Property Data for Intelligent Decisions

Where’s the money? Who’s the competition? What can I learn about the property and the customer? Everything you need to know and perform market research and analysis at macro and micro levels and make you the expert in your FARM are in PropertyRadar.

  • Where’s the money?
  • Who’s the competition?
  • Know your customer.

Where’s the money?

See the big picture at a glance with heat maps that show home prices, equity, transactions and more for entire regions at a time – yet accurate to the address level. Dive in and compare markets by looking at transaction volumes, turnover, number of flips, number of rentals, loan production, and many other metrics. There is no excuse for not finding and working the best market.

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Who is the competition?

How can you compete if you don’t know who the competition is? Who are the top listing agents, investors, landlords, flippers, and lenders in your market? Unearth the patterns that reveal their business practices, and you’ve got the keys to succeed.

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Know Your Customer

What is the typical home size? How many owners are underwater or own free and clear. What price ranges are you serving? Only by understanding these things and more can you create successful marketing tactics and messages that hit home with your customer. Don’t fall on deaf ears. Prove you’re the expert by showing them you understand their property, and their needs.

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