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Static lists contains properties and owners that you select and add to a list. The records in static lists never change unless you add or remove.
Access Insights, Marketing, Alerts, and Settings from each list card.

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Unlimited, 100% transparent access to all five states we cover. Stop paying more for less. Now know who you're marketing to and what you're paying for.

Immediately access all the property and owner data you want using 200+ search criteria. We’re 100% transparent. We hide nothing from you.

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Most list brokers and data vendors charge per record fees. You end up with a file that starts going stale the second you get it.

Your lists are continuously updated, never out-of-date, and organized by the targeting criteria you select to maximize your marketing dollars.

Pro tools that make you smarter, faster.

Go beyond traditional sales comparables, and use listings, foreclosures, rentals, and even neighbors, to determine what a property is worth, and its unique challenges and opportunities in the market.

Investment Analysis
No need to break out your HP12c, or copy-paste data into a spreadsheet to perform rental or flip investment analysis. Our Investment Analysis tool is both powerful and simple.

Automated Alerts
Never miss a deal. Be always in the know and in control. Get immediate mobile app notifications or email alerts when there’s a new match or status change.

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Our app lets you search for anything and everything.

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Search for any owner and property, or look-up your location in seconds.

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Search every property in our coverage area. Get data-rich, detailed, information on a single property, or find every property that matches your specific criteria.

Foreclosure Search
The world’s best foreclosure search. Period. Powerful search with 200+ criteria, timely data, exclusive auction updates, and exactly the details you need to act.

Transfer Search
See beyond the MLS. Transfer Search shows you what’s happening behind the scenes. Pocket listing sales. Cash transactions. Flips. Bulk sales. Residential and commercial. Market and non-market. Distressed and non-distressed.

World’s best Foreclosure Search Period.

Since 2007, the #1 service for foreclosure investors in CA, AZ, NV, OR & WA.

We started as ForeclosureRadar and still today our foreclosure data and services are used by nearly 100% of the top foreclosure investors and Realtors® within our coverage area.

Next time you’re at the courthouse steps, we’re confident you’ll see someone using PropertyRadar’s mobile app. Why?

We provide more than just foreclosure notices. Our Trustee Sale Tracking delivers daily active tracking of all Trustee Sales, including:

  • Opening/winning bid
  • Postponements (and reason)
  • Same day info on new bank owned properties

Targeted local marketing is fast and affordable.

Harness the power of data-driven sales and marketing to find, know, and connect with every best potential customer in your market.

Before PropertyRadar


Trying to extract meaningful data from spreadsheets is overwhelming. Worse, you’ll never “see” the local pockets of opportunity that can spur growth.

With PropertyRadar


Seeing is believing. Find your market and visualize where your customers live with simple, intuitive data maps that give you actionable insights.


Find your market and see where your customers are, with easy, intuitive data visualizations. Target your best prospects using over 200 criteria. Organize and automatically segment prospects into lists persistently kept up-to-date.

  • Visually explore data at region, city, and street levels
  • Turn on GPS to Explore in the field
  • Geo-targeting + demographic data
  • Make as many lists as you want


Know every potential customer by name. Enjoy the real advantage of data-driven insights with unlimited, transparent access to the most comprehensive, multi-sourced prospecting data ever made available to small businesses.

  • Comprehensive and detailed Property & Owner profiles
  • Context to uncover opportunity
  • Event and transaction insights
  • Intelligence-driven messaging


Connect with your best potential customers across multiple channels for one-to-one sales or targeted campaigns. Whether it’s by phone, mail, online, or knocking on their door, we help make sure you find your target and hit the mark.

  • Send postcards and letters to the correct owner address
  • Call: 40+ million phone numbers
  • Online: 100+ million social profiles
  • Campaign across channels

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Real Estate Investors of all types use PropertyRadar to find new real estate investment deals and grow their business.



Trustee Sale Buyers


Land Bankers


Note Buyers

Hard Money Lenders

PropertyRadar reels in real data from 100s of sources.

Trustee Sale Investors

Since 2007, we’ve been the go-to app for trustee sale investors tracking foreclosures and auctions. Visit any auction in CA, AZ, NV, OR, & WA and you’ll see fellow investors logged in and tracking.

Buy and Hold Investors

Using our rich data and investment analysis tools, generated from a deep source of records, investors can identify their market opportunities, find and qualify their best potential new real estate deals, and quickly connect with the owner.

Fix and Flip Investors

Need your next fix? You know time is your most valuable resource and there’s never enough time to do it all. PropertyRadar makes you faster and more efficient in your ability to find deals, analyze the data, get the insights, and help you connect to and close that next fix.

Target Properties

  • Public Records
  • Value & Equity
  • State, City, County, Zip
  • Geo Polygons & Radius
  • Types & Characteristics

Target Transactions

  • Short Sales
  • Market Transfers
  • Non-Market Transfer
  • Death Of Joint Tenant
  • All Cash Buyers

Target Owners

  • OwnerGraph™

  • Demographics

  • Mortgages
  • Taxes & Assessment
  • Owner Type

Target Events

  • Opening/winning bid

  • Postponements

  • Change in financing

  • HAMP Loan Mods

  • Just listed/sold

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$ 39.00

per month
  •  $31.20/mo annual prepay
  • Max List Size – 500
  • 500 Free Exports / mo
  • Unlimited Lists
  •  Explore Data Visualization
  •  Quick Search
  • Property & Owner Data
  • Integrated Direct Mail
  • Door Knocking
  • Driving for Dollars


$ 59.00

per month
  •  $47.20/mo annual prepay
  • Max List Size – 5,000
  • 5,000 Free Exports / mo
  • Automations & Alerts
  • Pro Real Estate Tools
  • Comparables
  • Investment Analysis
  • Transaction Histories
  • Demographics Data
  • Foreclosure Leads
  • Unlimited Lists
  •  Explore Data Visualization
  •  Quick Search
  • Property & Owner Data
  • Integrated Direct Mail
  • Door Knocking
  • Driving for Dollars


$ 79.00

per month
  •  $63.20/mo annual prepay
  • Max List Size – 10,000
  • 10,000 Free Exports / mo
  • Trustee Sale Tracking
  • Telemarketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Automations & Alerts
  • Pro Real Estate Tools
  • Comparables
  • Investment Analysis
  • Transaction Histories
  • Demographics Data
  • Foreclosure Leads
  • Unlimited Lists
  •  Explore Data Visualization
  •  Quick Search
  • Property & Owner Data
  • Integrated Direct Mail
  • Door Knocking
  • Driving for Dollars