutes, not weeks.

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What makes us different?

We’re intent on ensuring small businesses have access to all the prospecting data, knowledge and marketing capabilities they need to find, know, and connect with every best potential customer in their market.


Craft any kind of list you can think of using 100s of targeting criteria leveraging our small business specific, public records based, prospect database.

Low-risk (small bets)

Stop making big financial commitments before you see results. We allow you to easily make small bets to test target audiences, marketing messages, and marketing channels and find what works with no big commitments. Get started for as little $39.00.


Stop paying more for less. Unlike most list providers and online targeted ad providers, we give you the detail behind every record. Now you can know exactly who you are paying to market to.

Multi-touch (cross-channel)

Most marketing vendors are a one trick pony and only reach customers through one channel. We uniquely allow you to reach exactly the customers you want to target across phone, direct mail, door knocking, and online social media.


Our unique data visualizations and heat maps out real insights in front of your eyes. Gain insights with lists that answer specific questions based on criteria.


Forget your marketing and never miss a deal. Leverage marketing automation to engage with your customers and be more persistent, timely, and relevant.


Always up to date. Unlike traditional list services whose data becomes stale the second you download it, we keep your list, and every property and person in it, up to date automatically.


Instead of paying per lead, we offer access to an unlimited number of prospects and use of all of our tools to grow your business for a small flat monthly fee.


Since 2007, we’ve helped 1000s of small local businesses drive billions in sales and hundreds of millions in profits by providing them great data and the tools to use it.

Know every customer by name.

Get a real knowledge advantage with PropertyRadar.

We make targeted local marketing easy, effective, and affordable.

Connecting you with your best potential customers is what we do.


Most sales and marketing platforms are empty.

PropertyRadar comes with 25+ million prospects pre-loaded and ready for you to target.

There’s 1,000s of sales and marketing platforms to choose from. The problem? They’re all empty and rely on YOU to fill them up with prospects to connect with. The platform may be great, but if you have no leads to work with, who cares!?

PropertyRadar solves this by giving you 100% transparent and unlimited access to view every prospect (and all the knowledge we have about them) in our database.

Leverage over 200+ targeting criteria against 25+ million prospects with a fully featured marketing platform that’s full of all your potential customers.

Never buy a list or pay per-record fees again.

An all-you-can-eat data-as-a-service is the way to grow your business.

Buying lists is expensive. And they get old fast. With PropertyRadar, make as many lists as you want. Or need.

We make buying lists a thing of the past. Our multi-sourced and enhanced data is a persistent river of new and updated information.

We automatically update all your lists to keep them current, so you’re always certain your working with fresh and actionable knowledge about your customers and prospects.

You're busy, so let's make this fast...

You want to grow your business.
You want to spend less money doing it.
You want to start doing it today.

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