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Tracking Foreclosure Status At Auction

PropertyRadar is the trusted leader that actively tracks every foreclosure auction in California. By tracking all auctions, we offer updated information on every single property in the foreclosure process within hours, multiple times a day. See which foreclosures have been sold back to the bank, sold to an investor, cancelled, postponed or are still active.

Use PropertyRadar's Trustee Sale schedule to save you time and money. Follow 100+ Auctions, Virtually

You can easily see which foreclosures are scheduled for sale each day. Get the auction status for any property, auction location, sale dates and time. You no longer need to worry about writing down everything the auctioneer says or waste time at the county steps. It is all available on PropertyRadar, by the end of the day.




Investors-at-Court-House-Steps-at-Auction use PropertyRadarQuickly Access Information at Courthouse Steps

Find a property within minutes and keep up with an auction caller. Access critical property information on last minute opportunities. Have updated data at your fingertips before anyone else at the courthouse steps using your Tablet or iPhone.





Search specific property statuses in Trustee Sale Schedule to find any postponements, canceled or active sales.Exclusive Bank Owned (REO) Properties List

One of the major benefits of our auction tracking is that we know which properties sold back to the bank within hours of the actual sale. Other services provide trustees deeds or bank listings weeks later, and too late to still be an opportunity for you. As such, bank owned properties really haven’t been much of an opportunity until now. No one else even comes close to providing this level of information.


ForeclosureRadar Customers – What’s New in PropertyRadar? 

  • We renamed Daily Auction Schedule to Trustee Sale Schedule to more accurately reflect the process, and to differentiate trustee sale auctions from other types of real estate auctions.
  • We’ve added search criteria for Sale Location, Sale Time and Sale Status to help you get results faster on mobile devices and for only the particular auction you are interested in.  
  • The Filter Bar now allows you to quickly filter between seeing every property scheduled for sale that day, or just those that are active, postponed, or sold.

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