Get built-in skip tracing with the industry's best list builder

Create lists that only contain records with pre-matched phone numbers or email addresses with PropertyRadar — the industry’s only tool with built-in skip tracing.

Access owners' phone numbers and emails instantly

Access owner phones and emails

Use unique targeting criteria including property stats and owner demographics to build high quality lead lists with contact info built in. Lookup any owner or property to find the most accurate information available.

Access owner phones and emails

Get up to 500 phone numbers and emails free every month

Get 500 free phone numbers and emails every month

With a PropertyRadar Complete Plan, unlock 250 free phone numbers and 250 free email addresses every month! It’s a $40 value, included with your plan.

Get 500 free phone numbers and emails every month

Find better opportunities instantly

Find better opportunities

Skip tracing is more than appending a phone number. In fact, the most successful real estate investors understand that missing data is the start to the most lucrative deals. With PropertyRadar, you can uncover hidden gems.

Find better opportunities

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Real Estate’s Best List Builder with Built-in Skip Tracing

Build lists with contact information

Build lists with the contact info you need

Define the contact info you need as required criteria. Generate quality lists with pre-matched phone numbers and email addresses.

250 phone and email addresses free every monthGet free phone numbers and email addresses every month

PropertyRadar is the only real estate intelligence tool that offers access to free phone numbers and email addresses included in your monthly plan. Pay a low fee for additional contact data.

Automate real estate lead generation

Automate your lead gen

Connect PropertyRadar to your favorite email marketing tools, SMS platforms, phone dialers, and CRM. Set up automated workflows to instantly reach out to new leads that match your list criteria.

Access mobile & landline numbersAccess mobile & landline numbers

PropertyRadar has both mobile and landline phone numbers—we present you with every current phone number available for any property owner.

Social media DMsReach out via social media DMs

Really want to get in touch with a hard-to-reach person? We include social media profiles so you can contact them via messages.

Get instant alertsGet instant alerts delivered to your inbox

Receive instant alerts about new matches on your lists so you can call or email right away. You can also be kept up to date when a property gets listed or changes hands.

Skip Tracing FAQ

How much does PropertyRadar's Skip Tracing cost?

Our built-in skip tracing feature is included in all of our plans. Our Essential Plan costs $49 per month and our Complete Plan costs $79 per month. You can use phone numbers and email addresses as restrictive criteria to make sure that all properties in your list contain the contact info you need. Plus, you’ll get up to 250 phone numbers and email addresses free each month.

How does PropertyRadar compare to other software?

PropertyRadar offers the most amount of property and owner targeting criteria to build the perfect lists and the highest quality property data and contact information. And with our Zapier integration that connects us to 4000 popular apps, you can integrate your PropertyRadar lists with the tools you already use.

Is PropertyRadar right for my business?

PropertyRadar is an excellent fit for professional real estate investors, agents, and property services businesses like plumbers, roofers, and more. If you need to discover the best-fit property owners in your local market and contact them, then PropertyRadar can deliver incredible ROI.

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing relies on phone and email databases, online searches, credit reports, credit applications, job applications, criminal background checks, utility bills, social security, and public records. These records are used to locate people that are not easily found and are avoiding conventional means of outreach. 


While some of those records are publicly available, many of them require a search warrant for permissible use and are only available to financial institutions, law enforcement, licensed investigators, and private investigators.

Skip tracing with PropertyRadar

PropertyRadar uses many techniques that offer a better match rate than other companies in real estate that use third-party skip tracing. 


With PropertyRadar, phone numbers and email addresses are built it. This gives you a huge advantage because you can leverage a multi-step process to find the very best match. You can also deploy the site’s Trust Breaker, which pulls data from trusts that other websites and resources would not be able to find. 


You’ll also be able to access the contact information of neighbors, allowing you to easily reach out to people that may be able to give you new leads and information without having to leave your current location or drive to the neighborhood. You can use PropertyRadar’s lookup tool to access the phone numbers and email addresses of relatives and neighbors. 


PropertyRadar also shows other addresses associated with each person, as well as a full list of other properties owned by the individual.

Batch Skip Tracing

Using PropertyRadar’s Import Feature, you can quickly find real estate property owners' phone numbers by batch skip tracing. Simply upload a spreadsheet and instantly skip trace every home and property owner.

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