Our mission at PropertyRadar is simple:


Help the little guy.


We aspire to help our customers attain the lifestyle they desire by making it easy and affordable to access intelligent property data to find opportunity and maximize success.

Hundreds of our customers have been able to retire or meet their financial and lifestyle goals by using PropertyRadar.


That is our motivation.


In 2007, we launched ForeclosureRadar which changed the way Realtors, Investors, and Professionals operate in the foreclosure marketplace. So much so that we appeared in a 60 Minutes television feature.


In 2013, we changed our name from ForeclosureRadar to PropertyRadar and launched a completely new platform expanding beyond foreclosures to cover all properties with new data, features and tools.


Our name change reflects our vision for leading the market with the most powerful public records software, data and analysis platform available for top producing real estate professionals.

Sweet opportunities are out there.

PropertyRadar helps
you find them.