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We’re the Easy Short Sale Team, we’ve completed over 5,000 short sales, and thousands of additional highly profitable deals all over the Country. We can tell you from experience, PropertyRadar has got all the features, tools, and data that you need to beat your competition to the best deals, and effectively grow your business in any market across the Country!

Property and Owner Data 

PropertyRadar offers the most comprehensive and useful profiles available. Period.

Property Data

  • Location
  • Characteristics
  • Value and Equity
  • Ownership
  • Property Taxes
  • Legal Description
  • Mortgage and Loan
  • Foreclosure
  • Parcel Boundary
  • Vacancy
  • Property Tax Delinquencies

Owner Information

  • Owner(s)
  • Mailing address
  • Primary residence
  • Social media links
  • Demographics
  • Other properties owned
  • Neighbors
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers


  • Demographics
  • Risks
  • Environment
  • Housing Statistics
  • Neighbors
  • Housing Risks

PropertyRadar provides the most advanced platform for converting this comprehensive property and owner data into money-making deals! 

Get the most extensive set of tools to find and close new opportunities ever offered.

1. Discover
2. Understand
3. Connect
4. Automate

Find opportunities in property and owner data.

With PropertyRadar, get the most comprehensive data and tools to find your next best customer.


Lookup Properties & Owners

Find the exact properties and owners you’re looking for no matter how little information you have.


Search & Build Lists

Find your next best customer by using over 250+ criteria


Drive for Dollars

Use PropertyRadar as you drive neighborhoods to find and record properties of interest.


Drive for Dollars Virtually

Explore neighborhoods and properties with Streetview to Drive For Dollars from the convenience of your desk.


Map-Based List Building

Evaluate properties on a map to build lists you simply couldn’t with a spreadsheet.


Import, Match, Append

Add missing data to your lists by augmenting with PropertyRadar.


Stack Your Lists

Easily uncover hard-to-find opportunities by combining, including, and excluding lists.

Understand your opportunities and win more business.

Access exclusive property and owner insights you can’t get anywhere else so you can better attract, qualify, and close more deals. 


Get Exclusive Insights

Access dozens of infographs to better understand the people and properties in your list.


Access Property Data

Get the most comprehensive property, owner, and neighborhood data to make important decisions faster.


Instant Comparables

Customize comparables from recent off-market sales and listings to understand market conditions and fair market value.


See Transaction History

Access unique chain of title showing ownership, loans, liens, and more with 20+ years of history without the hassle.


Run Investment Analyses

Quickly understand if a deal is worth your time with instant flip and rental analysis based on your preferences.


Instant Owner Information

Get comprehensive demographic and ownership data to create compelling messaging for all your leads.


Use Built-in Skip Tracing

Unlock pre-matched phones and emails or use built-in skip tracing to find exactly the information you're looking for.


See Neighborhood Demographics

Get complete census data on every neighborhood to see how it compares to the county, state, and country.


Assess Housing Risk

View key risk indicators on ownership, affordability, time to sell, and more to quickly make important decisions.


Apply Heatmaps & Boundaries

View dozens of heatmaps to highlight vacancy, turnover, equity, and more to quickly understand your markets.


See Important Activities

Conduct quick diligence by seeing activities on every property including updates, past sales, loans, and more.

Your message delivered. Everywhere.

PropertyRadar enables you to build a multi-channel marketing machine and reach leads in-person, by phone, or online - anytime.


Call Leads Directly

Call one lead or a list of leads directly from your computer or device to make prospecting easier.


Prospect Even Faster

Use the available Multi-Line Power Dialer to run call campaigns on your lists and make 30% more calls.


Connect with SMS

Skip the phone tag and reach one or multiple customers with text messages.


Send Ringless Voicemails

Reach customers directly in their voicemail inbox with a consistent message every time.


Run Direct Mail Campaigns

Power personalized direct mail to property owners, on-demand or automatically.


Send Personalized Emails

Power personalized emails to property owners, on-demand or automatically.


Create Online Audiences

Create audiences for the major online ad platforms directly in PropertyRadar.


Connect In-Person

Make doorknocking and field sales easier with progress tracking, note-taking, and automated follow-up.

Power your entire system - all in one place.

PropertyRadar automates your lead generation and connects with 5,000+ software and service products to scale your lead generation. 


Mobile Notifications

Get mobile notifications for activities on your lists and be the first to see new opportunities.

email notifications

Email Notifications

Get instant email notifications delivered to your inbox and be the first to see new opportunities.



Automatically update lists, manage workflows, and sync data to never miss a new opportunity.



Send or receive data from 5,000+ other sources to power the tools you're already using.

Lookup an
Owner or Property

Search for any property or owner in seconds, anywhere, anytime.

Search for any property or owner in seconds, anywhere, anytime.
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    Find owners

    By name, mailing address, company, email, or phone.

  • purple_home-address[1]-1

    Find properties

    By address, APN, RadarID, or nearby.

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    Nationwide search

    No limits. Web and mobile app.

Search for any property or owner in seconds, anywhere, anytime.

One to One

Connect by phone, email, social media, by mail or even in person. 

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    Skip tracing built-in

    Stop paying for exports with no contact data, limit your list to only records with pre-matched phone numbers or email addresses.

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    Contact info when you need it

    Access owner contact info at work, on the go, or while you’re standing out front.

  • stopwatch blue clock

    Lookup and connect in seconds

    Got a hot lead? See an interesting property? Easily find and contact the owner with the info you need to speak intelligently.

If you’re an Investor or Agent who wants to scale, you’re just a click away from growing your business with the Industry-Leading Platform!

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