Be a Top Producing Team

Great minds think alike. Make sure that the people you count on are working efficiently on a PropertyRadar Team that you’ve created around a single property, or 100′s.  Create as many Teams as you need, at no additional cost. 


  • Teamwork requires good communication. With a PropertyRadar Team, there is no limit to  simultaneous users. Each user is only required to have their own PropertyRadar package subscription.


  • As an Investor you need your team to be quick, efficient and thorough. A PropertyRadar Team  allows you to have  members uploading photos from the field, researching title, watching for new opening bids,  adding photos and so much more – all at the same time. Now you can be sure to have all mission critical data at your fingertips because there is absolutely no time to waste.


  • As a Realtor you need your team to be busy generating leads, working escrows and sharing information with one another all day long. With a PropertyRadar Team,  no team member needs to be idle, ever. They can make edits, add documents, photos, notes, tags to your Farm(s) or individual properties and so much more – help your real estate investor client by being on his/her Team, or invite them to one you’ve created. 

Being prepared and productive always is more important today than ever to maintain your competitive edge. 



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