Integrate and automate to scale your business with more leads, every day

Cut out intermediaries and
generate new clients directly.

Win business

Since 2007, we’ve been the go-to platform for data driven mortgage professionals to research properties and market to owners.

Build targeted lists

Target property owners who are most likely ready to refinance, eliminate PMI, need cash out, want a reverse mortgage, borrow for investments, and much more.

Property owner information and data

Lookup owners to qualify* leads with all the details you need – equity, open loans, borrowing history, loan details, co-owners, length of ownership and even their phone, email, and social media contact details.

Investing in automating your business achieves persistent ROI

Networking is hard(er) these days. Mortgage professionals invest in data driven strategies to persistently, and automatically, generate new business.

5f630b8e5f2a8b23551d6311_check-symbol (5)[1]  They don’t wait for prospects to find them           5f630b8e5f2a8b23551d6311_check-symbol (5)[1]   They don’t let their competitors beat them to the prospect

5f630b8e5f2a8b23551d6311_check-symbol (5)[1]  And they don’t have to constantly network or rely on others for leads

Invest in your own data driven lead generation system

Buying leads is expensive and volatile. Invest in a platform to drive persistent leads from public records, at a fraction of the cost.

Make, mix, and match
popular marketing lists

Start with popular lists and combine them in unique ways or apply your expertise with 250+ criteria to target your best prospects.

Multi-channel campaigns
drive results

Cut through the noise. Craft persistent campaigns that drive brand-impressions across online ads, email, voicemail, and direct mail.

Forget your marketing
Set it and forget it

Build automated campaigns that never get distracted or forgotten. Automation ensures your brand is touching prospects, even while you sleep.

Your time is valuable, instantly qualify* leads

Qualify* the opportunity before returning the call, or while you are talking to them.

*While PropertyRadar is great tool for prioritizing the best opportunities for your business, it may not be used as a factor in establishing an individual's eligibility for credit.

Better serve your clients by asking the right questions

By seeing the property, loan, and equity details up front, you don’t need to waste time asking questions that are public record. Instead you can focus on the questions that best serve the client.

Stop wasting time on leads that you can’t service

Quickly review if the owner really has enough equity to eliminate PMI or take cash out. See the details of their current loans, including when they last refinanced.

Send the details
directly to your CRM

Now that you and your customer know you’re a good fit, populate your CRM with the owner contact info, property and existing loan details you need.

Owner contact info when and where you need it

Connect by phone, email, social media, by mail, or even in person.

Owner skip tracing built-in

Instantly purchase pre-matched owner phone numbers and email addresses.


Web and mobile app for
connecting anytime, anywhere

Access owner contact info at work or on the go.


Lookup and connect in seconds

Get a hot lead? See an interesting property? Easily find and contact the owner, with all the details you need.

Cold calling made more effective

Make an impression before you call to enjoy more efficient phone prospecting.

The right offer, at the
right time, in the right place

Change is opportunity and timing is everything. Automate adding hot new prospects to your call list based on new matches to 250+ criteria, or changes to your existing lists.

Power up a power dialer
with persistent data

Connect your power dialer to PropertyRadar and keep it automatically filled up with the best prospects to dial and all the details you need to talk about.

Pre-call impressions
increase results

People do business with brands they know. Make an impression before you call with online ads, email, voicemail, and direct mail.

Know who is making loans in your market

Not understanding your market and knowing the competition is a recipe for failure.

Competitive market
research is fun. And easy.

Analyze your market to see which lenders are making loans and on what types of properties.

Find the most active lenders to uncover their strategy

Understand a lender’s market focus to research recent loans and use Insights to uncover their focus.

Identify and chase high volume, repeat business

Discover the buyers in your market that are doing repeat transactions and get in front of them directly.

Invest in robots to scale your investing opportunities

Integrate and automate to get more done all day, every day. Even while you sleep.

The data you need,
when and where you need it

Integrate our data with 4,000+ CRMs, direct mail providers, email apps, power dialers, and more.

Time is your most valuable
asset, invest it wisely

Automations (robots) take you from “there’s never enough time” to an always-on scalable business that doesn’t let time or sleep get in the way of growth.

Automation is your
smartest investment

Investing in automating your business achieves persistent ROI while reducing the risk of things not getting done.

Stand out as an insightful, data-smart mortgage pro that Realtors® love to work with

Impress agents with your understanding of the market and contribute insights that make Realtors® love you.

Help identify potential issues early to improve their chances of closing

Is the property underwater, in foreclosure, or have other issues that need to be dealt with? Don’t wait for escrow to let you know as rate locks are expiring, instead identify and raise the issues early.

Use your lead generation to refer buyers and sellers

As you grow your public records based lead generation for refinance, reverse, and other mortgage business, you’ll inevitably uncover buyer and seller leads that your Realtor® partners will love you for.

Be a reliable resource to your Realtor® partners

By knowing where transactions are happening in your market, and gaining insights into those deals you can better serve your Realtor® partners.

Professional features made for Mortgage Professionals

  • Comprehensive Property & Owner Data

  • Nationwide Search

  • Mix, Match, and Make 100’s of Popular Lists

  • Unlimited Lookups of Owners
    and Properties

  • Transaction History & Title Research

  • Powerful Investment Analysis

  • Power your Field Team with Mobile App Solutions

  • Expert Partners to Help You Get it Done

  • Visualize a Market Like a Data Scientist

  • Connect by Phone, Email and Online

  • Market to Lists with Direct Marketing Campaigns

  • Smart Automation & Integrations

Start discovering new opportunities using public records data today.