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Easily discover the properties and connect with owners that are your best new customers. Never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

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Discover new customers. Fast.

Easily target the owners of homes and properties with the attributes and characteristics that fit your business.

  • Use 200+ information criteria to discover your best potential customers and clients.
  • Make as many lists as you want or need. Lists are automatically kept up-to-date for you.
  • Never miss an opportunity. Our alerts engine notifies of you of new customer matches or home and property status changes.

Know more to grow more.

Comprehensive intelligence about the homes, properties and owners that will be your customer.

  • Information visualizations to help you see your local market and where your customers live.
  • Understand the details that matter. All property and owner attributes, characteristics and insights help you connect with intelligent, meaningful marketing.
  • Be smarter, faster with comprehensive insights about any list, segment, location or market.
Know more to grow more.

Connect with your future customers across channels.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Online Ads

Online Ads


Ring up sales with 40+ million numbers


Reach out personally with email InVites

Social Media

100+ social links to connect online


Fast routes, drive for dollars, door knock
Send mail in minutes with many options
Reach more customers and spend less
Ring up sales with 40+ million numbers
Reach out personally with email InVites
100+ million social links to connect online
Fast routes, drive for dollars, door knock

Your future clients and customers are always in hand.

Get PropertyRadar for and 

Make as many lists as you want. Or need.

Over 200+ powerful criteria to craft perfect hyperlocal lists.

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Make a List – 200+ criteria helps make your lists targeted while saving you money.
Click on a List Card to explore the all the records and data in your list. See everything – 100% transparent, we hide nothing from you!
Dynamic lists are based on criteria you select to the number of records change as properties, owners, or events change. Your list is always up-to-date.
Static lists contains properties and owners that you select and add to a list. The records in static lists never change unless you add or remove.
Access Insights, Marketing, Alerts, and Settings from each list card.

Always up-to-date

Lists that never go stale, everything automatically updated. Set alerts for new matches and status changes.

No more per-record fees

Get more and spend less. Never buy a list again. Enjoy an all-access pass to every future customer.

100% Transparent

See everything. 1,000+ information points about every owner and property in our coverage area.

Start getting connected

Lists in seconds, marketing in minutes. Deliver direct mail, online ads and email. Call by phone or connect in-person.

Get your business growing faster.

Start marketing in minutes starting with a Quick List.



New Homeowners

New Homeowners

Land Buyers

Land Buyers

Large Lots

Large Lots

Pool Side Living

Pool Side Living

Wealthy Locals

Wealthy Locals

Recent 2nd Mortgage

Recent 2nd Mortgage

New Wealthy Locals

New Wealthy Locals

Cash Buyers

Cash Buyers

No more waiting for customers to find you.
Discover new customers fast in PropertyRadar.

You want to discover your most likely next new customer.
You want to spend less money and time doing it.
You want to start today.


Discover your market and customers using intuitive data visualizations to pinpoint opportunity.

Before PropertyRadar


Trying to extract meaningful data from spreadsheets is overwhelming. Worse, you’ll never “see” the local pockets of opportunity that can spur growth.
Find new opportunities today, with Discover

With PropertyRadar


Seeing is believing. Discover your market and visualize where your customers live with simple, intuitive data maps that give you actionable insights.

Home Services businesses of all types discover their future customers in PropertyRadar.


Carpeting & Flooring

AV & Home Automation

Home Remodeling

Pools & Spas

Tree Services

Cleaning & Janitorial

Contractor & Handyman

Building Supplies

Painting Contractor


Window Washing

Heating & Air Conditioning

Interior Design


Pest Control

Security Systems

Windows, Shades & Blinds


Moving & Storage

Heating & Air Conditioning


Solar Installation


$ 39.00

per month
  •  $31.20/mo annual prepay
  • Max List Size – 500
  • Unlimited Lists
  • 500 Free Exports / mo
  • Integrated Direct Mail
  •  List Insights on Every List
  •  Explore Data Visualization
  •  Quick Search Owners & Properties
  • Property & Owner Intelligence
  • Door Knocking
  • Driving for Dollars


$ 59.00

per month
  •  $47.20/mo annual prepay
  • Everything in BASIC, plus:
  • Max List Size – 5,000
  • Unlimited Lists
  • 5,000 Free Exports / mo
  • Automations & Alerts
  • Pro Real Estate Tools
  • Comparables
  • Investment Analysis
  • Transaction Histories
  • Demographics Data


$ 79.00

per month
  •  $63.20/mo annual prepay
  •  Everything in STANDARD, plus:
  • Max List Size – 10,000
  • 10,000 Free Exports / mo
  • Online Ads
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email InVites
  •  Social Profiles
  • Automations & Alerts
  • Foreclosures Notices
  • Trustee Sale Schedule