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Our mission at PropertyRadar is simple: to help you dominate your market. 

PropertyRadar changed the way you operated in the foreclosure marketplace with our first product, ForeclosureRadar launched in 2007. In 2013, we changed our company name from ForeclosureRadar to PropertyRadar and offered three new packages on a completely new platform with major expansion into new features and tools. The name change reflects our vision for dominating the market with the most powerful public records software, data and analysis platform available for top producing real estate professionals and their teams.



The Team

Sean O’Toole, Founder / CEO

Prior to launching PropertyRadar, Sean successfully purchased and flipped more than 150 residential and commercial foreclosures. Leveraging 15 years in the software industry, Sean used technology as a key competitive advantage to build his successful real estate investment track record. Sean has always thrived in start-up environments, and as such, became a key contributor at Xing Technology (acquired by Real Networks), ISI/GlobalCenter (acquired by Global Crossing), and Icarian, Inc. (acquired by Workstream, Inc.). Sean O’Toole built the renowned ForeclosureRadar and is now Founder and CEO of PropertyRadar.


Gregory “Cosmo” Haun, CTO / Director of Engineering

With a Master’s degree from MIT, an entrepreneurial spirit, and more than a decade of programming experience, Cosmo has abilities in a wide array of programming disciplines, as well as UI design and data visualization. Cosmo’s passion for programming started early. At age 12 he created an automated radiology report system for Emory University Hospital. After studying art and physics, and enjoying a brief stretch as an exhibiting artist, book author and teacher, he became enmeshed in Portland’s Silicon Forest culture, building out technology for a variety of start-ups, ranging from children’s CD-ROMs to online MBAs to scientific visualizations while creating popular projects like Freak Show Software and Codefetch.com. Cosmo joined PropertyRadar in early development stage, and his depth of experience and breadth of skill has been instrumental in the direction and success of the company.


Rob Lusardi, Director of Data Operations

Although Rob Lusardi earned an Electrical Engineering degree with honors, he found his passion in software engineering and database design. Before serving as an integral force on the PropertyRadar development team, Rob spent the last two decades on multiple coasts and continents, creating the software and data infrastructure for industry leaders, including Varian, Advanced Visual Systems, Accenture, Idea Integration, and eCal, among others, eventually founding his own web-based application development company, Slowdog Software. His contributions to ForeclosureRadar benefit from his experience in building systems for such diverse applications as semiconductor fabrication, data visualization, multi-tier client-server applications, data warehousing, calendar services and other web-based applications.



madeline schnapp,  economist

Madeline Schnapp brings more than 20 years of economic analysis and forecasting experience to PropertyRadar.  Prior to joining PropertyRadar, Madeline was Director of MacroEconomic Research for TrimTabs Investment Research, Inc., a leading provider of financial research to the institutional investment community. While at TrimTabs, Ms. Schnapp was responsible for developing several proprietary real-time economic indicators to track employment, job demand, wages and salaries and disposable income well in advance of traditional government indicators.  Prior to TrimTabs, Ms. Schnapp was Director of Market Research with O’Reilly Media, and pioneered the use of web spiders to track real-time economic activity in the information technology sector.


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