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This makes your hunt for deals much easier.

A powerful search engine with over 200 hyperlocal property and owner criteria, timely data, exclusive auction updates and exactly the details you need to take action.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Notices of Default, which properties in a particular area are still bank-owned, or researching past foreclosure activity, this is your tool to get the job done.

Try it and you’ll see how the Foreclosure Search feature will help you understand your hyperlocal market in less time.

Foreclosure search insights and foreclosed property details
Foreclosure search insights and trustee sale tracking app using fresh, accurate data.

Accurate, up-to-date foreclosure data you won’t find elsewhere.

Your time is precious. Don’t waste it chasing old, inaccurate information.

Most foreclosure services only provide a list of recorded foreclosure documents like Notices of Default, Notices of Trustee Sale and Trustees Deeds.

That’s the easy stuff.

With PropertyRadar, we offer the aforementioned and also track the auction at the courthouse steps with data updated every 15 minutes. This means you’ll no longer waste time on foreclosures that were canceled weeks or months ago. This means you understand the bank-owned properties weeks ahead of services that wait for the trustee’s deed. If you’re serious about chasing foreclosures, you should consider nothing less.

No more wasting time and energy on properties that have already been sold or canceled – we update those items every 15 minutes. You will also stay updated on postponements; in addition to the new date we also provide the reason for postponement.

And our same-day tracking means you get information about new bank-owned properties weeks before other services. If you value your time and care about having current, accurate foreclosure information, we are the world’s best foreclosure data service.

Foreclosure Search built on expertise.

Providing professionals invaluable information for more than a decade.

Do you want auction updates from hundreds of trustees in one place within minutes? You’ll only discover them here.

Originally known as ForeclosureRadar®, our foreclosure services have been number one with foreclosure investors and Realtors in our coverage area for more than a decade – and for good reason.

Our foreclosure search was built by a foreclosure investor with more than 150 deals under his belt and that experience shows.

Nothing else compares. Not even close.

Automated alerts when new notices are filed.

We’ll let you know the instant a new deal is on the horizon.

Do you want an immediate mobile notification or SMS text message when there is an opening bid on a trustee sale you are tracking? How about a daily summary email of new listings, sales or foreclosures in your hyperlocal market?

PropertyRadar’s automated alerts do that and so much more.

Using over 200 hyperlocal search criteria you can create the exact alert you want. Plus, all PropertyRadar user packages include daily summary email alerts. Our Professional package includes immediate email, SMS text and mobile push notification alerts.

See the bigger picture.

PropertyRadar offers more hyperlocal property and owner information and detail than any other service.

We’ve divided the foreclosure process into 13 distinct stages, allowing you to search information you can’t find anywhere else.

Are you searching for owners who had a Notice of Default filed against them in 2009 but still own the home today, for example? What about owners in foreclosure that are postponing due to bankruptcy or operation of law? Perhaps you only want to discover foreclosures on second or third position liens that are under $20,000? We do all of that. Why? Because our customers find crazy new strategies every day and we help them succeed.

You can also search foreclosures based on loan position, lender name, loan date, estimated value, loan to value and so much more. You can always access what you need when you need it.

Simply put, PropertyRadar gives you more information, details and actionable insight that any other hyperlocal property and owner information service on the market.

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