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Jesse's Most Profitable Lead Lists

Use Jesse DiLillo’s curated lead lists to quickly find the best new opportunities, or apply exclusive property, owner, and demographic data to create your own using his templates.


Adjustable Loans

Multifamily 30+ units, bought in the last 3-7 years, with 30%+ equity


30 units or less, owned 15+ years, multiple properties, 50% or less debt

5+ Properties in Personal Name

30% or less debt on the properties, valued over $1,000,000, over 35 years of age, household income 250k+

PropertyRadar Solo

Ideal for individual agents, investors, and entrepreneurs. 


Billed annually

5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)1 User

5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)10,000 Monthly Exports

5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)

10,000 Monitored Properties

5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)1 Integration

star 250 Free Phones / Month

250 Free Phones / Month star

 5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)Phones & Emails
Unlock pre-matched phones and emails without the hassle of skip tracing

5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)Save & Stack Lists
Create and save as many lists as you need with over 250 criteria endless stacking options

5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)List Monitoring
Find new properties that meet your criteria and alert you when new opportunities are found

5f6e246134810eed12c25e70_check-mark (3)Mobile Apps
Fully functioned apps for iOS and Android with GPS tracking for Driving for Dollars and door knocking


We've got the features and data that drive business

Since 2007, we’ve been building data driven best practices into the features that real estate professionals depend on to grow their business.

Lookup an
Owner or Property

Search for any property or owner in seconds, anywhere, anytime.

Search for any property or owner in seconds, anywhere, anytime.
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    Find owners

    By name, mailing address, company, email, or phone.

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    Find properties

    By address, APN, RadarID, or nearby.

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    Nationwide search

    No limits. Web and mobile app.

Search for any property or owner in seconds, anywhere, anytime.

One to One

Connect by phone, email, social media, by mail or even in person. 

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    Skip tracing built-in

    Stop paying for exports with no contact data, limit your list to only records with pre-matched phone numbers or email addresses.

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    Contact info when you need it

    Access owner contact info at work, on the go, or while you’re standing out front.

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    Lookup and connect in seconds

    Got a hot lead? See an interesting property? Easily find and contact the owner with the info you need to speak intelligently.

Integrate with 4,000+ apps and services

PropertyRadar integrates with 4,000 popular apps
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    Connect in minutes

    Use built in integrations or Zapier to connect
    to your favorite apps and services.

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    Send leads to your CRM and marketing tools

    Use lists to send a constant stream
    of new opportunity into your favorite tools.

  • 5f62058b0c58db3e6fd08f84_robot (1)[1]

    Set it and forget it

    Automate marketing campaigns and your team's workflows to get more done with less effort.

PropertyRadar integrates with 4,000 popular apps


Get the data you need into the apps and services you already know and love.


Hire your first robot to take action before the competition, even while you sleep.

The data you need,
when and where you need it

Integrate our data with 4,000+ CRMs, direct mail providers, email apps, power dialers, and more.


Time is your most valuable asset, invest it wisely

Automations (robots) take you from “there’s never enough time” to an always-on scalable business that doesn’t let time or sleep get in the way of growth.

Automation is your
smartest investment

Investing in automating your business achieves persistent ROI while reducing the risk of things not getting done.

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