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The possibilities for leveraging real property data are endless and we are proud to serve appraisers, property managers, attorneys, inspectors, right of way engineers, municipal bond traders, entitlement consultants, market analysts, economists, cell tower locators, lenders, servicers, insurance companies, and so many others that we’ve met and helped over the years. Hopefully we can help you too.


Determining the value of a property is one of the most important and elusive jobs real estate professionals face. Better leverage your local knowledge by selecting the best comps and eliminating outliers that just don’t fit using maps, charts and unique data like whether the comp included a short sale, REO or flip. Once lenders realize you are using PropertyRadar, you will be the most trusted source in the process. 

Lenders and Mortgage Brokers

 Help your Realtor® clients identify short sale and REO listing, and sale opportunities. Many mortgage brokers have built their business by providing high levels of service to their Realtor® clients. PropertyRadar can help you become their most trusted advisor. Guide your Realtor®clients and help them grow. 

Property Managers

With so many non-owner-occupied properties heading into foreclosure, you can be left in the dark and exposed to the risk of lost revenue. With PropertyRadar you can easily search, review, and track the foreclosure status of the properties you manage, including the first step – a notice of default. 

Finance & Insurance Companies

Use the power of PropertyRadar to know your market and make smarter business decisions. Analyze local housing market conditions and their impact on your business. See current trends in the markets you service. Locate markets with less risk or those with the best potential.


Find new clients that need your help. Many borrowers in foreclosure, going through a divorce or probate need legal help with loan modifications, predatory lending practices, bankruptcy, and other housing related issues. With PropertyRadar you can identify and help these people.

Servicers & Trustees

Analyze the status of your loans and sales, as well as those of your competitors. Search loans and sales by lender or trustee. See which lenders, servicers or trustees are active, and where. Find out who is filing Notices of Default, who is setting sale dates, who is pushing postponements, who is selling back to the bank or to third parties, and for what discounts.

Home Buyers and Sellers

Ask your Realtor or Real Estate Investor if they are using the most powerful, and reputable brand in the business to reach your goals

Buyers – Find the property that’s right for you and negotiate the best deal

Buying a home is complicated – especially if it’s a foreclosure or deeply underwater and a short sale is involved. We recommend using a Realtor that uses PropertyRadar to help you navigate the market and find the best possible home for your needs. You can use PropertyRadar to search for homes that are exactly what you want (but not listed on the MLS yet), better understand the market, and negotiate with sellers by showing your market knowledge.

Sellers - Know Your Market

Use PropertyRadar to see REO’s before they are listed so you can stay ahead of the market. If your property is in foreclosure, you can also use PropertyRadar to keep track of your property’s foreclosure status and make sure your lender is giving you sufficient time to close your escrow. Selling is always challenging and we recommend hiring a skilled Realtor that uses PropertyRadar to help you through the process.*