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    Lookup owners and properties

    Search as many properties as you want, with all the details you need. No matter how much or little information you have, you'll be able to track down the exact properties and owners you're looking for with PropertyRadar.

  • build lists

    Build intelligent, powerful lists

    Mix, match and make hundreds of popular list templates to find exactly the leads most likely to need your services. PropertyRadar's list builder updates in real-time so you'll never miss another opportunity.

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    Take it with you in the mobile app

    Harness the power of PropertyRadar, right in your pocket. Access property and owner data from the field when Driving For Dollars or Door Knocking to make important decisions faster.

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  • insights

    Access exclusive property and owner insights

    Get everything you’d want to know about any property and owner. Access dozens of charts and infographics in PropertyRadar to better understand your leads and tailor your offers to be targeted, relevant, and neighborly.

  • diligence

    Run comprehensive diligence on any property

    Conduct property research in minutes with PropertyRadar. Customize comparables, access transaction history, and see neighborhood demographics to better qualify and close more deals.

  • heatmaps

    Make important decisions, quickly

    Act quickly with important information right at your fingertips. With PropertyRadar, you can instantly access key risk indicators on ownership and affordability, and apply heat maps to see vacancy, turnover, and equity to understand your market.

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  • phone marketing for real estate

    Prospect faster than ever before

    Call leads directly from your computer or device with PropertyRadar. With built-in single-line and multi-line power dialers, you’ll be able to make up to 30% more calls.

  • real estate marketing

    Build a multi-channel outreach machine

    Get your message to your leads, wherever they are. Run direct mail campaigns, and send email campaigns right in PropertyRadar.

  • connect in person

    Connect with leads in-person

    Make doorknocking and field sales a breeze with progress tracking, note-taking, and automated follow-up. PropertyRadar helps you scale your in-person lead generation.

Automate Your Marketing

  • integrations

    Integrate with your existing tools

    PropertyRadar integrates with over 5,000 software and service products to power the apps you’re already using.

  • triggers

    Turn your marketing on autopilot

    Campaigns trigger off-property or owner criteria changes, so you can ensure your marketing is working even when you’re not.

  • notifications

    Know everything as it happens

    Get instant mobile and email notifications, be the first to see new opportunities, and take action on them right from PropertyRadar.

PropertyRadar integrates with thousands of products

PropertyRadar offers the most extensive set of tools to find and close new opportunities ever offered

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