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The data and features that drive new business

Since 2007, we’ve been building data driven best practices into the features that real estate professionals depend on to grow their business.

Lookup an
Owner or Property

Search for any property or owner in seconds, anywhere, anytime.

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    Find owners

    By name, mailing address, company, email, or phone.
  • Home address

    Find properties

    By address, APN, RadarID, or nearby.

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    Nationwide search

    No limits. Web and mobile app.


Discover a List

Mix, match, and make 100’s of popular list types to find new opportunities.

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    The world’s best list builder

    Fast, easy, & powerful with 200+ criteria.

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    Start with a Quick List

    The most popular lists at your fingertips.

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    See your results immediately

    Visualize on a map, sort in a table, and view every detail.


Be more efficient and productive when in the field

Drive direct mail, online ads, email, and voice campaigns.

  • Tools

    Built in tools to do it yourself

    Print mailing labels, do mail merge, create custom audiences for online ads and more.

  • Lists

    Better capture opportunity

    Add photos, take notes, and start workflows while out front. Everything is instantly shared with your team.

  • Automations

    More than just an app, an entire platform

    A moment in front of a property can trigger endless possibilities with 4,000+ integrated apps and services.

Enjoy Lists with
Super Powers

Lists reimagined to hide nothing and work to create opportunity while you sleep.  

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    One great list leads to another

    Copy a list to a new area, segment them for better messages, or build look-a-likes.

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    One great list leads to another

    Copy a list to a new area, segment them for better messages, or build look-a-likes.

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    Lists that make taking action easy

    Dive into results, build automations, connect marketing campaigns, create workflows.

List Insights

Gain key insights into the properties and owners on your lists.

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    See what they have in common

    Write better marketing advertising messages.

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    See where they are different

    Segment your list for better targeting.

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    Better understand a market

    Enjoy non-obvious insights and knowledge.


Market to a List

Drive direct mail, online ads, email, and voice campaigns.


  • GPS Optimized Driving

    GPS optimized driving

    See the details on every property around you as you drive with our data visualization heatmaps.

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    Leverage our partners

    Send your list to a direct mail print partner in seconds and let them do the work.

  • Exports

    Custom exports to use in any service

    Choose from 123 export fields to use your list in direct mail, voice, email, online and other campaigns using your favorite service.

One to One

Connect by phone, email, social media, by mail or even in person. 

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    Skip tracing built-in

    Stop paying for exports with no contact data, limit your list to only records with pre-matched phone numbers or email addresses.

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    Contact info when you need it

    Access owner contact info at work, on the go, or while you’re standing out front.

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    Lookup and connect in seconds

    Got a hot lead? See an interesting property? Easily find and contact the owner with the info you need to speak intelligently.


Get the data you need into the apps and services you already know and love.

Integrate to automatically export property data and owner contact information into the apps that drive your business.

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    Integrate with 4,000+ apps and services

    Use built in integrations or Zapier to connect
    to your favorite apps and services.

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    Send leads to your CRM and marketing tools

    Use lists to send a constant stream
    of new opportunity into your favorite tools.

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    Set it and forget it

    Automate marketing campaigns and your team's workflows to get more done with less effort.

PropertyRadar integrates with real estate business tools


Hire your first robot to take action before the competition, even while you sleep.

The data you need,
when and where you need it

Integrate our data with 4,000+ CRMs, direct mail providers, email apps, power dialers, and more.

Time is your most valuable
asset, invest it wisely

Automations (robots) take you from “there’s never enough time” to an always-on scalable business that doesn’t let time or sleep get in the way of growth.

Automation is your
smartest investment

Investing in automating your business achieves persistent ROI while reducing the risk of things not getting done.

Pro features made for real estate professionals


Understand an entire neighborhood or market in a minute


Get the full story of a neighborhood’s hyperlocal property and owner information in our patented heat maps. Bring up demographics like age, education, number of kids and income.

Understand housing types and the overall financial health and risk within any given neighborhood. Gain a bird’s-eye view of the neighbors and the environmental conditions that make up the neighborhood you’re researching.

Plus, find a property owner by address or by map. Discovering property owner information has never been easier.


Hyperlocal insights that reveal property values and owner financial standing

Understand Owner Financial Standing
Enjoy instant access to a home’s value and owner equity.
Know their potential purchasing power or likelihood in selling. Gauge and qualify their ability to finance improvements from equity.
Estimated Values, Equity and Loan Positions
Using computer models, we estimate property values, specify open loans, the position those loans are in (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and owner equity in the property.
Estimated Rents and Cap Rates
Using fair market rent data from HUD, we show estimated rent and the potential return on investment or cap rate for each property.

CMA made easy... fast comparables for productive valuation


Recent Sales comps. For Sale Listings comps. Foreclosure comps. The best comps are automatically selected for you using sophisticated algorithms found in automated valuation models (AVMs).

Comparables are great tools for generating a rough estimate. We help you leverage your hyperlocal market knowledge by selecting/deselecting the best comparables for more accurate results.

With both map and chart views, even novices can easily estimate outliers that aren’t actual comparables. Look beyond traditional sales comparables used by assessors and do comparisons against the current competition listings and even active foreclosures.