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February 27, 2024

Small Business Boom: Land Buyers List Leverage

Cultivating Prosperity: Engaging Land Buyers in Service and Development Ventures
March 5, 2024

Reviving the Undead: Profiting from Zombie Foreclosures

Exploring properties stuck in foreclosure limbo to expand your investment opportunities.

March 12, 2024

Long-Distance Listings: Capturing Out-of-Area Owners

Navigating the Market of Non-Resident Property Owners for Optimal Real Estate Transactions.

March 19, 2024

Golden Years Gain: Targeting Reverse Mortgage Prospects

Silver Lining Strategies — Tapping into the Reverse Mortgage Market with Age and Equity Insights.

March 26, 2024

Wealth Movement: Following the Money with Pre-Movers

Prosperity in Transition: Targeting Pre-Mover Trends for Enhanced Home Value Services.

Meet your Growth Stacking Hosts 👋

Katie Keith-Thompson

Meet Katie, your webinar host and Growth Stacking aficionado since 2022. Based in California, she empowers Realtors across the US with her expertise and energy. Fun fact: she loves to travel! 🗺️

Abigail Smith-Fuentz

Meet Abi, your webinar host and growth stacking expert since 2022. Hailing from California, she’s a go-to resource for investors and business owners nationwide. Fun fact about Abi: she loves to paint! 🎨

Growth Stacking On-Demand ⚡️

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Growth Stacking Part 1: Cash Buyers Persona

Join Abi & Katie as they journey through a Cash Buyers List. Out-of-state individuals with a minimum of five properties who purchased single-family properties from 2019-2021 for $30-$150K with 100% down and have a mobile phone.

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Growth Stacking Part 2: Savvy Foreclosure Buyers

Follow along with Abi & Katie as they dive into a Foreclosure list and get specific about a 3rd Owned Stage. PropertyRadar Criteria added: 3rd Owned Foreclosures with a Published bid of $100K+. Click to watch on-demand!

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Growth Stacking Part 3: Land Buyers

Travel with Katie and Abi as they build two Land Buyers lists. PropertyRadar Criteria added: Individuals who purchased multifamily residential lots in the last 90 days and individuals with Non-Market land transfers.

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Growth Stacking Part 4: Motivated Sellers (Bonus)

Jump into this Motivated Sellers list with Abi & Katie. Build this list with us! PropertyRadar Criteria added: Individuals with Vacant Non-Market Transfers after 2022 with at least two properties owned. Click to watch on-demand!

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Growth Stacking Part 5: PMI Elimination

In this webinar, Abi & Katie show you how to spot homeowners ready to ditch PMI and refinance, thanks to their home’s soaring value! This is a great session for Lenders to check out. Criteria added: PMI Elimination Prospects. Click to watch on-demand!