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Be there first when short sale deals fall through, replicate high ROI deals, and use PropertyRadar to help you close deals, expand your income, and offer better service to your clients.

We’ve helped thousands of investors buy tens of billions in real estate investments. From brand new investors just getting started to the largest, most experienced, institutional players our services will help you find opportunities, evaluate risk and return, and improve productivity. Whether you buy to flip, hold or wholesale. Whether you buy all cash, or with no money down. Residential or commercial. We will help you succeed.

Millions Made, Billions to Go

Plenty of people make money in real estate investing. And plenty of people don’t. The difference comes down to timing, quality data and informed decision-making.

Find-New-Investment-Opportunities-using PropertyRadar Property Search Find Investment Opportunities

Built for serious property investors, PropertyRadar is not for consumers or hobbyists looking to get rich quick. These tools, data, and analytics are for hard working professionals who leverage technology. Some of the most popular investment opportunities are easily found and analyzed for ROI using PropertyRadar including:

Find investment opportunities with abandoned properties using PropertyRadarForeclosed & Distressed Property Opportunities

Ever driven by an abandoned home and wondered what the story is? Who the owner is? What stage is it in? Did you use a pen, piece of paper then have to organize it all later, back at the office? Not anymore, using PropertyRadar on your Tablet, those days are gone.

PropertyRadar Property Search Dashboard-Unlimited-Saved-ListsImage the possibilities at your fingertips using your Dashboard in PropertyRadarDashboard-Unlimited-Saved-ListsIncrease Productivity & Avoid Problem Properties

By managing your workflow in one place, save a ton of time and effort. By researching on-the-fly, quickly eliminate problem properties and not waste your time.


Find-New-Investment-Opportunities-as-an-Investor using Property Search in PropertyRadarSubject To and Carry Back Opportunities

Every fast talking get rich quick no money down real estate guru talks about seller carry back financing, yet few can tell you which owners own their home free and clear and are truly capable of offering seller carry back financing. PropertyRadar can.


Search for non-primary residence properties in PropertyRadar using Property Search featureNon Owner Occupied Opportunities

One of investors all time favorite search is for non-owner occupied properties. As all buy-and-hold investors know, owning rentals can be frustrating at times, and some owners reach a point where they are ready to pay you to take their property. PropertyRadar offers the most powerful non-owner occupied search available.


PropertyRadar - Interactive Property Profile updates daily for your easy access to real time dataPropertyRadar - Interactive Property Profile updates daily for your easy access to real time dataOnce you see who the owner is; primary or non-primary, listed or not – target your prospect and get the listing because you’ve researched and identified they’re highly likely to sell using PropertyRadar.Hidden Gems – Stealth Opportunities

Plus, hidden opportunities abound in anomalies or erroneous public records data that can yield a treasure chest for the smart investor closely looking for clues and information that tell a story.



Search 13 different Foreclosure Statuses in Foreclosure Search in PropertyRadarBuy Foreclosures at Auction in California – Increase Productivity, Beat Competitors

You want to get more deals at the courthouse steps and be more efficient instead of wasting time on properties that have already been sold, postponed, or cancelled. PropertyRadar is the only service that actively tracks every auction, so the results continually change as new properties are scheduled for sale or postponements, sales or cancellations happen. 



PropertyRadar on Apple iPadBe the Tech Savvy Investor

Be the tech savvy investor and have the updated data right at your fingertips before anyone at the court house steps, using your tablet by directly logging into PropertyRadar from your tablet or by downloading the PropertyRadar iPhone app and access data instantly on your phone. 


Investors-at-Court-House-Steps-at-Auction use PropertyRadarQuickly Access Key information while Bidding at Trustee Sale Auctions

PropertyRadar makes it easy to see upcoming trustee sales and have key information easily available when bidding at auction.  Last minute opportunity? No problem, find it on PropertyRadar and get absolutely all of the public records data on that property in seconds, while others are making phone calls.



Interactive-Property-Profile---Neighborhood-DataEvaluate ROI & Reduce Risk

In PropertyRadar, you can research and analyze a potential deal by getting critical information you need to make it pencil – value, title, neighborhood quality including equity, turnover, median income and so much more. Rent vs. own, all of these tools and analysis techniques are available for you.


Interactive-Property-Profile-Transaction-History - purchase document images and parcel maps at your fingertips.Verify the Facts

See the many types of documents here, that are important to research to make money and reduce risk. All files can be researched via PropertyRadar and uploaded directly to your Interactive Property Profile

Search by Equity and find homes underwater with Property SearchEquity Search Reveals Opportunities 

 One of the most valuable public records data is equity. You can now search by equity %, in addition to 100+ more search criteria such as year purchased and homeowner name (see what else they own). Discovering what may motivate or demotivate a potential homeowner is essential in saving you time and money.