Increase your wealth with access to far more information than your clients and competitors will ever find on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia and other web sites - combined.Realtors® are making millions in California real estate using PropertyRadar to get more listings and close more buyers. 

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Get more listings with using PropertyRadar Get Unlimited “living” Lists & leads

Stop spending time and money on static lists and services that make no business sense and don’t help you achieve your financial goals.

 People and properties constantly change. Subscribe to a “living” database of 12.6 million properties in California that refresh daily and get all of your business done using one login.  Search over 100+ criteria to find every single homeowner and property in your Farm. 

No gimmicks, false promises or phony ideas. 

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Find the best farms in tour market in hot neighborhoods! Find the Best Farm In Your Market

Get powerful virtual maps using Explore. Find the most lucrative farms in your area based upon short and long term strategies.

Get listings by targeting motivated homeowners who need to sell, today. 
Nurture prospects through database-driven marketing. Be the expert.


Own your farm because you use a professional-grade service. 

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PropertyRadar Create Farms Using PolygonsCreate & Nurture Your Farm

Be the agent everyone refers business to because you use secure Saved Properties and Searches within your Farm to help you be the master of your speciality, choosing from every single property type possible in California (condos, land, single family homes, etc.) and over 100 other search criteria. Save notes, photos and attach real-time Comparables to an unlimited number of properties. Constantly nurture your prospects through data-driven marketing mailers, calls and conversations using information you got from PropertyRadar. Watch Video Tutorial (8:52 min). 

And, do it all in with a single login. 

I love PropertyRadar! I am working a new farm and it is so easy to identify my potential opportunities. This program is so much more beneficial than calling the title company and waiting for an excel sheet with just names and addresses. I love the satellite imaging, heat maps and quick search to LinkedIn. I see so much information I feel like I’m part of the CIA!
C. Soloski, Realtor – Truckee, CA.



Sit back and dominate with data. Send triggered mailings to potential client through PropertyRadarDominate with Data-Driven Marketing

When neighborhood changes happen such as new listings, new sales (including transfers off- market), or foreclosures, let everyone know exactly what’s going on with far more data than “just listed, just sold”.  Send highly focused marketing mailings using Saved Properties and Searches and a one-click connection to our print partner.

PropertyRadar - Interactive Property Profile updates daily for your easy access to real time dataYou’ve Got One Less Thing to Remember

Be the top producing agent in your area because your clients know their Interactive Property profile automatically updates every day with current public records data. They trust that you are also tracking their next dream home with alerts (coming soon) that will help them strike at key life phase changes, or when the iron’s hot because a homeowner suddenly became very motivated to sell. 

Be prepared and ready when your seller is with PropertyRadar COMPSWhen They’re Ready, So Are You

Use the most powerful Comparables tool on the market, to interactively combine seller insider-knowledge (remodel, interior finishings) with five different types of comps: recent sales, listings, rental listings, foreclosures and even neighbors. Better yet, demonstrate how excluding outliers, short sales, foreclosures and more can significantly change a seller or buyer’s point of view on value.

Why would a seller list with anyone else?



A California Association of Realtors® REBS® Business Product since 2009

CARBusinessProductsPropertyRadar has helped tens of thousands of Investors and Realtors transact 100’s of millions in real estate. CEO Sean O’Toole and Economist Madeline Schnapp keynote speak for C.A.R. on housing market reports, stats and trends. Our data is requested by C.A.R Chief Economists as well as journalists from the WSJ to LA Times and more. We built this business with a passion for getting the story straight. 

Find underwater homes by using Property Search - It's that easy! Find 1.4 Million Underwater Homeowners

That’s 3.5X more than the total number of all divorces, bankruptcy and probate filings, per year and these folks need your help. Search negative equity in your Farm and find them in minutes.

Use Property Search to find hopelessly underwater homeowners, with only one loan from a lender you like to work with. Short sales are still highly valued opportunities. Watch Video Tutorial (11:43 min).

There’s that much.

It’s that easy.


Find Motivated Homeowners in Foreclosure using PropertyRadar Find Motivated Homeowners in Foreclosure

Homeowners in foreclosure range from celebrities in luxury homes to your neighbor and his horse farm. 

PropertyRadar offers hands down, the most powerful Foreclosure Search tool on the market. Our first product, ForeclosureRadar® fundamentally restructured how to make money in the California foreclosure process. PropertyRadar takes that foundation to the next level.

Beat Other REO Agents and Get the Listing with PropertryRadarBeat Other REO Agents & Get The Listing

Asset Managers work with agents who provide powerful, accurate BPOs; who come to the table with Interactive Property Profiles that make their job easier. They value Realtors® who even know when a property has been returned to the bank before they do. Those REO agents watch the Trustee Sale Schedule and use Foreclosure Search for one low price per month

This is not complicated.

Setup your saved search, let it run automatically and check your dashboard from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. 

Get Your Buyers Into the Right Home, Quickly.

Using Property Radar, you can measure the distance to key amenities and shop neighborhoodsExplore Neighborhoods using Maps

Before even getting in the car, do a virtual fly-over with your buyers using Explore. Get buyers focused on the neighborhoods that they can afford using 12 different maps in one window. See price ranges, equity, renters vs. owners, and proximity to key locations such as schools, the beach or shopping districts. 

You just saved hours of time on a virtual tour. 

You just used colorized “live” heat maps connected to a robust database of public records data that refreshes daily. Watch Video Tutorial (3:17 min).

Use Explore to show your market expertise to your clientsHandle Buyer Objections

Got hesitant buyers? Use Explore to demonstrate the power of public records data on a map. Show them foreclosures are gone, turnover is low, equity is high and then drill down to their new neighbor’s Interactive Property Profile.

Watch Video Tutorial (5:50 min).

Buyers trust Realtors who can show the facts. 

Use PropertyRadar - Property Search to find non-listed properties for your clientsClose Buyers By Finding Non-Listed Homes

Your buyer’s dream home is not listed but guess what. You found multiple homes matching their needs by entering all of their criteria in Property Search.  Take a look at each homeowner’s likelihood to sell; checking out equity % to # of years in the home and dozens of more clues in the Interactive Property Profile, where you can also do title research, order recorded documents and parcel maps. Once you’ve done your homework, contact the homeowner and make an offer. Close your buyers and help your sellers move into their next home! Watch Video Tutorial (5:43 min).

Close buyers with a non-listed home and get the listing too!

Watch for up coming auctions with PropertyRadar's Trustee Sale ScheduleKeep An Eye on Flippers

Watch the Trustee Sale for flippers who may be interested in a fast sale to your buyers. Think about an investor’s incentives – hardly any payments, barely fix a thing, spend no money marketing. Your buyers might walk away with a really great deal because you simply looked at who bought what properties at auction, that day, before the deed even got recorded.

Win-Win. Bring Flippers together with Buyers.

Give your Buyers the Upper Hand and run a powerful COMP through PropertyRadar Give Your Buyers the Upper Hand

Everything’s for sale at the right price, with the right data to back it up. Run a powerful Comparable that gives your buyers the upper hand by demonstrating a competitive offer while not overpaying. Help the listing agent see yours is the best offer, even if far different than the list price. 

Don't waste time on non qualified buyers search by owner name with PropertyRadar!Don’t Waste Time on Non-Qualified Buyers

Nothing’s worse than wasting time on optimistic, but non-qualified buyers. Do your legwork and get the facts by researching their current address and studying the Interactive Property Profile.  They may not even own the house they’re living in. You can even search a name in PropertyRadar and get public records data on absolutely every property with that name recorded as the current owner. Watch Video Tutorial (4:36 min).

Spend time finding first time home buyers and renters with PropertyRadar Spend Time Finding First Time Home Buyers & Renters

You can now find and contact renters in areas where it is cheaper to own vs. rent using the “premium to own” search criteria in Property Search. Once you’ve made contact and sparked an interest through a mailer or a phone call – show them the numbers. Do it together, interactively on your iPad or Tablet, or print a report and email. When your buyers have given notice, contact the landlord and show a tempting Comparable. You just might get the listing too! Watch a video tutorial here (3:30 min.) to learn more.

Landlords are more likely to sell during tenant turnover. 

Partner with Investors & Get Repeat Business

Find Investors in your market by using PropertyRadarFind Investors In Your Market

Fill your pipeline with listings because you had the confidence to find and contact the players (Flippers, Buy & Hold Investors, Cash Buyers) using Property Search, Transfer Search, Foreclosure Search and Trustee Sale Schedule. Watch a video tutorial here (6:21 min.) to learn more. 

Bring your Investors Great Rental Deals with PropertyRadar COMPS Bring Your Investors Great Rental Deals

Use the rental comps in Comparables to help show your investor when the ROI on a residential rental property (that you’ve brought to the table) makes sense.

Find New Opportunities for Buy and Hold Investors with PropertyRadar Find New Opportunities for Buy & Hold Investors

Whether your investor is just starting out and needs a lower end home in an older development track, or you’ve got a flipper focused on luxury properties, all of their requirements can be found in PropertyRadar. Most importantly, help your investors see the Cap Rate or Cash-On-Cash Return for listed and non-listed opportunities using the List Price Analysis tool in Listing Search. Find properties fitting their Cap Rate and Cash Return requirements using ROI tool and AVM value in Property Search.

Help your Investors at Trustee Sales with PropertyRadar Help Your Investors at Trustee Sale

Increase your commissions by helping investors at trustee sales. Research their target properties, adding notes, tags, documents, title research and so much more using the Interactive Property Profile, and even bid at auction for them. Become a true partner by helping with managing evictions, repairs using PropertyRadar workflow tools. Run solid Comparables, list and move their properties quickly by finding the perfect buyers.