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PropertyRadar will help you generate targeted leads using the best data and most comprehensive set of tools, so you can close more deals!

Real estate investing isn't easy, and no one gets rich quick

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Find off-market deals at scale (and automate it)

Find off-market deals

Residential & commercial. Distressed & motivated. Flips & holds. Uncover hidden opportunities with our data.

Comprehensive & enhanced public records

All the enhanced property data & owner information to discover and connect with owners inside one platform

Targeting criteria that works like magic

Mix, match, or make any off-market list you can think of, and some you haven’t. Combine our 250+ criteria with your expertise to target prospects with precision.

We play well with others

Easily integrate and build automations with the apps and services that drive your off-market prospecting individually and across teams.

Find off-market deals

Drive for
dollars like a pro

Take comprehensive property data and owner info on the road with you with the mobile app.

  • Lookup owners and properties

    As many as you want. With all the details you need.

  • tracks

    Track your progress

    Keep track of your team’s farming/door knocking with GPS Tracks. Record your route while driving or walking and access route history anytime on your mobile or desktop app.

  • Better capture opportunity

    Add photos, take notes, and start workflows while out front. Everything is instantly shared with your team.


Professional features
‍made for the Pro Investor

  • Comprehensive Property & Owner Data

  • Nationwide Search

  • Mix, Match, and Make 100’s of Popular Lists

  • Value, Equity, & Comparables

  • Transaction History & Title Research

  • Powerful Investment Analysis

  • Power your Field Team with Mobile App Solutions

  • Visualize a Market Like a Data Scientist

  • Connect by Phone, Email, and Online

  • Market to Lists with Direct Marketing Campaigns

  • Expert Partners to Help You Get it Done

  • Smart Automation & Integrations