See the market in a whole new way! Explore gives you a visual representation of neighborhood information with our patented heat maps. Have you ever wondered how many properties in a neighborhood are underwater, or in foreclosure? Been curious about which areas of town have the highest home prices? The most rentals? Where people tend to stay longer? Old subdivisions versus new? Explore instantly answers these questions and more. See both the big picture and property level detail like you never have before.

Trustee Sale Schedule

The only service that actively tracks every foreclosure auction in AZ, CA, NV, OR, and WA, telling you exactly what is coming up for auction, and when and where that trustee sale is happening. Our continual updates throughout the day keep you up to speed on opening bids, postponements, cancellations, and sales. Our customers have relied on this service to successfully purchase over $20 Billion in properties at trustee sale auctions, and so can you.

Automated Alerts

Want a daily summary email of new listings, sales, or foreclosures in your market? How about an immediate mobile notification or SMS text message when there is an opening bid on a trustee sale you are tracking? Automated alerts do that and so much more. Using our 100+ search criteria you can create the exact alert you want. All PropertyRadar packages include daily summary email alerts, and our Professional package includes immediate email, SMS  text, and mobile push notification alerts.

Interactive Property Profile

All the property details you need in one place. Property characteristics, owner details, value, equity, title history, foreclosure details – we’ve got all of that. But this is way more than the static property profiles you get with other services. Interact with maps. Measure property features. Save the property. Add photos, notes, and files. Set status and tags. Run comparables. Run investment analysis scenarios. Research title. It’s everything you need and more.

Investment Analysis

No need to break out your HP12c, or copy-paste data into a spreadsheet to perform rental or flip investment analysis. Our new Investment Analysis feature is a powerful, yet fairly simple, tool, to perform quick flip, rent, and financing analysis to determine your bid / offer amount and return on investment. Instantly see flip and rental analysis on every property profile, based on your default settings. Then edit those assumptions to fine-tune the analysis, and print or email the results for yourself or a client.


Go beyond traditional sales comparables, and use listings, foreclosures, rentals, and even neighbors, to determine what a property is worth, and its unique challenges and opportunities in the market. Better leverage your local knowledge by selecting the best comps, and eliminating outliers that just don’t fit by using maps, charts, and unique data like whether the comp was a short sale, REO, or flip. Knowledge is power.

Go Mobile: Five States in Your Pocket!

All the power of PropertyRadar – with you all the time, and in your pocket. Use PropertyRadar anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, or Android mobile phone. Professional-grade property and foreclosure search now goes with you to the courthouse steps, on tours, or wherever your business takes you.

Mobile Notifications

Not to be confused with the SMS text and email alerts, mobile notifications – sometimes called push notifications – send alerts directly to your smartphone. Mobile notifications are better than SMS text alerts in that the notification you receive can be acted on and interacted with, like opening up the PropertyRadar mobile app for you and taking you directly to a Property . Mobile notifications are a great way to stay on top of changes in your market and act on new information as it becomes available. You can “set it and forget it” and know that you’ll never miss out on a deal, opportunity, or critical change to your FARM.

PropertyRadar for Apple Watch

Introducing PropertyRadar for Apple Watch. We took the most popular features of PropertyRadar’s iPhone app and made them work seamlessly with your Apple watch. Get mobile notifications from your saved searches and alerts delivered right to your wrist. No matter where you are, never miss out on an opportunity or critical piece of information. Use PropertyRadar in Glances to quickly look up the property at your location. Open the Watch app to view a shortlist of properties and their location around you on a map. PropertyRadar for Apple Watch lets you access the most relevant, timely data in seconds.

Marketing Tools – Printing & Mailing

Direct Mail has never been easier. Select your perfect list using our 100+ search criteria. Then print mailing labels using your laser printer. Or let one of our direct mail partners – ExpressCopy or Corefact – take care of everything for you. Prefer something else? Export your list and use your own mailing service, hand-write yellow letters, or use MS Word to do a mail-merge. Whatever you choose, PropertyRadar makes it easy.

Saved Properties & Searches

Want to get an updated list based on your exact criteria with one simple click – saved searches are the answer. Add an alert to that saved search, and we’ll let you know when something changes – no click required. Locate a property you want to track? Save the property and add your interest level, tags, status, photos, notes, files and title research. Everything in one place. And the best part – its not in some disconnected system – if anything changes on that saved property we’ll update it for you. Sales, listings, foreclosure, new loans, assignments, we’ve got you covered. Salesforce and other CRM systems simply can’t compare.

Document Images And Parcel Maps

Until now you’ve been forced to waste time at the county recorders office pulling documents, or waiting for a title rep to do it for you. PropertyRadar makes it easy to maximize your time and minimize your risk, by providing instant online ordering of document images. Not only that, but we’ll save them with the property so they’ll be right at your finger tips whenever you need them – without cluttering your desk or email.

Exporting Leads & Lists

We built PropertyRadar to give you one place to find and manage your leads and marketing lists, so you’d never have to deal with downloading exports again. It’s our hope that you won’t need to export anything, but we make it easy if you need to. Perhaps you want to do a custom mail merge, use a different mailing house, or do some analysis in Excel™. No worries. You are able to export data into a CSV file directly from your results. Depending upon your subscription package, you can export between 5,000-20,000 properties per month at no cost. Exports beyond the allowed amount are subject to a small additional cost per record.

Real Estate Title Research

Our robust transaction history gives you an incredible starting point for your title search, and is included at no extra charge. You’ll find property transfers (grant deeds, warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, trustees deed), loans, loan assignments, and foreclosures all in an easy to follow format. Dig deeper using the provided link to the county recorder, to search for other items like IRS liens or judgements, then easily add those to the property details, as well as edit the transactions we’ve included. We also give you a link to the county assessor (where available) to lookup past due property taxes.

Workflow Management

Turn your business into a lean, mean, web-based machine. PropertyRadar gives you the tools you need to manage your real estate business. Use our status field to track where each property is in your process. Use tags to group properties by client, investment type, market area, assign to a teammate, or anything else you can imagine. Use our mobile apps to complete assignments in the field – like take a photo, or estimate repairs – and then update the status to the next step in the process. We’ll help you work smarter, faster, and with less effort.


While you may be the exception, almost no one is good at everything. That’s why we made it easy to team up and share searches, alerts, properties, photos, notes, files, and more. Assign work to various team members and manage your workflow using our status and tags fields. It’s never been easier to keep your team on the same page, with all of the details you need in one place.

Marketing Widgets

Everyone wants a bargain, and when clients come to your real estate website to view properties, they can find them easily. No matter the market, buyers believe foreclosures are bargains. Differentiate yourself as the expert who is ready to help them find that bargain, by adding a free foreclosure search widget to your website today. Visitors to your website will discover preforeclosures, auction properties, and REOs using an intuitive map interface. When they want more information on a property, they complete a simple form that goes straight to you. Example.