Hyperlocal Marketing &
Property Owner Information
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Comprehensive property, owner, loan, and equity intelligence to drive new business directly.

Discover home and property owners that will benefit from your products and services.
Connect with them directly.
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Start connecting with new clients today for as little as $39.00/mo.

Don’t wait for clients to find your competitor.

Discover and stay ahead of the competition using our custom search criteria that provides you with comprehensive data. We make it fast and easy to identify Investor prospects in your market.

  • Identify competitors and use our data to beat them to the next client
  • Reach active investors with high transaction volumes
  • Discover new markets using data driven visualizations 
  • Use 200+ search criteria to hone in on your best-fit client. 

We make it simple to discover and connect with new clients.

New to the business?

Growing referrals takes time. When you're new you can't wait for your network to start producing leads.

Expanding your market?

Growing the business or opening a new office needs brand awareness and driving new leads fast.

Facing competition?

Some markets are more competitive. Being passive with your lead generation means losing market share.

Discover new clients and deals. Fast.

Hyperlocal marketing made fast, easy, and affordable.

  • Lookup any property and owner in seconds.
  • 200+ powerful targeting criteria to discover new customers and deals.
  • Make as many lists as you want, or need.
  • Unlimited, transparent access. Never pay a per-record fee again.
  • No more stale lists. Everything kept automatically up-to-date for you.

“Tracking every prospect organized in lists is great. Getting alerts to my phone when there’s a new match? That’s a game-changer.”
Oliver H. | Real Estate Professional

Conduct a property owner search and property information search with patented heat maps

Make as many lists as you need. Or want.

200+ criteria to create perfectly hyperlocal lists.

Real estate investors can create absentee owner lists, vacant property lists, and other lists of motivated sellers.
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Make a List – 200+ criteria to discover new customers and deals
Click on a List Card to view every records in detail – 100% transparent, we hide nothing from you!
Dynamic lists are criteria based always up-to-date
Every list you make comes with in-depth insights, charts, and graphs

Always up-to-date

Lists that never go stale, everything automatically updated. Set alerts for new matches and status changes.

No more per-record fees

Get more and spend less. Never buy a list again. Enjoy an all-access pass to every future customer.

100% Transparent

See everything. 1,000+ data points about every owner and property in our coverage area.

Get connected

Lists in seconds, marketing in minutes. Direct mail, online ads, and email. Call by phone or connect in-person.

Connect with your future customers across channels.

Cross-channel. Multi-channel. Omni-channel. Whatever you call it, getting connected is how you grow your business.

Direct Mail

direct mail

Online Ads

Online Ads


by phone


Reach out personally with email InVites

Social Media

Social Media


Send mail in minutes with many options
Reach more customers and spend less
Ring up sales with 40+ million numbers
Reach out personally with email InVites
100+ million social links to connect online
Fast routes, drive for dollars, door knock
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Know more to grow more.

Understanding your market is smart. Knowing every future client by name changes the game.

  • Insights with every List that make you smarter, faster. Understand your local market in minutes.
  • Comprehensive intelligence about every property, owner, and transaction.
  • Powerful data visualizations to help you see your market and deliver insights that spreadsheets can’t.

“The detail in the Property and Owner Profiles is amazing. When we first speak to a new prospect they’re impressed and we’re more efficient.”
Amy J.

Your future clients

always in hand.

Mobile apps for and 

Pro tools that make you smarter, faster.

Pro real estate research tools that make you smarter, faster.


Go beyond traditional sales comparables and use listings, foreclosures, rentals, and even neighbors to determine what a property is worth. Understand owner attributes and property characteristics with more detail.

Investment & ROI Analysis

No need to break out your HP12c or copy-paste data into a spreadsheet to perform rental or flip investment analysis. Our Investment & ROI Analysis tool is both powerful and simple.

Rich Transaction Histories

Know the full story of a property’s ownership history and all the transactions involved. Over 12 years of algorithms work tirelessly to make your work faster and easier.

Before PropertyRadar


Trying to extract meaningful data from spreadsheets is overwhelming. Worse, you’ll never “see” the local pockets of opportunity that can spur growth.
Find new opportunities today, with Discover

With PropertyRadar


Seeing is believing. Discover your market and visualize where your customers live with simple, intuitive information maps that give you actionable insights.