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Property Search

Whether you are looking for rich, detailed, information on a single property, or want to find every property that matches your specific criteria, PropertyRadar delivers. Whether by location, value, equity, lender, owner-occupancy, purchase date, or even just beds and baths, our 100+ search criteria will help you find exactly the properties you are looking for.


See the market in a whole new way! Have you ever wondered how many properties in a neighborhood are underwater, or in foreclosure? Been curious about which areas of town have the highest home prices? The most rentals? Where people tend to stay longer? Old subdivisions versus new? Explore instantly answers these questions and more. See both the big picture and property level detail like you never have before.

Foreclosure Search

The world's best foreclosure search. Period. Powerful search with 100+ criteria, timely data, exclusive auction updates and exactly the details you need to take action. Whether you're looking for the latest Notices of Default, want to see exactly which properties the banks still own in a particular area, or are researching past foreclosure activity, this is your tool to get the job done.

Trustee Sale Schedule

The only service that actively tracks every foreclosure auction in CA telling you exactly what is coming up for auction, when and where. Our continual updates throughout the day keep you up to speed on opening bids, postponements, cancellations, and sales. Our customers have relied on this service to successfully purchase over $20 Billion in properties at trustee sale auctions, and so can you.

Transfer Search

See beyond the MLS. Our public records based transfer search will show you what's happening behind the scenes. Pocket listing sales. Cash transactions. Flips. Bulk sales. Residential and commercial. Market and non-market. Distressed and non-distressed. How can you really know what's happening in your market without it?


Go beyond traditional sales comparables, and use listings, foreclosures, rentals and even neighbors to determine what a property is worth, and its unique challenges and opportunities in the market. Better leverage your local knowledge by selecting the best comps and eliminating outliers that just don't fit using maps, charts and unique data like whether the comp was a short sale, REO or flip. Knowledge is power.

Listing Search

While the MLS continues to offer the most complete and up to date listing information, our listing search offers powerful tools for finding opportunities you might otherwise miss. Search by return on investment, estimated payment, equity, lender, whether or not its a primary residence, and more. Plus we provide unique insight for professionals on each listings, including title history, equity, ownership, whether or not its a flip and much more. Why be caught by surprise?

PropertyRadar More features

Additional Features

Take advantage of powerful additional features included in your subscription – interactive property details, branded reports, saved properties and searches (lists), exporting lists, title research, and more. For additional fees, use features including document images, additional exports, and postcard mailing services.

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Increase your wealth with access to far more information than your clients and competitors will ever find on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia and other web sites - combined.


From luxury to distressed properties, PropertyRadar helps you get listings and dominate your area through data-driven marketing. Whether you want to be the condo king, specialize in horse properties, or help underwater homeowners, you can now create the perfect farm using 100+ search criteria. You will also get unlimited lists and leads from a database of public records on 12.6 million properties in California that refreshes daily. And, with our unique data and analytics to back you up, you'll blow away buyers and sellers with market knowledge that makes you the expert.

Gain market expertise as an Investor using PropertyRadar


We've helped thousands of investors buy tens of billions in real estate investments. From brand new investors just getting started to the largest, most experienced, institutional players our services will help you find opportunities, evaluate risk and return, and improve productivity. Whether you buy to flip, hold or wholesale. Whether you buy all cash, or with no money down. Residential or commercial. We will help you succeed.

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We've helped code enforcement and abatement districts identify problem properties, and who's responsible for picking up the tab. We've helped city, county, state and federal officials with both market research and consumer outreach. We've helped law enforcement agencies identify and research fraud and put away scam artists. Let us help your department or agency leverage our unique data and industry expertise to better serve the public.

Appraisers, Government, Lenders, Attorneys all use PropertyRadar for powerful public records data to help do their job.

All Professionals

The possibilities for leveraging real property data are endless and we are proud to serve appraisers, property managers, attorneys, inspectors, right of way engineers, municipal bond traders, entitlement consultants, market analysts, economists, cell tower locators, lenders, servicers, insurance companies, and so many others that we've met and helped over the years. Hopefully we can help you too.

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Read and share our expert California Real Estate Reports covering property sales trends with powerful charts and graphs that you can share in Social Media, on your web site and email lists. As cited by the WSJ, LA Times, SF Chronicle and more, PropertyRadar’s Economic Team gives the facts, then tells it like it is. Get the real-deal, unfiltered.

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