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  • Getting Started


    Check out Getting Started – The Basics to PropertyRadar or watch our FREE webinars  and read our Tutorials to learn more about PropertyRadar and what you can do to take the next big step in the real estate and investment industry. 

  • July 12, 2014 Important Update for ForeclosureRadar (old software) Users

    July 12, 2014

    Following our major release on July 11, 2014 which launched Teams, Alerts and access to AZ, NV, OR, and WA in addition to California – ForeclosureRadar Subscribers Get Unlimited Access to the Foreclosure Package in PropertyRadar. As an active, paying subscriber to our old software application, you get courtesy access to the Foreclosure Package in PropertyRadar. The are no limits to the number of times you can login. You will have continued access to the old software application. We highly encourage you to become familiar with using the Foreclosure or Professional Package in PropertyRadar, instead of the old software application. Learn more about the Foreclosure Package… 


    Team Accounts are now “Teams” in PropertyRadar - Included at no extra cost

    We highly recommend switching your Team to the new software application so you can immediately take advantage of a far higher level of sophistication in managing your workflow and projects. Switching your Team is a manual process which is handled by our Customer Happiness Team. Please contact us and we’ll help get your members changed over to the right PropertyRadar package quickly, and also explain the valuable advancements. We will need your Team names and the preferred user/login. Learn more about Teams....


    Immediate Alerts (Text & Email) – Save $70/Month.

    In the old software application, Immediate Alerts cost an additional $79.95 per month on top of your $49.95 per month subscription. Now, with a PropertyRadar Professional subscription at $59 per month, you get even more powerful Immediate Alerts, plus the full suite of all new features and functionality. That’s a $70.90 savings per month, or $850.80 per year.

  • Why did you change ForeclosureRadar to PropertyRadar? Letter from CEO

    May 30, 2014

    I launched ForeclosureRadar in early 2007, to provide you with the tools you needed to succeed during the foreclosure wave that I knew was coming. By 2010, I knew that I wanted to help you with more than just foreclosures, so our team went to work designing amazing new services, and on finding a new company name that reflected this broader vision.

    In rolling out the new services, and our new company name, we made mistakes in our communications with you. We changed our company name last year to PropertyRadar, but we created confusion by continuing to use the ForeclosureRadar name. Going forward we will only use the PropertyRadar name, as it best reflects our company’s vision of continuing to be the best foreclosure service, while serving all of your other real estate information needs as well.


    We also failed to explain why we built a new application. Although I would have preferred to keep the original app that you already know and love, Steve Jobs doomed the Flash platform that we used, forcing us to start over and build a new HTML5-based application from scratch. We have poured our heart and soul into creating our new app, but it has taken far longer than I hoped to make it as robust as the Flash-based app you use today.


    Fortunately, we’re close to rolling out a release of the HTML5-based app that truly surpasses the old app in every way. When launched, this next release will provide many improvements, and finally include support for Teams, Alerts, and service in AZ, NV, OR and WA. For those who don’t need those items, the new app is already far superior and you should consider switching now.


    That said, we recognize that change is hard; so we will continue to make the old, Flash-based software available for as long as we can. When you are ready to switch, we’re here to help. Our support team is available to answer your questions, or to walk you through the transition. 


    Finally, I want to thank you for being a part of the PropertyRadar family. Your loyalty, patience, feedback, ideas, and support have been key to our success.


    All the best,

    Sean O’Toole

  • What's the Difference between ForeclosureRadar (old software) & PropertyRadar packages?

    The Foreclosure Package in PropertyRadar replaces the service we originally offered as ForeclosureRadar, and offers exactly the same features. We also offered an “Advanced Alerts” service when we were ForeclosureRadar for an extra $79.95/mo that you can now get as part of the Professional Package, while saving nearly $70/mo. Finally we previously offered Team Accounts in ForeclosureRadar that started at $99.95/mo for 2 users. Now subscribers to any package can add teams at no additional cost.

    Note that we are in the process of transitioning our original ForeclosureRadar customers to our new billing system. Until that is complete you will not be able to see your billing information, or change packages in our new application. If you want to switch to the Property or Professional Package in the mean time please contact support. 

  • I was a ForeclosureRadar Customer. How do I use PropertyRadar?


    Start your transition from the old app to our new app, by checking out similarities between the two. Both apps have a lot in common, despite initial appearances. The topics explained include:

    Main Menu

    In the old app, the Main Menu is a drop down list in the upper left corner.


    In the new app, the Main Menu is a black bar at the top of your Dashboard.

    Using the Dashboard in the new app, you have one-click access to Property Search, Transfer Search, Listing Search, and our incredible, new Explore feature. Not only that, but right on your Dashboard, you can see your Saved Searches and Alerts, review your Saved Property information, do a quick Property Search, and get to our Learning Resources.



    In the old app, settings are in different places; with some on the search page, and others on the details page.


    In the new app, settings are all in one place! This includes selecting columns you want displayed in the List View.


    The Search Bar

    The Search Bar in the old app works well, so we just added to it’s functionality in the new app.


    The Search Bar in the new app is far more powerful!

    • In the new app, you can enter a specific address, a RadarID, the city(s), or ZIPCode(s) right in the Location Entry field!
    • In the old app, the Save button only saved your current search, and to load Saved Searches or run Recent Searches you had to go to the Main Menu. In the new app, the Save button still can be used to Save your search, and it is also a quick way to get to your Saved Searches and Recent Searches.


    Search Options

    Search Options in the old app are viewed using the drop-down lists.


    Search Options in the new app are displayed when you click the Search Options button. We’ve added many new search options in the new app, including the Summary tab where you can easily review all of your search criteria selections in one place.


    Email, Print, Export, Mail and Route

    In the old app, the Toolbar provides Email, Print, Export, Mail and Route buttons.


    In the new app, we made room on the Toolbar for our exciting new filter buttons, so we collapsed those buttons into a simple More Actions button.


    Daily Auction Schedule Renamed to Trustee Sale Schedule

    We changed the name of our most famous feature in the old app, the Daily Auction Schedule, to the Trustee Sale Schedule, but they are the same thing. We changed the name because as we continue to expand, we may add other types of auctions.


    To search the Daily Auction Schedule in the new app, click Trustee Sale Schedule from the Main Menu on your Dashboard.


    Trustee Sale Schedule Groups

    In the old app you could expand and collapse the list results in the Daily Auction Schedule by both Status (Active, Postponed, Cancelled, Sold to 3rd, Sold to Bank), and by the time and location of the sale. This can be tough to navigate when there are a lot of sales.


    We improved the new app by adding Filter Buttons. Filter Buttons allow you to instantly see only the Status you want – see Active Sales with just one click.


    Saved & Recent Searches

    In the old app, the Save Button only saved your current search – to load Saved Searches or run Recent Searches you had to go to the Main Menu.


    In the new app, the Save button can still be used to Save your Search, and it’s also a quick way to get to your Recent and Saved Searches.


    Other Items of Note

    1. You can still expand to show only the map or list views using the Expand ExpandViewButtonbuttons in the Map View and the List View.
    2. You can change the layout of the interactive Property Profile (Detail View) by selecting Property Profile Layout in your Settings menu.
    3. You can see only new matches to your Saved Searches by clicking the date and time next to the Saved Search name in the Saved Searches & Alerts panel on your Dashboard.
    4. You can now add an Alert to any Search. Save the search, and select the Save & Set Alert button. Or add an Alert later, by clicking the Alert Alert Buttonbutton in the Saved Searches and Alerts panel on your Dashboard.

    Questions? We are here to help!

    Please feel free to contact us at any time.


  • What internet browsers do you support?

    PropertyRadar is an HTML5 based application that runs in modern internet browsers and operating platforms that have a minimum screen resolution of at least 1024×768.

    Tested browsers include the current versions of the following:

    Apple OSX (Mac):  Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

    Microsoft Windows XP or later: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome

    iPad 2+ Tablets with iOS6+ using Safari

    Android 4.0+ Tablets using Chrome

    Other operating systems and browsers may work, but are neither tested, nor supported. We recommend using either Chrome or Safari

  • Which Subscription Package is Best for Me?

    Need assistance deciding what subscription package is best for you, no problem, we are here to help.  Watch Video Tutorial (5:31 min).  See our different packages here. Compare ForeclosureRadar to PropertyRadar here.


  • I'd like to talk with someone, what is your phone number?

    We are not setup to take incoming support calls at this time, please use the contact or support forms. We will do our best to promptly reply to any inquiries during business hours, pacific time. If you’d prefer to speak with someone rather than receive an answer by e-mail, then let us know on the form, and include your phone number and the best times to reach you.

  • I am having trouble logging in

    Your browser may be remembering an old password. You will want to clear your cache and any saved passwords. For guidance, visit the following link:’s-Cache

     Also, be sure that pop up blockers are disabled in your browser settings.

  • Does PropertyRadar work on tablets?

    Yes! PropertyRadar has a clean, easy to use interface built in HTML5 so it will work on tablets, and help streamline your workflow at work and on the go.

  • Do you have a Mobile App for PropertyRadar?

    Yes. PropertyRadar subscribers can download and use our iPhone and Android smartphone app.  Our iPhone and Android apps supports 5 states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Be sure Location Services are turned on. 

    Learn More about mobile access to all PropertyRadar packages. 

    Download iPhone app (CA, AZ, OR, NV, & WA)

    Download Android app (CA, AZ, OR, NV, & WA)



    PropertyRadar iPhone App - Menu      PropertyRadar iPhone App - Explore 

       PropertyRadar iPhone App - Property List     PropertyRadar iPhone App - Property Details 

  • Release Notes

    Release Notes July 12, 2014

    New Features:

    • Teams
    • Alerts
    • Expansion to AZ, NV, OR and WA, see:
    • Quick Search on Dashboard – Address or Owner
    • Ability to search for new items since a saved search was last run
    • Ability to filter saved properties on dashboard by a tag
    • New property profile report with user data including status, tags, interest level, value, photos and notes
    • Added listing agent name and company name to listing search results
    • Users can now rearrange panels in the details view
    • Added ability to email explore reports from explore
    • Added ability to search for Deeds in Lieu of foreclosure to Transfer Search
    • Added ability search for Death of Joint Tenant Affidavit’s to Transfer Search
    • Subscribers to our old app can now login and use the foreclosure features on an unlimited basis
    • New owner search options for absentee and out of area owners
    • Added FirstLoanLender, FirstLoanDate, FirstLoanAmount to transfer search export


    • Various performance improvements
    • Improved email deliverability for emailed reports and alerts
    • Support for additional zoom levels in Explore, and show areas with no coverage
    • Improved search bar to provide better suggestions, and include cities and counties in suggestions earlier
    • Improved handling of selections in list view when changing between filters
    • Improved Transfer Type and Loan Position logic
    • Improved usability on tablets
    • Improved reports – formatting and layout – now better then reports in old app
    • Improved error messages, especially for searches that time out, and now provide code to end users that we can use to diagnose problems
    • Improved naming and categorization of basic and advanced Property Types
    • Improved help menu with info on using tooltips and links to resources
    • Expanded counties in which we offer Parcel Maps and Document Images, see:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed problem hiding/unhiding properties in trustee sale list view
    • Fixed problem setting date ranges
    • Export for polygon now allows more than 500 records
    • Fixed issues with selecting counties
    • Running a recent search might include criteria from other recent searches then the one being ran
    • Find in results (binocular button) now works
    • Fixed problem with handling decimal points when entered for lot size criteria
    • Minimum equity no longer gets changed after running search
    • Resolved problem selecting a property after running a single property search
    • BCC field no longer shown as a text box to make it clear that it is not editable (must be changed in settings)
    • Shift/click now works in list view to select a range of results
    • Fixed incorrect calculations for Cap Rate and Cash on Cash ROIs in listing search
    • Saved transfer searches now correctly fill date range
    • Cancel button will now stop an active search
    • Search option summary now consistently being updated to show current criteria selections
    • Measure tool legend shown as soon as users starts to use tool, and shapes closed as expected

    Release Notes January 24, 2014

    Search and Print from Explore

    • Everyone loves Explore, and now you can share what you find by generating a PDF report. Simply select Print from the new More Actions button in the upper right corner.
    • Explore is also a great way to find an interesting group of properties – perhaps underwater owners, rentals, or recent sales. With our new Search feature in Explore you can easily use our powerful search tools to get that list… and get to work!

    Find Listings

    • We’ve enhanced our integration with to show you all of their current CA listings. We’ve always had their upcoming Trustee Sales, and now you can find their short sale and REO listings too. We also now offer photos on their listing and provide a direct link to their site for additional information.

    Lots, Lots, More!!!

    • Improved reports, better polygon search, increased performance, and more than 100 other fixes and improvements in this release.
    • As always, we immensely value your feedback, and continue to adjust our priorities based upon your input. Please contact support with your suggestions.


    Release Notes December 17, 2013

    • The iPhone app offers a subset of search criteria offered by our desktop app to keep it as user friendly as possible. If you feel we’ve left out an important search criteria please let us know.
    • Results are limited to 250 properties at a time (except in Trustee Sale Schedule and Explore). However, you can see additional results by simply zooming in until you have fewer that 250, and then moving the map to get more results in the surrounding area.
    • Using PropertySearch to search an entire city or zip code, with no other criteria will cause an error. Please either zoom in to fewer than 250 properties, or add additional criteria – value, equity, square feet, beds, etc.
    • The iPhone app currently does not support printing, however, you can email a PropertyProfile.
    • You are able to get instant directions to a property, by clicking on the car image in the Interactive Property Details page in the top right hand corner.
    • In Explore, to view the key-code for each category, click on Legend for…
    • Your phone, tablet and desktop are considered a device. You can be logged in to one device at a time. 


    Release Notes October 8, 2013


    • Comparables – Sales, Listings, Rentals, Foreclosures, Neighbors
    • Listings


    • Better Interactive Property Profile Reports
    • Overall layout Improvements in Reports
    • You can now change your existing credit card on file, within your account settings.
    • Multiple Parcel search will show number of parcels, and export number.
    • Trustee and Trustee phone allow searching on partial matches
    • Can now re-download past exports from transaction history
    • Can now send emails to multiple recipients


    • Fixed “From” address for emails to appear to come from user
    • Fixed problem with searching for cash transfers in transfer search
    • Sorting problem fixed in Trustee Sale Schedule
    • Fixed problem that caused transaction history to be incomplete in certain cases
    • Fixed minor display issues in Internet Explorer


    Release Notes July 22, 2013

    Over the last month we’ve made significant progress on our next and final two modules that will complete the launch of PropertyRadar; Listing Search and Comparables. These modules are close, but not quite ready. Until then, we have released the following:


    • When using Transfer Search to look for bulk sales (multiple parcels) we now show how many parcels were involved in the transfer in the list view. Note that you may need to add Multiple Parcels to your list view by going to Settings, Search Preferences, List View Columns. In addition to showing the number of parcels, clicking the number will display the address of each parcel that was included in the sale.
    • PropertyRadar now supports our Foreclosure Listing Xchange (FLX) web widget.


    • Various report improvements, more to come, we realize this is important!
    • Billing History now shows all history and provides links to past exports, and document purchases.
    • Added addtional fields to the Auction Status Report in Trustee Sale Search.


    • List view now correctly sorts addresses, including unit numbers.
    • Trying to print more than 50 Property Profiles will result in a user warning rather than an error.
    • Tooltips are now only shown when you hover (or press and hold on a touch device) on the label of a field, largely eliminating tooltips being displayed accidentally.
    • You can now send emails without having to enter text into the message body, a default message is supplied and can be changed in Settings, Messaging Preferences, Email.
    • You can now update multiple properties with new notes, status, tags, or interest levels whether previously saved or not using the saved properties button (The Star) in the list view without overwriting data on items you are NOT updating.

    Your feedback on PropertyRadar is critical. We value what you have to say and base many of our decisions upon your input. Please be sure and CONTACT US with your opinion and thoughts.

    These improvements were made to the software on June 26, 2013

    • Transfer type icons are now available in the Transfer List Report.
    • All reports now email when containing properties with a non-market transfer.
    • Same format for export dates when exporting either “All” or “Selected” Properties.
    • Now export a search result with Notice Document’s recorded date.


    Release Notes FOR JUNE 17, 2013


    • Transfer Search – Find all public record transfers of real property. This includes both market transactions that constitute actual sales of properties between unrelated parties, and non-market transactions like trustees deeds, those between related parties, or which are subject to existing liens and encumbrances. In addition we break down market transactions by REO’s, short sales, flips and more so you can see exactly what is happening in your market.


    • Export formats have been improved, with new data, greater standardization across search types, and easier to understand field labels.
    • Geolocation performance and accuracy has been improved, such that maps will better track your current position – be sure to try this in Explore mode.
    • The reset button in search will now cancel a running search, allowing you to correct search criteria without having to wait for the current search to complete.
    • The search options panel has been enlarged, making it easier to create map based search criteria
    • Improved address matching from listing sources to improve the number of properties for which we provide listing information
    • Application warns user when javascript is disabled rather than not-responding
    • Application warns user when an unsupported zoom level has been selected in their browser


    • Routing feature now allows you to enter starting and ending addresses, and remembers your recent addresses
    • Property Profile reports now includes full mailing address details
    • Trying to print more than 50 Property Profiles will result in user warning rather than hanging
    • Measure tool no longer interferes with ability to select properties once measurements are complete
    • User can now add notes on Property Details page by using Edit button
    • Multi-polygon search errors have been resolved, though still limited to only search within 500 properties.
    • Improved handling of self-intersecting polygons


    Your feedback on PropertyRadar is critical. We value what you have to say and base many of our decisions upon your input. Please be sure and CONTACT US with your opinion and thoughts.

  • What do I get with Exports in PropertyRadar?

    Whether you want to export, to analyze the data in other software, print labels, or create mailers PropertyRadar makes it easy with one-click to get a CSV file (Excel format) from your saved lists. Once downloaded, this exported report may be found in your download file on your computer. 

    Contingent upon your subscription package, you can export between 5,000-20,000 properties per month. If you need additional exports beyond the monthly limit, you are able to purchase an unlimited amount for $0.02-$0.05 per property.

    There are up to 59 different property attributes (columns) that will export, depending upon the Search feature that you are in. After exporting, you have the ability to manipulate the data; deleting, adding, or editing columns, rows, formulas, etc. Please note, ForeclosureRadar subscribers get 53 attributes for export.

    Up to 59 Property Attributes (columns) depending on the Search Feature, that Export from PropertyRadar.

    Radar ID
    APN Number
    Owner First Name
    Owner Last Name
    Owner Spouse First Name
    Owner 2
    Owner Address
    Owner City
    Owner State
    Owner Zip
    Owner Phone 
    Primary Residence
    Property Type
    Square Foot
    Year Built
    Lot Size
    Estimated Value
    Estimated Total Loan Balance
    Assessed Value
    Assessed Year
    Annual Taxes
    Foreclosure Stage
    Recording Date
    Trustee Sale Number
    Trustee Phone Number
    Sale Date
    Sale Time
    Sale Place
    Postponement Reason
    Published Bid
    Opening Bid
    Winning Bid
    Default Amount
    Default As Of
    Foreclosed Estimated Loan Position
    Foreclosed Loan Date
    Foreclosed Document Number
    Foreclosed Loan Amount
    Foreclosed Loan Lender Name
    First Loan Lender
    First Loan Date
    First Loan Amount
    Second Loan Lender
    Second Loan Date
    Second Loan Amount
    Listed For Sale
    Listing Price

  • I think I've found a bug in the product, can you fix it?

    We are doing our best to find and fix every possible bug, so that you can focus on your business. Unfortunately, with the wide variety of computers, operating systems and browsers, we might miss a few and would greatly appreciate your reporting them. Please use the support form, and include as much detail as possible. Please also include your operating system and browser information, so that we can replicate the problem.

  • Why can't I print, email or export?

    Certain browsers require that pop-up blockers are turned off in order for our print, email and export functions to work — particularly Safari.

Investor FAQs

  • What do I need to take with me to bid at a trustee sale?

    To bid in CA you need to qualify, which in most states means you will be required to show the auctioneer identification, and cash or cashiers checks sufficient to cover the full amount you wish to bid.
    Most investors take cashiers checks made out to themselves. If you are not the winning bidder, you can easily redeposit the funds, and if you are the winning bidder, you can endorse the check over to the trustee. However, trustees can require their own individual payment requirements. 

    Q-How can I get the opening bids even faster?

    The lender gets to make the first bid, which is called the opening bid. Some now also refer to it as the drop bid, because lenders now often substantially discount the opening bid from the amount owed. The laws regarding opening bids vary from state to state. In California the lender/trustee is under no legal obligation to announce the opening bid in advance of the sale. They typically release the opening bid the day before or the morning of the sale. Sometimes the opening bid is not announced until the sale starts. The research team at PropertyRadar works diligently to post opening bids as quickly as possible. We also provide the trustee name, phone number and TS number so that you can manually call the trustee for last minute information if you prefer.

  • Why would the lender post an opening bid that is substantially higher than the value of the property?

    The lender can discount the opening bid or add the additional interest that has accrued on the loan to the published bid. It is impossible to know for sure which lenders will discount the opening bid. Oftentimes the lender is the servicer of the loan for another investor and the opening bid is set by the actual investor. There could be additional interests involved, like the existence of a Mortgage Insurance policy. This may cause the lender to set the opening bid at the full amount owed on the loan.

  • I am the winning bidder. How soon can I change the locks if the property is vacant?

    If the property is vacant you can change the locks right away and take possession of the property.

  • Can I give the owner a 3-day notice right away?

    Provided the Trustees Deed is recorded within 14 days of the sale, the effective date of your ownership is on the date of the sale. Many investors make contact with the occupants right away, but wait until the Trustees Deed is recorded to serve a 3-day notice.

  • What if the tenant will not show me a lease/rental agreement?

    Under the Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure Act you are obligated to give a renter 90-days notice if they are renting on a month-to-month tenancy, or honor the terms of the lease provided it is a valid lease, with fair market rents, and signed prior to the Notice of Default. If the renter fails to pay under the terms of that lease, then you would have the right to evict them with 3 days notice for failure to pay.

  • Do I have to refund their security deposit?

    You are not obligated to refund the security deposit and the tenants can pursue collection of the security deposit from the prior owner in small claims court. Oftentimes it is easier to offer a cash-for-keys incentive to negotiate a move out date (typically faster than waiting the 90 days) and provide them with some funds to move since it may take time for them to get their deposit back from the prior owner.

  • The owner said that they are filing a lawsuit against the lender for illegally foreclosing on their property. What are my rights/options?

    It is going to depend on the specific situation. If they have a valid reason to fight the foreclosure, then you may want to work with them to get the sale rescinded and get your money back as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if they do actually file a lawsuit you will need to hire an attorney, though you may want to let the lenders attorney take the lead to minimize your expenses.

  • It has been several days since the sale and the trustee has not delivered the trustees deed. What can I do to speed things up?

    Contact the Trustee. This may mean calling them daily for a status check on the Trustees Deed. You may also want to remind them that California law requires that the deed be recorded within 14 days for the sale to be effective as of 8am the date of sale.

  • The trustee has not returned the overbid and I desperately need that money. Is there any statute of limitations or laws that say they must return the overage by a certain date?

    We are not aware of a clearly defined time limit on the return of any overage. Contact them on a daily basis and escalate to a manager if you are not getting a response.

  • The property went back to the bank. Can I contact the bank directly to purchase the property?

    Although it is technically POSSIBLE to purchase directly from the lender prior to them listing the property, it is RARE and very difficult. In most cases the lender assigns the property to an asset manager, who performs the occupancy check, assess the condition of the property, prepares it for sale, and orders a BPO/Appraisal to determine the fair market value. The bank then lists the property and takes offers. To successfully purchase a property from the lender prior to the sale, you must find a decision maker with the lender that has the authority to enter into a purchase agreement prior to listing the property.

Other FAQs

  • What are the holidays for auction sales?

    Reminder: Auctions do not occur on Federal, State, or some County holidays. Some locations may close for a half-day on some other days, such as Good Friday; so remember to verify with your location.


    January 1 – New Year’s Day

    January 19 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    February 12 – Lincoln’s Birthday (no sales in CA)

    February 16 – President’s Day

    March 31 – Cesar Chavez Day (no sales in CA)

    April 3 – Good Friday (No sales between 12-3pm in CA & AZ)

    May 25 – Memorial Day

    July 3 – Independence Day observed

    September 7 – Labor Day

    September 9 – Admission Day (no sales in CA)

    October 12 – Columbus Day

    October 30 – Nevada Day (No sales in NV)

    November 11 – Veteran’s Day

    November 26 & 27 – Thanksgiving & the day after

    December 25 – Christmas Day

  • Do you offer seminars, coaching or mentoring?

    We are always willing to work with groups and individuals on how to best use our software. We do not charge for email support or our webinars, and we you can sign up on our website for training groups of 25 or more in person. We do not offer any systems or programs on how to make money in the Real Estate market. 

    Please feel free to check out our Training and Presentation Events for a public event near you. 

  • Do you track Commercial Properties?

    Yes. We track all properties and allow you to search and filter by property type.
    Examples of various property types include: Single Family, Condominium, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Land and several others.

  • What is the difference between an Opening Bid and the Published Bid?

    The Published Bid is the estimated opening bid published in the Notice of Trustee Sale, where as the Opening Bid is the actual amount at which the lender plans to, or did, start the bidding at auction.

  • Does PropertyRadar offer Notice of Default lists?

    Yes. By utilizing our 100+ various search criteria, we provide users the ability to print customized NOD lists tailored to meet their needs and add efficiency into their workday. Within seconds, you can eliminate hours of wasted time sifting through unwanted listings using other providers pre-formatted NOD lists.

  • What counties and states do you offer service in?

    PropertyRadar now covers AZ, CA, NV, OR, WA. Please see our coverage page.

Billing FAQs

  • Why is a credit card required for the free trial?

    A credit card is required to insure uninterrupted service should you choose not to cancel service before the trial period expires. Your credit card will not be billed during the trial period, however, we will check to see if the credit card is valid for the term selected. If you do not want to continue service beyond the trial, you must cancel the service, otherwise your card will be billed.

  • How do I cancel?

    We are sorry to see you go! 

    You can cancel your service by contacting Support. Please provide the reason for your cancellation.

    If for any reason you can’t login, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

  • I have a billing question.

    Please contact us. We want for you to be happy and satisfied with our services. We will do our best to promptly reply to any inquiries during business hours, pacific time.

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

    Yes. Whether your subscription is monthly or annual, you can cancel at any time. Once you cancel, you will not receive any further charges, and continue to have access to our software through the balance of your paid or trial period. Please contact our Support team for more details. 

  • Do you offer discounts on subscription fees?

    Yes. We offer a 20% discount for annual subscriptions which are paid in full upfront. We also offer a 10% discount to members of the California Association of Realtors (CAR). To receive the CAR discount simply enter your NRDS # at sign-up.
    If you are already a customer and would like to add one of these discounts, you can do so by signing into your account, then going to Settings > Billing. Once there, click the Change Service button, which will show you all of the currently available options.

Data Quality FAQs

  • Why does your site indicate that there are less foreclosure opportunities than other sites?

    We have the most accurate count of real foreclosure opportunities in the business. 

    The most significant difference between PropertyRadar and other sites is regarding active auction opportunities. We include auction opportunities from the date the Notice of Sale is filed until the foreclosure is actually sold, or the foreclosure is cancelled. As the only site that actively tracks every auction in California, we are the only company who can actively remove Auction opportunities as soon as they are resolved.

    Bottom line…by only including active opportunities, we show fewer opportunities than our competitors, but save you from wasting time on dead deals.

  • How reliable is the data in PropertyRadar?

    We try really hard to ensure our data is accurate, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data as we gather it from a variety of sources.
    Before purchasing a property or reaching out to homeowners to list/sell, you should verify all details; and if possible, purchase title insurance. If you think you’ve found an error in our data, please contact us to report it. Also, please keep the following in mind:

    1. Property information (beds, baths, sq ft, etc.) comes from the county assessor’s office, and only reflects the original details of the property when it was built, and work completed under permit. You should verify these details by physically inspecting the property prior to purchase/list/sell.
    2. Title information shows that there may be other items owed on the property including loans, past due property taxes, IRS liens and other encumbrances. Depending on whether the property is purchased before the auction from the owner, at auction, or from the bank after the auction, the purchaser may be responsible for paying some or all of these items. A title insurance policy should identify all of these items and provide insurance in the event it does not. Be careful of lien and loan reports offered by other services – we are not aware of any service other than an insured title policy that reliably provides complete lien and loan information. Even then keep in mind that title companies offer insurance for a reason – they make mistakes too.
    3. Estimated Equity and Loan Positions are determined using computer models and have not been manually reviewed. As such they should be used with caution and we strongly recommend you do your own due diligence, and when applicable get title insurance.
  • I think there is an error in your data; can you please verify that it is correct?

    We take the quality of our data very seriously, if you think you’ve found an error please submit it to our support form. That said, please be sure to see How reliable is your data.

  • How do you determine the Estimated Value of properties on your site?

    We use a commercial grade automated valuation model (AVM) which is based on public records data to determine estimated home values for properties. This is a highly ranked AVM, but like all AVM’s it is only as good as the public record data available and does not take into account property condition and other factors which may affect the value. An AVM is no substitute for a professional opinion of value, based on knowledge of the local market and condition of the property, which is best provided by a Realtor or appraiser.