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Market to your farm, right at your fingertips, using PropertyRadar’s marketing tools. Reach out to homeowners, investors and potential clients before anyone else. Use quality data in unique marketing materials and with a click of a button, connect with our print partner instantly. 



 Find and Market to Underwater Homeowners

Find underwater homes by using Property Search - It's that easy!

1.4 million homes are underwater. That’s 3.5X more than the total number of all divorces, bankruptcy and probate filings, per year and these folks could be very happy to hear from you. Reach out and market to these homeowners and gain new business. 

Use Property Search to find hopelessly underwater homeowners, who only have one loan, from a lender you like to work with, in an area that you can get a quick short sale. Watch a video here to learn more.


Spend time finding first time home buyers and renters with PropertyRadarFind and Market to Renters

You can now find and market to renters in areas where it is cheaper to own vs. rent using the “premium to own” search criteria in Property Search. Once you’ve made contact and sparked an interest through a mailer or a phone call – show them the numbers. Do it together, interactively on your iPad or Tablet, or print a report and email. When your buyers have given notice, contact the landlord and show a tempting Comparable. You just might get the listing too! Watch a video here to learn more.


Send personalized mailers to potential sellers.

Use quality data in unique marketing materials with PropertyRadar's print partner.Choose a variety of marketing materials that can range from door hangers, postcards, direct mailers, or flyers. Get started today and gain business tomorrow! See an example here. 

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